~::~ Disbanded Thoughts ~::~

~::~ Disbanded Thoughts ~::~



For every half, there is a whole.

For every hand, there’s one to hold.

Every heart has a soul

But why has mine gone so cold


It numbs my body, it numbs my mind,

It seems a bright orb, it makes me blind

It rubs in raw, yet it’s sometimes kind

I wander for a cure, O where shall I find?


Clear as night, dark as day,

Still wanting answers, yet here I lay.

Wanting to break free from this place, I pray

Hiding gazillion feelings within, thoughts affray


7 thoughts on “~::~ Disbanded Thoughts ~::~

  1. Exactly my mind right now…. right from the first line to I wanting to break free and then go beyond; perhaps, never to come back!
    I wonder if it’s a boon or a bane to be able to express and in words…
    Very well done girl…
    Much love n hugs xoxoxo

    • aawwww thanks so much Olivia 😀
      happens a lot to me.. many times m just lost in my own thoughts never wanting to come back.. and then there are days when all i wanna do is breathe…

      thanks for writing 🙂

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