~::~ Ad-Diction ~::~

After sms lingo it’s time for some ad-lingo in our day to life….

Well I do have plans of making a Movie special too but first let’s get on with the Ads version of the same…

In this virtual world where we are connected with our friends families and peers more through status updates/comments/wall posts than with sms and calls or even worse physical meetings.. Our language and lingo has gone through multiple changes…

I guess most of you read Sree’s (http://sreeramshenoy.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/in-briefsituations-and-abbreviations/ ) abbreviation/SMS lingo posts 😀 and in a confy chat with him sprung this idea.. Yep haven’t we used them once in a while atleast.. Where instead of saying a whole line/sentence we end up mentioning a product/ad where the slogan was similar.. For e.g. If I were to tease Sree saying “after marriage you will keep following Su all around naa” he is most likely to retort “Wat do you think I am Hutch kyaa?? I don’t have any other work eh??”

Why hutch?? Well their network follows you everywhere 😛

So carrying on from SMS lingo, here are some ad slogans which we or atleast I have seen being used in our usual day to day life..

Nike-just do it

E.g.-  a typical advice from  Sree to MJ wud be like this 😛

“Why are you worried about wat she thinks maaannn.. NIKE dude..”

Adidas- impossible is nothing

E.g. – “boss don’t think I can deliver this by today EOD”

Boss-  why get so hyped up.. chill remember ADIDAS..

CCD –  a lot can happen over a cup of coffee

E.g. – lets meet for coffee I believe CCD

Cadbury – kuch meetha ho jaaye

E.g.-  a typical shaadi pakka ho gayi news

Dude you’re engaged, Cadbury

LG- Life’s Good

E.g.-  Howdy doing buddy

LG maaannn…

Nokia – Connecting people

E.g.- often people ask me whats your work like half the time I have the mind to tell them “I’m NOKIA

Sigh!!! But I end up telling them I am a JBA in KM and my work involves blah blah blah…

Energizer Batteries –  Goes on and on and on

E.g. –  when it comes to bakwas Sree is Energizer battery 😛

Mentos- Dimag ki batti jala de

E.g.- err nai samja.. Mentos kha Mentos 😛

Philips- let’s make things better

E.g. – yaar panga ho gaya yaar…  chodna why worry Philips karte hai

Pepsi- Dil mange more

E.g..- I am not surprised why Sree and Nive always say “when it comes to love it’s always Pepsi”

And as far as using these lingos in real life conversation goes, who cares McDonalds(I’m loving it) nonetheless

Note – the conversations and examples are inspired by real life characters and situations for a better understanding of their relevance.(ish… did I just speak jargon here 🙄 )

If you have used any other AD lingos in your daily life do lemme know..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

7 thoughts on “~::~ Ad-Diction ~::~

  1. Himanshu says:

    Enjoyed the read thoroughly. Now that you mention that they are all inspired from real life incidences, I can almost imagine how would the conversations must’ve actually occurred! 😉
    Good going Megzy!

  2. superb megz.. i have read this on ur internal too.. one of the rare instances when i read on the internal frist n then here.. and have read sree’s post too.. both of them.. awesome..

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