~::~ Insomnia ~::~

~::~ Insomnia ~::~

In struggle with thoughts, troubling at night

Never ceasing feelings, overpowering my might

Some things just don’t feel right

Overburdened mind mocks my plight

Managing a few winks seem fruitless

Never in the past, have I felt so hopeless

Indescribably doomed  and useless

Am indeed a total mess



I hope you guys liked this one

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~::~ Myths ~::~


This is for Leo’s Z-A in 26 Days


Alphabet M = Myths

~::~ Myths ~::~

Memories shared across generations

Yet retold over multiple incarnations

Truth is how much, hitherto unknown

Happily though, accepted with heads bowed

Stories of yesteryears or reality, still a mystery undetermined


I hope you liked the fiction . please do lemme know your thoughts..

Thats it from Megzone for now…

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