~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~


I sat there waiting by the moon

Dreaming a dream that makes me swoon

Of soft satin sheets and fluffy pillows

A chill through veins when the wind bellows

Cuddling close to feel warm

As I lay there in your arms

Souls entwined like knotted twine

Lost in our love so divine

Fingers gently contouring a trace

As I stare into your tranquil face

Dreamy eyed you gaze at me

Skipping a beat my heart’s a’flee

A gentle touch inflames my cheek

Poof! Goes my sanity at peak

Your caresses sending down shivers

My voice lost in raspy whispers

As strong arms encircle my waist

Goosebumps stir up, passion interlaced

Butterfly touches, fiery kisses

Silken lips and passionate hisses

Crumpled sheets with love so pure

As if an addiction without a cure

Yes I’m lost in the dream that makes me swoon

Sitting there glossy eyed staring at the moon


Pic Courtesy – taken from DeviantArt

~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~









~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~


Sometimes I am up

Sometimes I am down

Sometimes I just trip

And tumble around


Sometimes I take left

Sometimes it’s right

Sometimes I do nothing

But just sit up tight

I am lost, so lost… 


I wonder where am from

I wonder where I’ll go

I wonder what will happen

If I completely let go


I don’t like where I am

I don’t know where to go 

I just know that I am 

Nowhere that I know

I feel lost, so lost..


I wish was fine

I wish I was better

I wish never just sat around

Fuming and fretted


I feel like m music

I feel like a song

That’s been put in a loop

And played for long

I am lost just lost


I don’t know what I like

I don’t know if I would love

I don’t know how my life

Would chart out


All I know is I’m alive

All I know is I’m living

And I just manage to get 

Along thriving! 

I still feel lost, so lost!!!