~::~ Enticing Hues ~::~

~::~ Enticing Hues ~::~

rainbow nail polish sugarbuzz heidi brueggeman

Colours light

Colours bright

A different colour

I shall paint tonight


Pastels of cream

Shades in a dream

Oh how pretty they look

I admire and beam


A flower with a twirl

Polkas and a curl

Myriad designs

Lines and swirls


Glitters, matte shades

Pink aqua or Jade

Multi-coloured hues

With time they fade


Sometimes big sometimes small

Sometimes they’re thin & tall

In various shapes all bottled up

Craving another, my fingers enthralled



This is my submission to the PoetryJam prompt – Bottle

I am simply in love with Nail polish.. Every time I visit a Cosmetic store the first thing my eyes search any new dazzling shade or bottle shapes!! The colours just entice me, I’m plain blinded by the scent of fresh nail paint and I end up buying a couple of them! 😀 Yeah! Although I think otherwise, but my Bank Balance sure doesnt like them! 😉

Picture Courtesy  – Google

20 thoughts on “~::~ Enticing Hues ~::~

    • oh yes yes!! i loveeeeee nail art and dabble a lot!! and hence cudnt resist splashing the colours all over the post 🙂 thank you for writing in! 🙂

  1. peggygoetz says:

    I am so glad you used the nail polish bottles! Those displays are always so colorful and I am drawn to them though I rarely wear nail polish! Love the things people do with their nails these days though. Thanks for posting!

    • oh i love them!!! the bottles the colours,,. the awesomatic shades!!! when i read the prompt and happened to see the nail polish bottle there i just cudnt resist the temptation! 😀

      Thanks for writing in dear!

  2. This brought back childhood memories of my cousin and I playing at our grandmothers bedroom vanity table while the adults chatted in the kitchen. Earrings and nail polish . . . Sigh. A fun write, Meghana.

  3. I am always amazed by the colours on women’s nails nowadays. Your poem makes me understand the good feelings they get when they paint their nails 🙂

    • hahah!! trust me Nick, this is just a part of what makes us go gaga over nailpaints! 😀 there’s so much more to write.. 🙂 thank you for writing in dear! 😀

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