~::~ Silence ~::~

Now that I have brushed off the layers of dust that had gathered my blog, I am trying to write more.

Phew! Getting back to writing is tough, it is! There were days when everything was an inspiration and IΒ  could write 3-4 poems a day and then there is now – where it takes me 1-2 days to complete one poem!! πŸ˜₯

So well, here’s another poem from the struggling poet factory! 😳

~::~ Silence ~::~


In my dreams

Sifting moonbeams

I feel at peace

My heart’s at ease

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Moving through clouds

Like a loner in crowds

Silvery mist swirls around me

β€˜neath cherry blossom tree

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Harmonized glimmer of million fireflies

Attributing onset of a titian sunrise

As russet rays pervade the sky

Time to wake up, my heart cries

While a merry songbird croons

Oh the silence was such a boon!


This is my entry to the Poetry Jam prompt – Silence.

Hope you like it and as usual do leave me your comments and feedback!

Picture Courtesy – Google

30 thoughts on “~::~ Silence ~::~

  1. Hey…how about visiting the poets (above) from Poetry Jam who took the time to visit you? We all like to have our poems read, and if you participate actively and comment on others’ poems, you will also find yourself receiving more visits for yours.

    • Dear Mary, I did visit most of them initially.. But i wasnt able to login over the weekend to keep up with the visits and comments.
      Usually whenever i post for a prompt i make it a point to visit atleast 5 posts immediately! πŸ™‚
      But as you suggested I shall keep up the momentum of participating actively! πŸ™‚

  2. Sreedhar Narayanan says:

    May be it’s just me, but, the confusion of the poet is coming out – whether it’s a boon or a bane conundrum is still in the air, like the mist that you are talking about. Hope you find yourself in the silence!

    • haha!! Well, i wudnt say confusion of the silence. Silence is an aspect that can be looked at in different ways, as i mentioned in an earlier comment – Silence can make or break the situation! so this is probably one of the myriad situations that Silence can be a boon! πŸ˜‰

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