~::~ [A- Z Challenge] ~ Summer Love ~::~

Day 12 A-Z Challenge, L = Love (free verse)

~::~ Summer Love ~::~


In darkness I lay with my cellphone beeping!

Waiting for sleep to engulf me

And lead me down the dreamy passages

To a land where trees sing n birds danced

While I lay ‘Neath a purple foliage

With moonbeams glistening over midnight lily

And fireflies enlightening paths..

A silent zephyr playing with my curls

A love song adorning my pink lips..

I sit there by the azure lake

Awaiting his arrival with dusking sun

As the moon adorns the southern sky

The evening breeze brings his musky aroma

I hear him trudging along the valley

With faint footsteps

And with every step my heart skips a beat

As he nears, my cheeks inflame

With a tinge of ruby red

In the blink of an eye am in his arms

The place where I belong

His slender fingers contour my face

As my faint heart begins to race

A random rhythm a mighty thud

As furor begins to rise

A passionate Kiss upon rosy lips

Parched as if forever

A yearning dissolved

As fingers entwined,

We lay there, ‘Neath d starlit sky

Watching faint mars

Lost in desire, appeasing a fire

While the fireflies danced among stars


It’s been a while since I wrote a non rhyming free verse..So here it is! 🙂 Picture courtesy –  Google, keyword – Lovers in the forest

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