~::~ Birthday Babbles ~::~

Due to some unavoidable circumstances such as my Birthday *batting eyes* Jack has been generous enough to not make an appearance this week… He wants me to revel in the happiness and the adulation that I have received yesterday..

How sweet Jack.. Thank you very much..

Aaahh… so I guess most of you were SWEET enough to take a dig at me at the corporate birthdayblog..

And well I accept it graciously cos it definitely wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be

Oh! yes I expected worse … but I guess I am so saintly and Angelic that people dint have the heart to pull my leggies…

Thanks a ton to all those who remembered me and wished me through blogs, msgs, calls and chipkalis(FB wall mates )

Thanks for making the day special and all the adulation

Spl thanks to Princess for having accepted my request and post the birthday blog so I can read the wishes and sleep

Yes peeps I did wait up til 2am so I can read your wishes and then I tucked in tight…

Errr.. I have already read it like 2-3 times now..  Why?? Cos I value the trouble that has gone into making those questions mailing peepl and collating them…

Thankiieee all once again

And for those who forgot…



Sigh!! Nonetheless so here’s my return gift to you all…

What else but poetry 😉 as POO said she wouldn mind me posting one

And for the others who called it Flood of Poetry.. boooo 😛 ab bhugto 😈


Midnight glory, wishes galore

Calls, sms, wall posts all poured

The day dawned nice n bright

Cloudy but no rain and light

The first thing I do with delight

Is hit the birthday blog site

Cos I know you have wishes for me

This makes me rub my hands in glee

Cos I know it’s time for some serious damage

Ur brains u wud have picked and rummaged

Crazy questions and even crazier answers

Luckily none of you threw curses

Shahid, poems, birth date and studs

Even gave me a guru -peacock headed dud

TR was made to rhyme in style

I hate Edward, but it made me smile

Shayaris and poems filled with emotions

Sentiments run high, while eyes moisten

My shopping styles & behavior attacked

At vaat lagayingg none of you lacked

Went for a movie and brought some books

Impeccably dressed even caught some looks

The special news was on its way

Whoop with joy and make my day

The bestest gift I could have got this year

Darlingest Froggy is NO more an “Eligible Bachelor

Yes yes indeed he’s hitched

Wonder how many fans feel ditched 😛

The bestest gift for my birthday

Overwhelmed with joy, what more can I say??

Oh! What a perfect day it has been..

The most wonderful I have seen

Thank you all for the wishes & adulation

I feel loved & pampered, complete revelation


Phew!!!! This was a looonnggg post and a long poem too..

But wat to do couldn’t control the words.. On days like these when the emotions run high, the words flow unleashed…


That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

32 thoughts on “~::~ Birthday Babbles ~::~

    • eeeeeee…….. ur the best 😀
      u made my day by puting the wishes before i slept
      and sreee made my day with the bestest gift he cud gimme 😀
      im on the moon now 😀

  1. hehhe…HAPPPEEE BUDDDAAAYYY!!! (okay, belated hi sahi)
    I am pretty damn sure you had a blast of a time! 🙂
    Loved the poem…it was so full of enthu and cheer… TOO GOOD!

    Jack really is sweet enough to take a break this week, and make time and space for your b’day post! 🙂 Love him too…

    Would LOVE to add to you on FB (if dat’s okay with ya)…

    I would’ve NEVER in my life guessed you are a Tam (am I right in my guess?).. my hubby is toooo… TamBambaiyya! 🙂
    Yennyway, have a love birthday week!! LOADSA hugs and love…

    • awwwww….thansk Kavi 😀
      yesh yeshh.. Tam only 😀 😛
      ohye hoie kewl.. ask ur hubby if he’s sowkiyama 😉 😀
      heeheheheheh 😛
      thaaankkkuuu soooo much for the wishes dear 😀

  2. happy birthday maggie 🙂
    i know u might have had a wonderful b’day considering u have such good frnds (count me too) around..
    the poem is awesome (kaun se chakki ka aanta khati ho?) and yeah raji does deserve all the thanks for such hard work..
    u guys rock..

  3. radhika says:


  4. radhika says:

    🙂 :”’)

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