~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Imagination ~::~

Day 11 A-Z Challenge,  I = Imagination (haiku)

~::~ Imagination ~::~


A different world 

Fairy tales and fantasy



Picture Courtesy – Google, Keywords = Imagination

Haiku – Haiku (also called nature or seasonal haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all. Haiku is usually written in the present tense and focuses on nature (seasons). For more details and examples on Haiku, you could check this link


2 thoughts on “~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Imagination ~::~

  1. lexacain says:

    I didn’t realize haiku was measured in syllables. I thought it was measured in words per line. Well, you did awesome, and thank goodness I leave poetry to others! lol

    • earlier even I had those doubts 😛 cos sometimes i used to see a 3 5 3 word haiku and think Ok its a 353 word poem 😛 now i have learnt better! 😀 Thanks for dropping by! 😀

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