~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Sonnet ~::~

Day 18, S = Sonnet

A Sonnet is a poem consisting of 14 lines (iambic pentameter) with a particular rhyming scheme:
Examples of a rhyming scheme:
#1) abab cdcd efef gg
#2) abba cddc effe gg
#3) abba abba cdcd cd
A Shakespearean (English) sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet, and rhymes abab cdcd efef gg.

Usually, English and Italian Sonnets have 10 syllables per line, but Italian Sonnets can also have 11 syllables per line.

~::~ Midnight Soiree ~::~


I lay low after a heavy day’s toil

Adrift on a blissful carriage of dreams

Floating through the skies, hung by silken coils

Traverse the night on gossamer moonbeams


Of velvety valleys and glistening wells

I marvel the kaleidoscopic views

Petite fairies emerge from fresh bluebells

As I embark on my magical cruise


Stumbling upon a charming fairy ball

Fairies and satyrs dancing in merry

Music flows, as singing mushrooms enthrall

While sweet treats are served with wine and cherry


Fatigue swept as stars sang their final tune

I fell asleep with the far-setting moon



I hope you liked the poem, please leave your comments and feedback.

Photo Courtesy – Josephine

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