Baat Not Pakki…!!!

Toh Baat pAkki…

When a movie touts of Tabu dioing a comic role it sure captures attention.. atleast mine..

And sigh..!! me being me.. downloaded the songs.. and soweeeee 😥

I profusely sincerely honestly completely apologise  to put u guys through the torture..

But continuing my usual Samaaj Seva (Social Service – YO! ME SAINT ME 😀 ) here’s the review


Dil le jaa – jassi Javed ali, indee, shilpa rao –  anice funky punju number.. like all Punjabi numbers this one def has u shaking a leg.. nodding your head.. for the melodies wonly plees..kindly ignore 😛 I personally liked this one… this one’s a tru blu wedding swinger in the making.. CERTIFIED BARE-ABLE

Jis Din Mika –  mika seems to have taken bollywood by storm off late.. not that im a fan.. sooweeee no thanks.. I prefer his elder bro anytime.. but he seems to be getting good numbers actual… I saw the video of this one before I downloaded it.. and Sharman and Tabu intrigued me enough to download this one.. well its def not a bad listen.. another Marriage number I wud say 🙂 CERTIFIED BARE-ABLE

Jis Din remix –Mika – this is the kind of remixes I hate.. where all they do is increase the pace of the song.. add in a few rap lyrics in between.. but nothing remade-redone nothing.. CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Karle mujse pyar – rana soham pritam – I’m not sure if this is a remake of any other foreign song or no.. but trust me this is a sure winner.. I’m sure many are gonna like this.. this is on the lines of tu hi meri shab hai and kya mujhe pyar hai.. they mite be flicked from somewhere but u still love them..the guitar interludes like all pritam songs… are breath-taking.. so copied or not this ones a CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Phir se – Sonu – I don’t need a reason to put this one on my MUST LISTEN list.. but then being the SAINT ME 😀 I still provide u my insight on this one.. it starts with a real peppy pace.. this has an old world charm to it.. as in like the 90s songs feel to it.. but it’s a nice breezy number.. and sonu’s voice is like chocolate melting in ur mouth the moment u pop it in…yep trust me.. gosh its superbbb….. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE..

Phir se remix – I hate remixes.. and this the typical types that I don’t like.. so COMPLETELY MISSABLE

Aarthi – antara mitra – wen they are using the age old Aarthi Om jai Jagadish and not offering it even in a new way.. why bother to make a new singer do it.. might as well have used an old tape of the Aarthi.. CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Dil Le  jaa – remix – pathetic remixes as usual COMPLETELY MISSABLE


1/5 only one song really worth it Karle Mujse Pyar,, Phir SE is good only cos of SONU.. but jus 2 tracks don’t maketh an album.. so guys jus download just Karle Mujhse Pyar.. Listen to Phir Se and then decide whether you wanna download it or not… and the remaining.. just forget it…. I wonder I bothered to waste my bits and bytes downloading them 😦



That’s it from Megzone..!!

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Striker Strikes Some Chords..!!

its Yuvan Shankar Raja giving music in hindi, you know you’re a tad apprehensive.. cos the tamil film industry doesn’t exactly work the way Bollywood does …but YSR is known for his syle of music.. If there’s someone in the Raja family after the maestro himself, I wud say YSR anytime.. so there’s an expectation too.. and well..Striker lives upto the apprehensions and expectation at the same time.. Completely.. if not urs atleast mine.. When you hear a movies surrounding a game of Carrom, I don’t expect much.. With YSR’s music there has to be something to look forward to.. The usual magical strings woven with beautiful soul-stirring words.. That’s what Striker is.. 3/5 is my personal score to the album

MUST LISTENsYun Hua (VB the great J) Pia Saanwara (for the soulful folks –read HIMANSHU* 😛 ) Cham Cham(mellifluous Sonu 😀 ) and Aim Lagaa (rocking Blaaze)

Okies…now the detailed review 😀


Yun Hua ~ Vishal Bhardwaj –  slight reminisces of Kaminey Title songs.. But the typical VB spell.. Mesmerizing music… Soothing words.. Serene instruments.. And you have a winner.. That’s what Yun Huaa is..The BEST SONG in this album yuppies m a VB FAN 😀 honestly sincerely obviously has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Haq Se ~ Yuvan Shankar Raja, Siddarth– hindi song sung by YSR 😯 I was more shocked than curious.. it has his typical touch.. it has the south Indian influence.. In some places when YSR sings he reminds u of ARR albeit with a slightly heavy voice.. its an ok listen… I think this one would take some time to grow into me.. Till then CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Maula ~ Swanand Kirkire – starts with a folk feel to it.. And like all Maula songs.. Manages to make a mark in heart and head.. Heart cos of the endearing tune and head.. Cos of the lyrics.. I see a slight Dilli -6 feel in this.. And yes its sure to be catchy and gets stuck in ur head..ESP the lyrics and the tune… but doesn’t appeal to me much so CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Aim Laga ~ Blaaze – the most rocking number of the album.. When I say rocking.. I mean it literally.. Blaaze proves his mettle again..Rapper.. The funky interludes intermingled with the slight classical touch.. Bloody brill I wud say.. The most catchy swervy ubercool number in the album.. instantly catches on to you.. CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Bombay Bombay ~ Siddharth– starts with a dialogue explaining the life in BOMBAY.. After listening to Siddharth in Something Something Unakum Enakum.. I was def looking forward to his singing.. But then I must say That DON’T impress ME MUCH… the music yes.. It makes its mark.. Lines are catchy.. But siddharth’s voice personally seems to be a letdown to me.. Just for YSR this is CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Cham Cham ~ Sonu –  I don’t need any more reason to like this song J Sonu is enough for me to make it a must listen.. But making an unbiased opinion (YO! ME SAINT ME) this is one of the best songs in this album.. The mere sufi-ness in this song and the qawwali-ish feel is more than enough to take an instant liking to this one.. Definitely has to be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Pia Saanvara ~ Sunidhi Chauhan – a soulful ballad.. Been ages since I heard sunidhi at her best… so used to listening her belting out peppy numbers that forgot she has the capability to croon in a way that makes u swoon… another lovely number in the album.. Super splendiferous number this one.. Hats off Sunidhi….CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Aim Lagaa Rickshaw mix.. I don’t like remixes.. And in some ways I don’t like this one too.. But in some places its so catchy that I can’t stop swaying with it.. So I leave the decision of this number with you.. NO CERTIFICATIONS on this one 😈

That’s about Striker… Some strike the right chords some missed..

Overall not a bad listen…

That’s it from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiliing..!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

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*I’m sure Himanshu is gonna kill me for this.. This is the second time I’ve taken his case in music reviews.. And now that he’s back to pavilion.. I better be a tad careful (megs control kar yaar 😳 )

Calling SEL Geniuses..!!

Karthik Callin Karthik..

Yaayy…. Now that’s what I call SEL music.. Oh SEL = Shankar Ehsaan Loy you sillies…

After a super lackluster in MNIK , SEL hits back with a vengeance… Or is it the Farhaan Akhtar effect 😉

Yeaa remember Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya, Don, Rock On (ok so wat if it was directed by Abhishek ‘Gattu’ Kapoor, it was still produced by Farhaan 😛 ) Luck By chance (oi Farhan’s home production 😉 )

Err..yeaa…whatever…Nonetheless me is loving it completely 😀

Ok back to the review 😀

Overview :

Overall it’s a good album… many fresh tracks.. err… ok overall there are 9 tracks, consisting of 7 tracks +2 remixes.. Though Theme says remix I dint find the original version of the theme 🙄  so for me that’s not a remix 😉

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Some of the songs vaguely -teensy-weensy-minutely remind you of their previous work but overall an album worth listening…

The classical interludes in most of the songs are simply spell binding..

My favorites would be Uff Teri Ada and Karthik Calling Karthik (I like the female whisperings)

And for all those hard core “melodies wonly pleej” (Himanshu note 😉 ) peeps don’t fret we have Kailash Kher with someone called Sukanya Purayastha crooning soulfully on Jaane Kaisi Yeh udaasi..

And as usual SEL does not leave KK I dunno somehow their combination is always a rocking one 😀

Yep KK singing Jaane Ye Kyaa huaa hai for SEL…Soulful romantic number

The use of Midival Punditz for the theme remix and Karthik 2.0 (Prem technology here too 😛 ) is simply marvelous they have delivered what was expected off them J

I give it a 4/5 cos now that they are back with a bang I waann more…. 😕

Only 7 tracks don’t impress me much 😀 I need more good music SEL 😀

YO! Me greedy me!! 😛

Yes all you peeps can def download/buy the album… it’s definitely worth listening

Detailed review – (ofcourse how could u even think otherwise 😉 its Megzone afterall 😀 )


Hey Ya ~ Clinton Cerejo, Shankar Mahadevan when I first heard this I thought it was Farhaan himself singing.. ( Sigh..!! High hopes meggiee.. 😕 ) But then Clinton’s voice purrfecto for Farhaan, it has the same hoarse touch to it like Farhaan’s…  and yes this one is definitely one number that is gonna be people’s favorites…CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Uff teri Ada ~  Shankar Mahadevan Alyssa Mendonsa –  this to me is the best track in the album… I love the peppiness and yet the rustic classical influence it has… and the beats are foot-tapping too… and the aalaaps make you wanna lose urself… *double thumbsup* Mr Shankar Mahadevan…  This to a very large extent is something which is gonna have a mass appeal and yes its here to stayCERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Jaane ye Kya huaaKK –  as said before KK and SEL have a charm of their own.. Right from Koi kahe (DCH) to this one… it’s a nice pleasant number  oopss..Romantic number (isssh… 🙂  ) just a perfect song for those looonnnggg drives…long walks by the beach… moonlit escapades… all of it.. this is gonna be a couple’s fave soon 😉 this is the song that has a slight WUS effect too.. but then SEL being SEL definitely create magic with KK in this.. I loved the music.. its soo calm… so serene… like feather caressing your face…aahhh…. Ooopss 😳 review… review.. Meggie get back to the review… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Kaisi hai ye Udaasi ~ Kailash Kher and Sukanya Purayastha – aaahh….soulful ballad… and Kailash and Sukanya do perfect justice to the song.. Kailash brings out his poignant best in this song…. Reminds me of the Ya Rabba song from Salam-e-Ishq.. Well.. I cried in that song.. This isn’t the same.. But yes the effect it leaves u with is pretty much the same.. SEL’s music reminds me of Salam-e-ishq number in certain places.. But nonetheless a pretty original track.. And yes a perfect listen for the broken hearts and those sad rainy moments…heart-wrenchingly haunting indeed… CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Karthik Calling Karthik ~ Suraj Jagan, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa Monteiro – loved the starting teen-teen-teen  phone effect… the music slightly reminds you of DON… but bloody brill number I must say… the female lead’s voice has a mesmerizing effect the way she says “Karthik…karthik calling karthik…pick up the phone” u really feel creepy as if someone’s tellin u.. err…to be brutally honest for a second a chill went down my spine wen I heard it n I was like FREAK..!!!!  😳 … sigh…!!! CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Karthik 2.0midival punditz… they have given the whole Karthik calling Karthik song a superb technology uplift.. oh wondering how.. this one has more music and less lyrics.. and more than that.. remember those english movies like mission impossible/ where the background music plays whilst the hero is busy doing some illegally legal work.. yep.. this one sounds pretty much like that.. and yes a tad DON influence here again.. but definitely listenable 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

KCK theme remix~ I dunno why they call it theme remix.. 🙄 ok the music is based on Karthik 2.0 but then it has the mixture of the title track also.. so it cant be a remix… jus cos midival punditz do it u cant call it remix yaar..nonetheless I simply love that teen-teen-teen-phone effect a lot 😀 CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Hey Ya remix~ Clinton, Shankar – as I’ve said before if I like the original most of the times I love the remix too…. Though this one is not a remix in all the terms of the words.. its just a faster version of the original.. no additional beats/tunes/nothing at all.. jus fast paced a wee bit.. but yes still its CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Uff teri Ada remix ~ Shankar, Alyssa Mendonsa Original or remix I love this song… as ‘ve said before this is MY PICK from this album…but yes this is more like techno mix to the original.. Nice one.. as I said nice foot tapping beats..

CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN (ok I’m biased but WTH my blog… meri marzi 😉 )


Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

So there… that’s the album KCK.. lovely songs.. lovely album..

Worth buying/downloading…

And I’m hoping the movie does well too.. the plot sounds interesting ofcourse…

As of now that’s all from Megzone..!!

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Dulha Mil Gaya..!!!

Naa naa naa…. no marital-matrimonial post… puh-leaseeee….

After troubling you guys with my crazy dream 😛

Here’s me actually with the review of the movie album,…

Music by Lalit Pandit…

This time I’l give you my overall view of the album and then proceed to give the song wise minutiae..

I know most of you might have heaved a sigh of relief and that’s precisely the reason for this leniency 😉

That doesn’t mean il be so generous always 😈

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

Ok so now the overview…

Welll the songs are pretty good… listenable numbers… keeping in atmosphere of the title of the movie intact… most of the songs are those typical breezy ceremonial numbers,… but before you shake your head or roll your eyes… lemme tell you the numbers are good ones.. not the usual shor-sharaba… but that doesn’t mean tht there isn’t any… only it’s a tad more polished…  Some songs are reminiscent of other older numbers on similar lines… but I would still give the album a 2.5/5 its not that bad also… cos I have been listening to this album continuously from the time I have downloaded which is more than 30+odd hours so I can say that it is definitely worthwhile… the best songs or MUST LISTEN numbers are

Tune Jo jaan Le  by Sonu Nigam (reasons read below 😉 )

Rang Diya Dil –  Shreya Ghoshal (reasons obvious)

Akela Dil – Anushka Manchanda, Mahua Kamat, Adnan Sami (different and cute)

Poooff….thats an overall view…

Now for the detailed analysis 😀

Me being me can’t do without this… u guys know me by now  😉

Aaja Aaja Mere Ranjhana ~ Swananda and Anushka Manchanda… What happens when you mix Bole Chudiya and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham title tracks..??? well.. that’s wat this song is…. I wont admo0nish it as being a remake or anything its quite good actually… listenable indeed… but then all songs in this album are 🙄 i’m sure this is gonna move mere haathon mein nau nau chudiyaan and other marriage songs away.. LISTENABLE

Magar Meri Jaan Anushka Manchanda, Mahua Kamat, Lalit Pandit – this is a nice westernized number… the song has influence of Gale Lag Jaa from De Dana Dan… Anushka as usual is herself… and Mahua has done a superb job too… this is a typical song where they transform the demure heroine into a damsel aka ooh laa laa types…. Remember Amrita Rao in Main Hoon Naa… oh if you’re wondering why do I say this… welll wat more can I expect when I have lyrics like Samarpreet ban jayegi Samara… LISTENABLE

Tu Jo Jaan le Sonu Nigam….Hayeee… the mere fact that’s its sung by Sonu is enough to want to download and listen to this one… but this is indeed on of the best numbers in the movie.. lilting… melodious… awesomely splendid… remember the haunting effect of Dastaan E Om Shanthi Om from OSO… this is on similar lines… Sonu is his mellifluous best J bringing out the effect of a person in love and yet someone whose yearning to tell his love too… the sudden shift of the music in moments from the yearning mode to the anguish mode is marvelously put.. im dying to give a +1 for this song… superb guitar usage…  CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Rang Diya Dil Shreya Ghosal… Again reason enuff to download and listen… but Shreya maaannn… she rocks…. And m glad SLB(Sanjay Leela Bhansali) discovered her… she’s a boon to the singing industry… her voice is simply magical in this song… its such a lilting… soft… heartwarming number… a typical gal fantasizing about her guy types… it has a rustic old world charm to it… as in I mean the later 90s early 2000s ke songs ka effect… the gaaon ki chori wala effect… m not sure how many remember a movie called HAMESHA (Saif n Kajol disaster) there was a song in tht… this in some ways reminds me of tht… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN 😀

Dilrubaon ka Jalwe Amit Kumar Manoli Thakkar – Amit kumar brings in a breath of fresh air from these chaos of new singers… with due respect to them all.. its always endearing to hear someone who sounds like Kishore Kumar any day 😀 this is a Qawaali-ish number complete with the harmonium effect… with a tadka of rap pop… remember SRK’s Wicked act in Main Hoon Naa’s tumse milke dil ka hai ye haal number… similar… it’s a typical Men are from Mars Women are from Venus wala jhagda/nakhra Qawaali stuff… nice to listen though… esp wen amit goes “mishi mishi shab angool huye” he sounds chooo chweeeettt….  And Manoli Thakkar with her accented Hindi is fairly listenable too … J I think this should be the one picturised on Sush and SRK cos towards the end of the song they are actually arguing with each other’s FILM titles… that are nice to hear actually… LISTENABLE song

Rang Diya Dil Sad – Shreya… Emoted to perfection… need I say more… 😀 its shreya again..

Dulha Mil Gaya – Daler Mehndi – Yo maaan… Daler Rocks… need I say more… he’s been one singer I have always liked from him Tararara to RDB…. But trust me nothing to beat his RDB number…. Even thinking about it makes me go TINGALINGALINGALINGALING TINGALINGALINGALINGALING  (picture me nodding head feverishly with eyes closed 😀 ) that song was a Class Apart… and this one to is going down in my list of Daler hits 😀 yep I liked it too… its nice n fast paced.. its the typical bakra halaal hone wala hai type of songs… wat with lyrics like.. aaj phir gur ke liye ganna chil gaya-dulha mil gaya dulha mil gaya… LISTENABLE..

Akela DilAdnan Sami, Anushka Manchanda– lovely song… I loved it… it’s a nice peppy spunky fun song… with Adnan in his full josh… it has a nice hip-hop meets lounge feel to it… and Adnan’s back with a bang… and I don’t need any more reasons to like this songs 😀  but bein an impartial person (don’t rub ur eyes.. I’m impartial ok).. The music is cute… foot tapping…groovy…a Beyonce meets Rihanna meets PCD kinda number… this makes me wanna do the smooth criminal act the MJ did 😀  CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Shiri FarhadNeeraj Sridhar and Tulsi Kumar –  this is another typical Neeraj song.. Peppy-catchy-foot –tapping-head nodding-song.. 🙂 the music is cute too… though again this is one song that reminds me some other song… that I’m not able to place my finger on.. 🙄  its a typical Neeraj Sridhar number.. so his fans rejoice….definitely LISTENABLE

There are 3 more remixes apart from these remixes of DMG,  Dilrubaon ke Jalwe and Akela Dil.. Those are listenable numbers too… not a bad choice of songs and frankly all listenable numbers…  😀

You guys can def download the MUST LISTEN ones and maybe listen up LISTENABLE ones before downloading them 😀

Thats it for now 🙂

Until next time, this is megz signing off from Megzone…

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging…!!!

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The Idiots….!!!

Areee….Nooooo… this is not random rants/insults at anyone… 😉
This is yet another insane attempt at music review by me 😆
Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:
Maaan… ive seen the promos on TV this one looks like a sure winner…
Only I hope they haven’t wavered too much from the main parts of the book cos then chances are it may turn out to be loser 😳
Good Lord..!! 😯
 I sound like a Filmy Trade Pundit here 🙄
Sooo….here I am bang again with yet another music review this time of 3 idiots which is touted to be a fultttooo fundooo TP of a movie and supposedly based on Chetan Bhagat’s  much acclaimed 5 point someone…
So let’s get down to business..Err..The review 😛

Aal is well~ Sonu Nigam, Swanand Kirkire –it’s a typical college funky number… Masti fun n frolic…. Timepass fundooo lyrics… rollicking lyrics completely…
Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga
Are life milegi ya tave pe fry hoga
Koi Na jane apna future kya hoga
Sonu is back to his perky Masti self after a long time… he’s been singing melodious and soulful number for a long time… his voice modulations are simply superb…at one moment it thin and the next moment its wavery shivering…Swanand Kirkire singing too… lyrics are equally crazy and insane… I love the way they all scream “AAL EEJ WHELL” (errr…that’s how it sounds 😛 ) its already a hot favorite with many…

Zoobi Doobi~ Shreya Ghosal Sonu Nigam – after a long time both my fave singers together,…and the song is simply out of this world… personally I loved it… it has the old filmy effect to it… and a waltzy feel to it.. like the songs of shankar jaikishen and laxmikant pyarelaal…simply marvelous… and sonu and shreya are over the top… one moment she’s crooning like a nightingale and the next moment she’s oozing oomph… hard to picture her with oomph I knw but she’s simply out of this world… the song is very peppy and foot tapping…

Behti hawa~ Shan and Shantanu moitra – it’s a soulful ballad…it’s a song filled with emotions and pathos.. Shan has excelled completely… Full marks on the bringing out the emotions to the hilt… ur remembering someone and yet u smile on those Masti tht u did… yep that’s how the song goes and Shan has performed it beautifully… all you melody lovers are sure to like this one..

Give me some sunshine~ Suraj jagan and Sharman Joshi –  new singer on the block… well sung… welll written lyrics…music is awesome… complete guitar music… maaannn… I love guitar renditions… I can guarantee this is gonna end up being an anthem for all those beaten by work and career… what with lines like
Saari umr hum mar marke jee liye
Ek pal tho Hume jeene do jeene do
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again
Maaann… m already humming this all the time… haye wo bachpan ke din.. Wo ped pe chadna.. wo matargashti karna… baaahhh… 😥  this song’s getting me nostalgic maaan…

Jaane nahi denge tujhe~ Sonu Nigam – another slow melodious number… This one starts sounding like  the song tum bin..But then when Sonu hits the higher plateau maannn…its breath-taking…. The beats and music is awesome it hits you completely…atleast it did that to me 😕 Lovely number i must say…

Zoobi Doobi Remix~ Sonu & shreya – I dunno why m partial to songs that I like the original and I end up liking the remix too 😛 yep this is even more foot tapping and even end up shaking my head wen this start… 😳 this one’s more on the couples dancing material… something for a tango or a cha cha cha while the original is more of a waltz material.. Since this is a tad faster.. This is more suitable for tango/cha cha cha stuff.. J

Aal is well Remix~ sonu & Swanand –  this is even more cooler than the original… cos it has some rap and superb beats… lots of english lyrics strewn in ..But equally well rendered… I liked it personally..With the same crazy lyrics and awesome beats… it’s a remix in pretty much all its sense… I love it 😀 and I loved the kukduku in the start and the middle… awesome and no this is not like the other remixes where they only increase the pace of the songs… they seem to have redone the music pretty much…and its nt jus the music thts loud,..The singer’s rendition complements the music…
Overall I give it a 4/5… can’t give full marks… somehow,… I don’t think it’s all that great but then I think its def a good listen…esp for Zoobi Doobi and Give me some sunshine…err.. Aal is well and Behti hawa too 🙂
Jeeeezzz… I mentioned all the songs 😳
Nonetheless guys def try this one… it’s not a bad listen…and after a long time I get to listen an album full of Sonu Nigam and im def not complaining…
Do you see me with a sad/angry face ….???(Jeeeezzz I sound like Geet from Jab We Met now 🙄 )
Naaahiieee Na… See I told ya im not complaining I love sonu 🙂
Do check it out guys…
Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:

I Love you Paa.

 I love you Paa..

Naaah naa..

This aint no confession or proclamation of my love for Hrithik… 😈

But rather this is a music review of the movie Paa.

If there has ever been any album that has me yearning for more…err.. Baring Kurbaan that is.. Pa comes first in that list.. Kurbaan closely following suit…

Love this Album… if I were to recommend my fave album of the year… im sure Pa. would be the first…

Ilayaraja excels as usual… but like CheeniKum most of the songs were remake of his own old creations…except maybe just 1 which is an original creation in this movie…. Ever heard of the phrase “Old Wine in a New Bottle ” 😉

That’s South Indian songs in Hindi 😛

So let’s get the ball…errr…review rolling…

Mudi mudi ~ Shilpa Rao – This song has 3 versions and all 3 are completely awesome wondrous and an instant hit… the lyrics of the song is somewhat tongue twister-ish but nonetheless the song is simply mind blowing… one of the best in the album… You tend to take an instant liking to the song… well… im already humming the song all the time and im glued to the album… move over Kurbaan, APKGK et all… this song has an Mohanam influence to it… though not exact but u can see a hint of ninnukori varanam (agni natchatiram)..Lovely song… m just stuck to it.. .and with 3 versions.. That’s the only thing going on in my mind…

Halke se Bole~ Children… very cute to hear…  it does sounds pretty much like a heartbreaking song… it has a gloomy effect to it… but it’s a nice listen toooo… This again is an old tune Puttham Puthu kaalai from Alaigal Oyivathillai… Two more info – the original song didn’t feature in that film and remained in the cassettes alone. Balki, the director of ‘Paa’, who was making ad films before, used this tune for Kissan Jam ads.

Gum sum Gum~ Bhavatharini, Shravan &Chorus… a very appealing piece..The music is simply charming… you just want to keep hearing again n again… this one again is a remake of an old tune “thumbi va” from a Malayalam movie Olangal… also Sunday ko from a film called Aur Ek Prem Kahani

Lovely song this one is… if you have heard the originals and liked it you might def like this one too.. Somewhere in between the music orchestrations remind me of Mouna Raagam…melodious song and this too might soon become everyone’s favorite..

Gali Mudhi~ Shaan – this is the male version of the song.. This one again has a compassionate yet a touch of grief to it… this seems like one of those numbers where the Actor is reminiscing the past..This is slower in pace compared to the previous one… but definitely an alluring song… Shaan has done complete justice to this song 🙂 In certain places he does remind me of Kumar Sanu… but he excels far better compared to Kumar Sanu…

Hichki Hichki ~ Sunidhi at her best.. These are the kind of songs I expect her to sing.. With her voice modulation and IR’s lilting melodious tunes… it’s a wonder if you don’t like the songs 🙄  I must say her voice modulations in this particular song seems to give a life to the songs.. The variations… the whispers.. The huskiness… simply marvelous…the lyrics are simply superb… but somehow I guess this song is picturised wen Vidya Balan is impeding Abhishek from telling something(some truth I believe) to AB in the movie.. ESP wen u hear lines like

Jaane do naa… jeene do naa

Jeene se roko nahi jaane do naa

Jaane Na wo… Janega tho

Jeeyega aise jaise koi saza

Hastha hai wo kyuki tune abhi kuch Na kaha

Baathon mein hi baton se tu baton ko Na badha

Hothon ki baatein kabhi hothon se jaaye nahi

Hothon pe rehne do Na jaan…

Hats off to Swanand Kirkire… lovely lyrics… and awesome song.. This I guess is the only Fresh piece in this album… though it has an old-heard-before feel to it…

Udhi udhi Ittefaq se ~ Shilpa Rao… another version of the same song… just like the previous 2 this one is magnificent too… Gosh im running out of adjective to express the songs 🙄  …

Mere paa~ Amitabh Bachchan – Save the best for last they say… and yes this according to me is the most endearing song of the album… its jus sooo cute… and it touches the heart-strings… if ever a song has moved me to tears.. This one did..esp the lyrics.. They def need a mention here… read this….

Dikhne mein jhansi ki rani hai paa
sachchi mein meri maa, darpok hai paa
sabka dar chutki mein bhagati hai paa
par sachhchi mein thoda sa ghabrati hai paa
raat ko soti hai
batti na bujhati hai..
Full light on!
Picture mein bhoot dikhe
aankhen band karti hai
khush hoon main tu uske sath hai paa.

Just sooo heartwarming … if ever a child wud sing something like this to their parents.. I’m sure the parents would be proud parents.. And their hearts swelled with pleasure, happiness, pride and yet love.. Love of another kind.. Love that’s touching.. Love.. Unconditional love of parents… aaahh… 😥

M sorry.. .But trust me this is the kind of song that is gonna tug to ur heart strings and play a music.. Music so different.. That u might jus wanna hug the child singing.. Heyyy… that reminds me… AB the singer.. .Awesome… incredible… astounding.. How he has managed to sing in a voice like that im astonished.. I simply don’t have words to express… He needs a standing ovation for this song…

Paa Theme~ if ever there came a movie theme that’s simple awe-inspiring Paa it is… I have already set it as my ringtone 😀  its simply splendid… atleast I loved it… the violin nuances, the usage of the word “Pa” perfect I must say..

Aaahh…. What an album… 🙂

How I just wish there were more songs herein..? 😐

Unlike albums like APKGK which have unnecessary songs..

Here we are just left thirsting for more…. 😥

People please buy the album, download it…whatever but please don’t miss it…

You will thank me…   😀

Eh… 😯

Ok… If not thanking me… 🙄

But atleast u wont regret it 😀

I rate it a 4.5/5 (the negative 0.5 only cos there are fewer songs 😦  (I wannnntttt moooooreeeeee…..)

Keep Rocking..!! Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Blogging…!!!

Cheerios :mrgreen:


Since I have never been much of an IR fan though I like quite a number of his songs.. But somehow… I’m not as much of a fan of him as I am of ARR, SEL and VS (whose songs I generously download n listen to)

A special note of thanks to Aravindan  who was kind enough to take some time out and helping me with the old tunes.. Where I was utterly baffled and went astray as to which songs/movies they belonged to… Though I did have inklings which were…errr… erroneous… but had it not been for his help I think I wud have been completely lost and the review wouldn’t have included the details it has now… Thanks a ton Aravindan 🙂