~::~ Rhymed In Love ~::~

~::~ Rhymed In Love ~::~


I looked for you in crowded faces

I looked high and low in myriad places

Wondering where I could find you

And wash away my earthly blues


I sit here waiting for the One to love

Awaiting an interlude by heavens above

Anticipating the advent of a soul mate

At the touch of whom my heart’s at pace


Oh love! I search, I search for thee

A love that makes me more me

The love that inspired me to rhyme

A love that would last for a lifetime


A verse in rhyme I write for you

A verse I dream in love-laced hues

A verse so real, of love surreal

A verse, with my feelings concealed


I pine for you and words just flow

I sit writing poems, my face aglow

I write a poem, love poems for thee

Where art thou, come set my heart free!


Written for Dverse Poet Prompt  – to write on what prompted/inspired you to take to poetry.

For me it was Love and the search for the one true love! 🙂 The dreams of which and lack of which inspired me to write many a blissful/mushy/sad poems of love. I hope I have justified the prompt as well as my inspiration – Love!!

14 thoughts on “~::~ Rhymed In Love ~::~

  1. a verse i dream in love lace hues…its cool that love moved you to write poetry…that makes me smile…so much to say of love…very cool…not sure if you are the same megzone, but if so its been years since i have seen you…nice to meet you again…thanks for linking at dverse

    • hey Brian!! yes its me!! the very same Megzone 😀
      M glad you remember, seems like eons to me! 😛

      Am just trying to dust off my rusting brain and get back to the usual poetry writing… the sabbatical or writers block has held me back for a long time and am just hunting for prompts to get me kickstarted! Glad to be a part of dverse! 😀

  2. I can identify with this. Good & honest expression. Some of my earlier writings were the ‘looking for / yearning for the one to love’ kind of writings. It felt good to find a place and means to express myself, as I probably would not talk about it with anyone in my life right then.

    • Dear Mary, firstly thank you so much for writing in.
      I think we as women have always been wired that way – to yearn/look for love. What with all the fairy tales we were raised with! 🙂
      I guess I just haven’t grow up yet.. Although my poetry on the other hand seems to have grown up cos I can now write poems on almost all topics! 🙂

  3. Aayega Aayega tere earthly blues hatane koi aayega. I loved the feel of the poem… Smooth flow that tells the reader about your yearnings and desires. Hai when will I write a happy poem….

    • heheheeh!! 😛 thathaasthu budddhiii!!1 😛 thank you thank you! 😀 happiness is all in the mind buddhi!! 😉 you will write it when you want to! 😉

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