~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ (Y)our Love ~::~

Day 25 A-Z Challenge, Y = (Y)our Love (Free verse)

~::~ (Y)our Love ~::~


These are times when I need you around

To make me feel loved and special

While the aura of our love surrounds

And by you I lay securely nestled

These are times when I need you close

To hold on to and hug me tight

Twiddling away with each others toes

And squealing in pleasured delight

These are times when i need you beside

To encapsulate me in your strong arms

Our playful fingers tightly entwined

While in your breath my mellow heart warms

These are time when I need you with me

To kiss me tender ‘neath pearlescent moonlight

Butterfly touches sending souls a’glee

And passion that shines blindingly bright


Picture Courtesy  –  Google, Keywords – moonlight Couples

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