~::~ Myths ~::~


This is for Leo’s Z-A in 26 Days


Alphabet M = Myths

~::~ Myths ~::~

Memories shared across generations

Yet retold over multiple incarnations

Truth is how much, hitherto unknown

Happily though, accepted with heads bowed

Stories of yesteryears or reality, still a mystery undetermined


I hope you liked the fiction . please do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rockin…!! Keep Blogging..!!


15 thoughts on “~::~ Myths ~::~

  1. This is THE perfect definition of a myth, Meghu!!
    M for Megzy has done a superb job at conjuring an awesEMME poEM for the thEMe!
    Well done, girlie! And this ain’t no myth at all… it’s a FACT! 🙂

  2. Well-done acrostic. I like the message of the first two lines. I’ve been thinking lately of how I absorbed my ancestors grief and how it’s poured out into my life work and poetry.

  3. yeahh we used to accept anything and everything without raising any question … but then these days the Myths are amswered.
    Nice topic to write on and well written 🙂 aate hi teri river of poetry chalu na 😀

  4. jingle says:

    well done.
    u r quite productive now…
    have a lovely day.

    welcome link in a poem to potluck within 12 hours,

    poets Rally is tomorrow.

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