~::~ FB Letter Pages ~::~

Being a complete Facebook Addict as most of you can see.. I decided its time to pay some respect to this social networking site.. and what better way than my usual eccentric Bakwaas :mrgreen:

So I racked my brains.. and yet dint find anything.. that’s when Prams gave me this idea of using FB pages and write a post :P…

Thanks Prams.. And here’s my idiosyncratic offering 😛

Dear John

How are you?

When I look at my phone on a morning I always hope youv text me

I hope that it wont happen but I still have that little bit of hope.

Cos I hope I’m important to you, like how you are to me and yes, I still hope that one day I will discover I have  super powers.

You wont believe I just looked at my profile and saw how many pages i joined, i am shocked!!

I’ve joined so many fan pages groups, its starting to tell my life story, well I’m not addicted to fan pages, they just all apply to me and Its my friends fault that I am a fan of all these pages

Moreover I cant remember half the groups I joined or pages I became a fan of

Situation has gone so bad that now I am quoting facebook pages in real life conversation

Anyways, They told me not to tell anybody, but you are my best friend  so you don’t count J

I know that pinky promises are seriously legit. You dont break those things. But then you’re my closest friend.

You know they have the secret garden party and  they end up Walking the wrong way on the escalator so it acts like a treadmill

They seriously are weirdos

The other day i joined a Facebook group and having an Online chat with Akshi the nutcase.

And he asks me “how mario can smash through bricks..yet he dies when he touches  a freaking turtle!!??!!

And I was like, What? What do you want a medal”

Actually yes I do”

The nerve ..


Another day we were passing notes in class, he asked Oye!! Period khatam hone mai kitna tym hay??

“Oye extra pen hai?”

“oye teri wali aa gyi”

oye sun baal theek hai naa”

“oye use aise mat dekh teri bhabhi hai”

Teacher: those who don wanna study jst get out of da class.. Oye Chale;)

I hate it when my teacher gives a pop quiz just cos he’s in a bad mood

And then she sent another side note which said Oye pehla question ka answer kya hai”

But since Teachers call it cheating, we call it teamwork I helped people and it felt so good

Finally I’m done with the work, *flip the page* OMG damn theres  a back side

At last the bell rings everyone screams cause its home time

Oh it was so much fun.

Hey I gotta question to ask

If we can meet..

As for now I gtg..

Ok then bye..!!

Take Good Care of Yourself..!!


Phew..!!! at the rate the pages were going damn!! This would have been longer.. sadly I was sane enough to control my urge to keep writing and ended this so 😛

Do lemme know your thoughts on the same… 😛

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

26 thoughts on “~::~ FB Letter Pages ~::~

  1. Garfy Boy says:

    Awesome! Absolutely too good and shows how much you are addicted to it. You must be Indian Idol for facebook or something like that 😉
    btw thanks for providing such a gr8 collection at a time 🙂

  2. heheheeh…you REALLY are an addict! This must’ve demanded a lot of mehnat and patience from you… phhheeewww! Looks like you have loads of both! ;P
    Take care, girlie… and have funz!

    • eeeeeeeeeeeeee………thaanks Kavi 😀 😛
      ya totally addicted to it 😀
      and wen it comes to bakwaas.. the patience definitely chips in do the needful 😀 😛


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