~::~ Book Review ~ Krishna Key ~::~

When I got the email from Blog Adda that Krishna Key is up for review, the first thing that I did was rubbed my hands in glee and registered for the review. Although, I know I am late with my review than usual my joy knew no bounds when I received the confirmation that I am one of the chosen few who get to review the book.

The concoction of Mythology meets fiction has always been a weak point of mine when it comes to picking books. Having read both the books in Shiva Trilogy and feverishly waiting in anticipation of the third, Krishna Key was indeed the very thing would love to lay my hands on. I had read the gist of the story as was posted on the Blog Adda site and it was intriguing enough, but the day I actually laid my hands on the book was the day I started reading the book ferociously and devoured it within 5 days.

Now to the plot and its review – in a nutshell the book is good. It’s definitely something you might enjoy reading. Each chapter begins with an episode in Krishna’s life in first person followed by the current date story. The story started in a very riveting narration and relays the background of the current happenings. The narration is non-linear, in other words the story goes back in forth in many places –not with respect to Krishna’s life and current events, but more in terms of the current events and the incidents leading to them.

There are a huge bunch of twists and turns in the story some predictable and some completely unnerving revelations. The main characters are absolutely endearing, the narration of the serial killer and his Teacher completely ruthless and the killings – a tad brutal but deservingly so. The connection of Krishna’s Key to the Shiva Temples and the controversial “Tejo Mahalay” or Taj Mahal were completely astonishing, innocuous and yet marvelous.

Now for some criticism (well it’s a review I can’t just write the good things can I 😉 ). The characterization and grooming of the serial killer seemed a tad similar to Dan Brown’s Last Symbol. Sorry but yes, the tattoo-ing the body, extreme attention to his fitness and physique were a tad too familiar to overlook. Similarly the presence of a Teacher, with no details of the character revealed except for the gender –guiding and directing the killer in performing his “duties” and carry out the killings were reminiscent in a weird way to The Da Vinci Code. Even the anagram aspect used to create the name of the killer – Tarak Vakil was very Dan Brown-ish. Although the intention might not have been so, sorry to say dear Author but the resemblance is there for all to read.

Overall, I still give Ashwin Sanghi complete credit for all the research done, the narration, the plot – absolutely brilliant. The book is indeed unputdownable, I couldn’t sleep the nights without knowing what happened next. Unfortunately work and professional pressures have kept me from posting this right away. And the forgetful me even wrote the whole review last week and forgot to email it to my gmail so that I could have posted it over the weekend. But nonetheless as the saying goes – Better late than never. Once again thank to BlogAdda for the wonderful initiative and giving me the opportunity to relish a good book.

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