~::~ [Thursday Poets Rally] ~ Forever and Forever More ~::~

Thank you for the Perfect Poet award for week 53

Heres the award and my nomination is for Rajlakshmi for her mesmerising Shape Poetry –  the Diva

This is my entry to this week’s Thursday Poets Rally  week 54:



When love is true,

you want it forever;
When love is deep,

forever is enough never;
When heart is enraptured,

eternity is craved for;

When soul is enriched,

 infinite is the dimension of love-
Stretching far into the horizon…, Forever alive, forever young!
Lucky are those who find love, So pure as this.
Blessed are those who can love,As deeply as this.
Enchanted are the moments shared, With a loved one like this.
Enthralling the experience of a love, As deep as this…
So savor the moments And don’t let them go.
Capture them in your heart and let your soul glow…
Forever and forever more…



18 thoughts on “~::~ [Thursday Poets Rally] ~ Forever and Forever More ~::~

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