~::~ I Heart New York..!! ~::~

I heart New York

Well I read this sometime back.. And sadly reviewing it only now.. 😦

This one’s a typical chiclit novel..It has romance, drama, shopping etc written all over it..

Story is based on UK about a female who finds out in her best friend’s wedding that her fiancé has been cheating over her and she leaves the country in a huff and reaches NY.. She has no contacts, no idea where shes gonna live, she doesn’t know anyone in the new place.. And yet in a fit of anger and emotions she has practically left her homeland and entered a country which is completely Alien to her…

What does she do once she’s here, How does she come over him and where does her life go.. That’s how the story goes…

Oh well if you are expecting some juicy tidbits.. Sorry.. I have learnt not to give out the whole story while reviewing 😛

Be it books or movies 😉

The plot  is good.. Keeps you going.. Since its  a girly novel you definitely cant expect any gripping storyline or narration.. But its worth a read J

I would rate it on a chiclit scale of 3/5 not too impressive

Being a regular chiclit reader its easy to make out that Some areas could still be worked upon…

To imagine that over a break up someone would leave the country is a lil weird and unthinkable and to be able to plot on the thought and make it come out well has to be appreciated.. 😀

So you gals out there who like Chiclits can def go ahead and read this 😀


4 thoughts on “~::~ I Heart New York..!! ~::~

  1. RoH says:

    ah!!! Even I am wondering isn’t it kinda strange for a girl to leave the country after a break up?!.. silly na 😉
    wanna know the juicyyyy parttt 😛
    Cool one Megsiieee 😀

    • sigh..!! i wudnt call it silly but gutsy 😉
      imagine if everyone cud travel like and have the kind of life she has 😀
      read the book for the juicy bits or else if we meet i will lend u 😀

  2. hehehe… I haven’t read this one…I’m not really into chiclits kinda..
    but I can say one thing for sure… I HEART NEW YORK!!!!
    Heart break or not, there exist only 2 cities on this planet for me.. Bombay (homeland, and New York (current abode) !!! Phewww
    The view of the Empire State from home can sure make you forget all the rough stuff.. I can tell ya that !!! 🙂
    Thanks Meg, for posting this one… reinforces the best feelings in me! 🙂

    • wwooowww.. great to knw tht Kavi 😀
      its my dream to visit NY too 😀
      lets hope it comes true someday and i get to exp wat u are feelin now 😀

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