~::~ Farm lover ~::~

Back with a new form of poetry this time its the Tyburn


A six line poem consisting of 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 9 syllables.
The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the first, second, third, and fourth lines as the 5th through 8th syllables.


~::~ Farm Lover ~::~





Begin with plowing sowing my farm

Continue plucking, selling from barn





There I start breeding, feeding my fowls

Ending up milking, pruning my cows


~::~ You’re Fired ~::~

okiee.. long time havent posted much…

So here’s a limerick for you which also happens to be my first TRIAL with Limericks…

Limerick- A Limerick is a rhymed humorous or nonsense poem of five lines which originated in Limerick, Ireland.  
The Limerick has a set rhyme scheme of : a-a-b-b-a with a syllable structure of: 9-9-6-6-9

 The rhythm of the poem should go as follows:

 Lines 1, 2, 5: weak, weak, STRONG, weak, weak, STRONG, weak, weak, STRONG, weak, weak

Lines 3, 4: weak, weak, STRONG, weak, weak, STRONG, weak, weak



~::~ You’re fired ~::~

Assistance, Mr.Cobb required

A beautiful lass came, he hired

She arranged all his files

In haphazard huge piles

Irritated, he screamed “you’re fired”


~::~ Mr. Bond ~::~

Sighh!!! m being away from my blog for quite sometime..

I am not able to post as regularly as I used to….. 😦

well.. as of now i am back with a poem for LOL 😀  Prompt for March


and here’s my clerihew –

~::~ Mr. Bond ~::~

There was a drake Mr.Bond

Who lived in a beautiful pond

Went on his knees to propose miss duck

Her karate kids broke his knees, his bad luck




took me sometime to create the pic using various Farmville sections 😀 so this one’s also dedicated to all Farmville-Addicts 😀

I hope you liked the poem and had atleast a smile if not an LOL

do lemme know your thoughts…

That’s it from Megzone for now..

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~::~ 3 Magicians ~::~

~::~ 3 Magicians ~::~

Tom Thimble and Thory

Three Magicians gory

Years on end, they brew

Til Tom’s grey beard grew

Adding powders and mice

Smelling bad rarely nice

Scorpion legs they add

Draught turns frothy and bad

A few spiders too

Pot hissed and blew

Snake skins turn it pink

Drop of owl tears make it shrink

Thory says – Cat furs to make it right

Tom threw his shoe, added their plight

It only made it dark n murky

Bubbling and hissing yucky

These signs they see not

3 Magicians concocting broth

Potion starts to gurgle

Turn green and bubble

Pot melts and bursts apart

Shattering the shed to shards

Green and slimy Tom Thimble and Thory

3 so called magicians, this is their story



This poem is my entry for Monday’s Child


and also my entry for LOL –


Prompt = Signs

I hope you liked my attempt at children’s poem..

Do let me know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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~::~ Sleep Walking ~::~

I wonder what had gotten into me… 🙄

words that once freely flowed like water are now harder to catch…

anyways.. Thursday is here 🙂

and so is the Rally…

Yep Jingle is back with the Thursday Poets Rally this weekk.. all you poets out there do check out the Rally site and join in 🙂


and this time.. again i am back with a poem..

well not exactly a poem but its a HAIKU 😀

yep dabbling in haiku again.. haiku masters spare me the rod cos i am still learning the ropes of the poetic forms…

~::~ Sleep-walking ~::~

Lost in dreams he walked

Backwards retraced steps asleep

Tripped and fell head first

I hope you liked this haiku.. Do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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~::~ HomeCine ~::~

Off late I seem to be giving a lot of home remedies to a lot of friends..

Over sms, calls, chats and Facebook at large.. so I thought why not jot them down in a post 😛

This would be 1 stone- 2 mangoes 😛 one my post count increases and it’s a breather from my usual poems that some peeps are bored of and 2>> everyone reading it might benefit from it..

Pimple Outburst  –

No one likes to wake up in the morning to see that RED spot on ur face which not only makes ur face seem like moon-ic craters but also takes a toll on ur mental health. Most women would dread such days. Pimples are not only bad-looking but they also are sometimes painful.

The age old grandma remedy of early-morning-without-brushing saliva may be termed as “gross” by many and peeps would rather prefer tolerating the pimple than use their saliva… So here are some handy tips…

  • Mix Sandalwood powder with a little rose water and apply on the affected areas. This would reduce the redness/soreness/outburst and regular application also diminishes the pimple and its scars.
  • Choona (crude lime for non-hindi-ites and Calcium Carbonate for the geeks 😛 ) is effective on pimple outbursts too. It may burn a bit but it dries out the pimple pretty soon.
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible. Your hands are the most unhygienic and germilicious part of your body. So by wiping/touching your face you are only passing the germs from hands to face.
  • Aloe Vera gel again is a very handy and easily available and effective for all skin related ailments. Alternatively if Aloe Vera is not available one can always get some Neem leaves- paste them and apply. The most effective medicinal plant/tree ever discovered 🙂


One of the most common ailment and people who are allergic to pollens suffer almost all year round 🙂

So people who are tired or choose not to get drunk with the Alcoholic nature of cough syrups can try these following simple home rememdies

  • Easiest and first thing is steam and gargling.. Steam would clear the nasal pipe and gargling would help the throat. Steam should preferably be with plain water vicks or any other such balms are a strict no no.. incase u do want to add something to the water u can try a few drops of Eucalyptus oil. Gargle should be preferably 2-3 times a day with salt and/or turmeric.
  • Drink hot (read as hot as u can intake) milk with turmeric and a pinch of pepper powder.
  • Mom always says – feed the cold, starve the fever. And I do believe in it.. During cold your immunity is very less so u shud regularly have hot drinks(read tea, coffee, soups) and hot food. Preferably something less spicy and oily. Include Ginger tea as one of those drinks and you are sure to hit the relief button soon 😀
  • For cough, melt jaggery in a pot add some ginger juice/ dry ginger (saunt) and bring it a boil and reduce then take that as syrup. It is sure to provide you relief.
  • Alternatively you can heat lemon juice, honey and a little pepper powder. Mix them heat the mixture till warm and consumable and gulp it. That would provide some relief to your throat too.

Good Sleep

A friend of mine was cribbing on FB saying he was hardly getting sleep. 3-4 hrs in a day is spent travelling for him and even if he sleeps at 11-12 he seems to be up by 1.30-2 and isn’t able to complete his sleep..

I think it’s a case of stressed life.. His mind is hyperactive and on the move all day and hence the lack of sleep at night. For a sound baby-like sleep the following are my suggestions

  • Take bath in hot/warm water before retiring to bed, the warmth of the water would de-stress all muscles and joints and soothe the body. Thereby making it ready for a nap 🙂
  • Drink a glass of nice warm milk this should help you sleep well.
  • Don’t do any mind-involving work before sleeping, just relax or meditate if you can.
  • For those who hate reading pick up a book 😛 preferably studies related. You’re sure to be dozing within 10—15 mins 😀

I hope these tips helped 🙂

In case you are troubled with anything please do let me know 🙂

I definitely don’t mind coming up with another post with all the remedies that I can help you with….

That’s it from Megzone for now..

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~::~ Ghoul in the Attic ~::~

Yaaaayyy… its ABC Wednesday time again..

And phew!! Yes im glad I am able to keep up with this one every week 😀

Albeit a lil late in posting but def earlier than last week I guess :p

Nonetheless here’s my poem for the letter G = Ghoul in the attic

And this time I have tried a new style of poetry called NAISAIKU

Im new to NAISAIKU so if I have made any mistakes please be a lil lenient towards this student I promise I will pick it up soon 😀

The info on NAISAIKU is available at – http://naisaiku.blogspot.com/

And the syllable counter used for this was – http://songwriting.praisesmith.com/syllablecounter.htm


In the dead of night

I think I hear some voices

Vague scurrying feet


Vague scurrying feet

I think I hear some voices

In the dead of night


I hope you guys liked it..

Do lemme know your thoughts.. Need it now especially as this is the first time I am trying this form of poetry….

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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~::~ Travel(r)ogues ~::~

In the last week I have been travelling in the BEST buses.. now don’t get me wrong its not that I have never travelled in a bus.. Paah!! Born n brought up in Mumbai travelling in local trains and buses like eating breathing and sleeping.. they are  a part n parcel of life here..

Ok then why did I mention it now.. Duh!! cos this post is about travelling in buses.. (neva knew u guys were so silly 🙄 ) Sigh!! So back to the post..  owing to my exams for the past coupla days I have been travelling in buses and the time spent is almost 1-1.5hrs.. and me being me couldn’t help noticing the types of people around me..

So here goes my observations and the major types of travelers we meet in our journey –


Snoozers –  they form a major chunk of the public that travels in public transports, train and buses alike… you know I pity them.. poor peeps must be having lots of khatmals aka bedbugs that don’t let them sleep at night.. so I guess they are trying to compensate the sleep that they missed out on.. the worst is when they fall all over u and drool on ur shoulders in the pretext of sleeping.. ugghh!!!!


Moving on…

VIPs –  oh well they aren’t any politicos or actors or even a senior member of any group/institution or whatever.. they are just people who think they are VIPs.. they sit on the seats as if they own the bus.. they keep getting incessant calls that naturally disturb the snoozers and irk the fellow passangers.. they talk on the phone as if they are the MOST imp peeps on earth and most imp they talk loudly for all to hear.. (and peepl call me loudmouth 🙄 )

Watchers – naah naah they are not detectives or spies.. But hell yaa they do act like one 😛 They keep observing people all around them as if each one is a culprit or a possible criminal.. They are the ones who look jumpy, roving eyes.. Everyone who aboards/alights even moves from their seat and this person has hawk eyes on them.. 🙄

Fighter Cocks – as the name suggests.. They are just waiting to pounce on anyone who so much as freaking touches them unintentionally..They generally are straight faced/poker-faced.. Some of them have blood shot eyes as if they haven’t slept in ages.. or are under weed or some other drug.. 🙄

Whiners/Cribbers – as the name suggest all they do is crib and whine.. The weather, the bus conditions, roads, work, kids, spouse, the seat the window the railing.. baamm baamm baamm.. all they do is cry cry cry..

Whisperers – talk so softly u can hardly hear them.. Even a pin can be heard in silence compared to their voices.. Some of them belong to the koochiekooing club.. Who are always on phones/handsfree koochiekooing with their bf/gf blah blah..

School hours – well if you are lucky to travel during the school hours then you get the a whole jingbang of species.. The kids today aren’t naïve/innocent anymore.. You have bullys hidden in them..The whole lot of them buying tickets screaming at the conductor “ unkil mera pehle mera pehle” and jostling each other.. Pulling pushing bags.. Fighting for empty seats.. Poor conductor scolding them with “oi chup karo nai tho sab ko utaar doonga bus se”.. awww only thing left was him pulling his bacha-kucha hair…sigh!!!

Harmless souls – they are the best peeps to be travelling with.. These are peeps who are simple silent calm.. Minding their own business.. Listening to music or reading books.. Staring outside the window.. peeps who see a pregnant women or elderlies standing and make place for them.. Yep saintly souls.. 😀


So which of these are you…

And if you have come across anymore varieties.. be my guest and share the same in the comments section.. 😀

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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~::~ Monday Madness ~ Jack Attack-4 ~::~

Sigh!!! It Monday again.. and the start of the weekend and after having such a rollicking weekend.. the hangover still remains L

But to brighten up the day thankfully we have Jack 😀

With his attacks 😀

So rejoice peeps :mrgreen:

Here’s yet some more cracks from Jack…


Hope you guys enjoyed this….

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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