~::~ Cobbled Lanes ~::~

My close friend Tarun posted this pic he had clicked in Leuven and somehow my muse prodded me to write something for the pic. And I promised him I’d give him the picture courtesy so tingu dude – here’s the poem for your pic and thanks for inspiring my muse!! 😀

~::~ Cobbled Lanes ~::~


Narrow dusty lanes

Pebbled floors with stains

Cycles parked by walls

Children creating squalls

Summer’s on its way

Schools out, yay!!


Cobbled narrow lanes

Rusty window panes

Temperatures soaring

Birds all chirping

Gentle zephyr blows

Flowers and bees repose


Through myriad winding lanes

To the walls, Bicycles chained

Summer’s just begun

Playful spirits undone

Until next year’s snow fury

People happy and merry


Picture Courtesy  – Tarun Kinger

I hope you liked the poem! Do lemme know your comments and feedback!!!

3 thoughts on “~::~ Cobbled Lanes ~::~

  1. I love your poems to go with this image. For some reason, I love these kind of streets, and the thought of getting around on a bike sparks warm memories from my childhood. The only roadway we have like this are alleys- some nice, lots not so nice.

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