~::~ Romance Reminisced ~::~

~::~ Romance Reminisced ~::~

I’m missing the days we spent together

Cuddled up, fingers entwined by the heather

Under the jade moon’s dim light

Stars playing peek-a-boo at twilight

‘Neath cherry blossoms, o’er leafy sheets

Canopy of pinks & whites, a clandestine treat

Resting my head on your chest

And feel your heart flutter away in zest

The rhythmic thud with a skip in beat

Your failed attempts at camouflaging the heat

Inflaming your soft rose petalled lips

Your strong hands curling my hips

Our present, into an oblivion twirled

Fervor arose, unknown to the world

Butterfly touches & feathery kisses

In throes of passion, our silent hisses

With stars twinkling & gossamer moon’s ascent

We lay there lost in love, utterly spent!






7 thoughts on “~::~ Romance Reminisced ~::~

  1. kan2009goa@gmail.com says:

    Wonderful…. U r an excellent poetess in deed… Keep it up

    Narasimhan uncle
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from !DEA

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