~::~ Eternal Slumber ~::~

~::~ Eternal Slumber ~::~

poets's sleep 1989 chang hong ahn

Skeletons of yesteryear

Following me around

I sit here and peer

While dark clouds surround


I wonder, I ponder

Across the horizon

I gaze at yonder


Windows have broken

Glasses have splintered

A hope unshaken

And soul unhindered


Looking for an answer

For all of my miseries

While just like cancer

Proliferating my arteries


Lassitude begins to creep

With waves of serenity

I lay me down to sleep

A slumber of eternity!


This my submission for the Magpie Tales Prompt – Mag 208

6 thoughts on “~::~ Eternal Slumber ~::~

    • Thank You Jemima! 🙂 I am trying to get back to my poetry writing and these are my brain exercises to get back to groove! 🙂

      Looking forward to the A to Z challenge 🙂

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