~::~ The Box – Creepy ~::~

Firstly the cast got me interested..

Hadnt read much about the plot…. And now I wonder why dint I do that.. whats Wiki for..??  🙄


This ones a freaky movie.. maannn.. the worst part being its gonna run in my head for somedays now.. unless I manage to watch a coupla romcoms to take my mind off this one..

The Movie is supposed to be based on a short story called “Button Button” by  Richard Matheson…

Its not exactly a horror movie but more of a science fiction meets thriller..

Gory in some places.. Senseless in some others and Dark in most of the places…

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden (yummylicious as ever) make up for the major cast alongwith Frank Langella who makes up for the creepy character of Mr. Steward..

Arthur, played by James works for Nasa and Norma (Diaz) works as a professor.. One fine morning they wake up with a package delivered in front of their house And a note which says they wud be visited by a certain Mr. Steward.. The package contains a push button wooden box.. Later they are visited by Mr. Steward who places some conditions in front of them, with a promise of million dollars in cash..

No no I am not giving out the story.. What happens when the button is pressed or whats the function of the button or the box and why was it delivered.. these will be answered and understood only when you watch the movie..

The actors deliver impeccable and flawless performances.. Cameron looks old to be James’ wife but sigh! That’s not my headache is it.. Frank Langella does perfect justice to his character and pulls off a sinister performance with an air of eeriness around himself..  Theres not one moment where u feel bored but not to the extent of feeling at the edge of the seat but the movie does definitely keep you glued cos you always wonder “what the hell is happenin” atleast I did mutter that sentence a number of times under my breath..

Nonetheless , for those who love thrillers and wouldn’t mind spending time watching this.. I am sure you are gonna like it.. The most notable part of this movie according to me would be the background music.. the music complemented the movie so aptly so perfectly the dark goriness disturbing music only added more effect wo whatever was happenin on sscreen..

I wouldn’t say I am super impressed with the story.. but darn I cant ignore it too.. its definitely  disquieting  movie. Im still reeling on the aftereffects..Sigh!!!

It’s a tad more than Watchable but not a must watch so to me this one goes as a Certified Watchable and I would give it a 3.5/5..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “~::~ The Box – Creepy ~::~

  1. I saw it on monday its Ok.. a bit strange in the end itna bhi great nahin hai … watchable once yeah..

    You got to take responsibility of your actions and nothing comes easy especially a million dollars 🙂

    I am going ot go and see the AIRBENDER tonight 🙂 yayyyyyyyyy

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