~::~ Monday Madness ~ Jack Attack ~::~

Monday Madness ~ Jack Attack

OH yess…!!! After soo many light years I have finally come up with a series J

Yes yes.. Megzone is hosting its first Series on External world and err.. I guess this would be the ermmm…3rd on the Corporate Blogs.. But nonetheless after a really really long time I have come up with some really good idea for  a series..

So starting today every Monday be ready for some Madness Meggie Style.. 😉

Let me present to you the Character of my series – Jack

Stud but NOT DUD… He’s the DUDE cares for nothing and doesn’t care about taking potshotys at people… Well he does that all the time though.. 😉 He knows how to make People toe their lines and make sure he gives them back what they deserve.. Completely Sarcastic and cheeky character.. So here’s presenting my first ever Cartoon Series Jack Attack..


I hope you guys enjoy it.. Do lemme know.. 

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:


20 thoughts on “~::~ Monday Madness ~ Jack Attack ~::~

  1. Heheheh…
    Eeeeewwww… Gross!!! The girl, I mean!! 🙂
    This post was awesome!!! Keep up the cool work, girl!!!
    Good luck with the series!!!

  2. klishmaklaver says:

    Heeeheeeheeee Megzy could trust only u to come up wid such a great plan! Me likes too. Looks like this ‘Jack’ comic is going to be a ‘ripper’ !! LOL..why only mondays???? 😦 – please take that as a compliment..:D

    • eeeeeee……Vibzyyy 😀 😀
      thankieie thankiiee 😀 😛
      only mondays kyuki Sunday ka hangover hota hai 😛
      and errr… monday mornin blues se bachne ke liye 😉

  3. vivek singh says:

    just the other day i saw this blabber girl in an auto who stinked like a fish..
    us din se aaj tak, have eaten no fish!
    good one re megz

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