~::~ [Meme] ~~ ABC – Life ~::~

Yiippeeee….. Another brand new zabraakooo meme 😀
I am not sure if its been donebefore.. not that I’m aware of.. and even if its done BIG DEAL..no harm in renewing 😉
Don’t we have versions in software and releases 😛
So if something like this is done already..Lets call it versions 2.0 if then this is Version 1.0 😀
Shyaa…sooo simple you sillies..
Ok so wat do you have to do…??
So simple… Just list the ABCs of your life (the ones in bold are jus questions.. all u need to fill in ur replies and tag ppl ) 😀
Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen: condescending
Ekdum simple…right?? 😉
So wat are we waiting for lets get the alphabets rolling 😀

~::~ ABC- Life ~::~

A – Age: 28
B – Booksloads of them currently reading – the Single Girl’s TO DO list 😉
C – Current crush – Shahid Ofcourse 😛
D – Dance form – freestyle 😛 I jus dance who cares wat style it is
E – Essential start your day item: brushin 😛 first thing!
F – Favorite color: probably black
G – Gold or Silver: Silver
H – Height: 5’6”
I – I am: a poet, a blogger/writer, a total muso
J – Job: Business Analyst 😀 and yes i do love my job 🙂
K – Kids: love them
L – Latest Addictionchick-lits/ChickFlicks, RomComs
M – Memorable MomentMay 2011 got a ping from someone 😉
N – Nicknames: megz, megs, megu, meggie, megzy, megzuu, DKKH
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Naaahhh…Thank you LORD
P – Pet Peeve: hmm…this may sound silly, but attitude.. I hate people who throw them around for no rhyme or reason
Q – Quote from a movie:
R – Right or left handed: Right.
T – Time you wake up: varies after 6.30 depending on the day of the week
U- Ugliness meter – 0 😛
V – Vegetable you dislike: Snake gourds hate it
W – Ways you run late: getting lost, but i’m rarely late.
X – X-rays you’ve had: hmm…think the last i had was my right ankle x-rayed in oct 2007 had a ligament tear
Y – Yummy food you make: Chinese and Pasta and any form of egg & bread snacks 😛
Z – Zzzzz timesanything between 10pm to 5am depending on the day of the week 😀


Phew!! That’s my life in shortttt 😛 😉
Now m taggin SreeLeo and Manshu to carry forth the MEME..
Lets have you writing about life here 😉


17 thoughts on “~::~ [Meme] ~~ ABC – Life ~::~

    • heeheehaawhaawwhaaww 😛
      long time since i started a meme 😛 abhi fataak se internal mein mat daalna isko 😛 lemme put it on monday 😛 then u post urs there 😛 😛

    • abeee C************* firstly m never late.. or shud i say RARELY late… but if i ever do get late its only cos i hv lost my way 😛 unlike u who works on a diff timeline altogether 😛

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