~::~ Dreamy Flights ~::~

i hope i am not late with this one..

Thanks Luke for inspiring me to pen down something after a long time…

when i am caught up in the myriad tangles of work and can hardly breathe with the guilt of not being able to pen down poems.. the Octain form came to my rescue.. Thank you One Stop Poetry– cos you are equally responsible for helping me pen this down…

Though m posting this on a Tuesday 😉 this my Octain for One Stop Monday Form 😛

~::~ Dreamy Flights ~::~

I sail away on deep blue seas

A million stars twinkle so bright

Pearly full moon, misty moonlight


Flowery fragrant wafting breeze

Distant presence, feelings intense

Undying hopes that never cease


Dreams of yonder, capture my night

I sail away on deep blue seas



23 thoughts on “~::~ Dreamy Flights ~::~

  1. oh nice – i wanna sail away on deep blue seas as well..smiles
    beautiful octain with stable form, good rhymes and correct structure.
    the only line which has only 7 syllables is:
    Million stars twinkling so bright – and you can easily change this by making it for example: a million stars twinkle so bright
    nice – love me some misty moonlight..

    • hey thank you Claudia… i guess i missed out on the 8 syllables in that line.. thanks for pointing out.. 😀 the change is done 🙂

  2. From the moonlight beam
    Your words really create a dream
    Keeping things every so bright
    In the starry night
    Enjoyed the read
    Glad you found time to post at your feed

  3. …unless you count ‘million’ as three syllables, which I do (mill-i-on, rather that mill-yun).. it looks to be a Brit vs US pronunciation thing, American way is officially two syllables.

    Lovely Octain Meghana! Just a small issue with the grammar in line six –

    Undying hope that never cease

    shouldn’t it either be ‘hopes that never cease’ or ‘hope that never ceases’? One needs and ‘s’ on the end.

    Nice job, my friend


    • thanks Luke i actually did count Million as 3syllables but then i thot maybe claudia was right and hence changed that line…
      aahhh i kinda missed the ‘s’ while reviewing it the second time.. thanks for pointing out 😀
      changes made.. thanks for the new form and the motivating comment Luke 😀

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