~::~ Froggy Love Story ~::~

yessshhh..!! looks like its raining frogs 😀

But this time its a poem and that to a froggy love poem 😀

this one was initially conceptualized as a story  for Sree who has been nicknamed Froggy 😀

and all the other characters are our very own real life friends 😀

But to protect their identities they havent been mentioned here 😀

so here’s the Froggy Love Story

~::~ Froggy Love Story ~::~

Froggy Pinku happy and gay

Entered fashion week to hop and sashay

Let his eyes wander till he found a maiden

Yellowy her name, with spots on her laden

Fell for her head over heels

Hopped to propose her on his 4 knees

But little did he know she was the wrong lady

Yellowy had given her heart to Purple already

Heartbroken and wrought Pinku hopped to his big pond

Jumped into cold waters trying to commit suicide, severe bonds

Sadly he dint realize water was just another home

He lay at the bottom despaired and lovelorn

Along came a frog catcher who owned an eatery

That specialized in frog legs as its favorite delicacy

Pinku was caught and captured for life

Neither did he struggle for he knew not strife

PInku’s owner came in search for her darling frog

Only to realize he was ready to be burnt on fire logs

She tried to save him from the cruel catcher’s hands

But had to duel a sorceress of the catcher’s lands

The sorceress took Pinku home, put him by the window sill

Whilst she took care of her own pet frog with Orangey frill

One look at Pinku and Orangey skipped a heart beat

Cos he was the most charming froggy she would ever meet

The night turned cold while the hearts set afire

Orangey rescued Pinku and they hopped across through mire

Kind and caring orangey, cupid struck Pinku’s heart

And he fell in love with her again from the start..

Thus began a love story that brings tears of laughter

Pinku and Orangey froggys hopped happily ever after


This is my entry to ABC Wednesday where today’s Alphabet is F 😀

and also for TheLaughterSite where the topic was Propose 🙂

I hope you liked my offering..Do lemme know your thoughts… 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios…!!! :mrgreen:

59 thoughts on “~::~ Froggy Love Story ~::~

  1. RoH says:

    heyyyy Megs…. when did you write this??? Don’t tell me you wrote this just now!!
    its blooddddddy brilliant!!! 😀 😀 😀
    only you can write it this way, Megssyy 😀
    //Thus began a love story that brings tears of laughter
    Pinku and Orangey froggys hopped happily ever after// yo yo 😀 Love the ending 😀

    lol @ the collage pic… accident hogaya 😀 😀
    Super collage 😀

    AWESOME POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • ya roh u guessed it right :p
      wrote it in flat 30mins 😀 😛
      since the concept was already ready all i had to do was make it poetic 😉
      heeheheheheheh 😀
      and the collage was intentional 😉
      accident ho gaya rabba rabba 😛

      eeeeeeeeeeee………thanks for all those lovely lines roh 😀

  2. Lol…super..finally you made me kiss Orangey eh? 😛 Loved it …and ya the poem too 😛 hehe…just done on fone too 😛 so got some time to check your poem…and man, was i surprised?!!!! 😀
    And u wrote this bloody brilliant thingy in flat 30 mins? are u human 😛 Awesome re…lage raho!! 😀

    • eeeeeeeeee……… aaagaya tu champu froggy 😀
      dekh dekh maine anu ko wahi bola ke ye fone pe laga hoga… 😛
      heheheehhehe 😀
      yaaa finally ye story ne shape liyaa wo bhi poem ke taur pe 😀
      heehehehehehhe 😀

  3. WOWWW.. I hoped on this frog train, and totally enjoyed the skippetty ride! 🙂
    Two happy couple indeed… And so chweeeetly written, Meghz…. awesome!! 😀

    Verse on@ Croak on!! Leap on!! 😉

  4. super super yaar..
    u are effortless dear lady..
    so for the first time ever i get an indirect mention in ur poem..
    this is not just a poem for us, this is a piece of memory to be treasured, we have spent hours on it, isnt it??
    so this definitely goes as my fav so far..
    very beautifully written yaar, in a way that ppl who dont even know the whole thing would know from scratch..loved it..

    • aawww lee.. thanks baby 😀
      yep i guess this is one story that will always remain close to our hearts 😀
      the amount of time spent chatting.. script writing.. designing those cartoons 😀
      areee indirect mention kyaa tera bas naam hi nai likha maine 😦
      kyuki fir sabka naam daalke tag maarna padta 😀 isliye jus kept it as it is 😀
      waise bhi the whole story is there on FB 😀
      tht reminds me i have to make the other characters too 😛

    • manshu…. 😀
      seeeing you here was indeed surprising 🙂
      cos you have been on a hibernation 😀
      as for the imagination thank you so much 🙂
      The story was made for Sree over the Office Communicator on a Conference chat 😛
      and all i did was adapt it into a poem 😛

  5. and they lived happily ever after.. what a beautiful love story.. I also wrote on clolours but differently.. your colours in the story are brighter and make one enjoy the feel.. sorry for being late here.. LOL.. do visit my post..

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