~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~









~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~


Sometimes I am up

Sometimes I am down

Sometimes I just trip

And tumble around


Sometimes I take left

Sometimes it’s right

Sometimes I do nothing

But just sit up tight

I am lost, so lost… 


I wonder where am from

I wonder where I’ll go

I wonder what will happen

If I completely let go


I don’t like where I am

I don’t know where to go 

I just know that I am 

Nowhere that I know

I feel lost, so lost..


I wish was fine

I wish I was better

I wish never just sat around

Fuming and fretted


I feel like m music

I feel like a song

That’s been put in a loop

And played for long

I am lost just lost


I don’t know what I like

I don’t know if I would love

I don’t know how my life

Would chart out


All I know is I’m alive

All I know is I’m living

And I just manage to get 

Along thriving! 

I still feel lost, so lost!!!



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