Baat Not Pakki…!!!

Toh Baat pAkki…

When a movie touts of Tabu dioing a comic role it sure captures attention.. atleast mine..

And sigh..!! me being me.. downloaded the songs.. and soweeeee 😥

I profusely sincerely honestly completely apologise  to put u guys through the torture..

But continuing my usual Samaaj Seva (Social Service – YO! ME SAINT ME 😀 ) here’s the review


Dil le jaa – jassi Javed ali, indee, shilpa rao –  anice funky punju number.. like all Punjabi numbers this one def has u shaking a leg.. nodding your head.. for the melodies wonly plees..kindly ignore 😛 I personally liked this one… this one’s a tru blu wedding swinger in the making.. CERTIFIED BARE-ABLE

Jis Din Mika –  mika seems to have taken bollywood by storm off late.. not that im a fan.. sooweeee no thanks.. I prefer his elder bro anytime.. but he seems to be getting good numbers actual… I saw the video of this one before I downloaded it.. and Sharman and Tabu intrigued me enough to download this one.. well its def not a bad listen.. another Marriage number I wud say 🙂 CERTIFIED BARE-ABLE

Jis Din remix –Mika – this is the kind of remixes I hate.. where all they do is increase the pace of the song.. add in a few rap lyrics in between.. but nothing remade-redone nothing.. CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Karle mujse pyar – rana soham pritam – I’m not sure if this is a remake of any other foreign song or no.. but trust me this is a sure winner.. I’m sure many are gonna like this.. this is on the lines of tu hi meri shab hai and kya mujhe pyar hai.. they mite be flicked from somewhere but u still love them..the guitar interludes like all pritam songs… are breath-taking.. so copied or not this ones a CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Phir se – Sonu – I don’t need a reason to put this one on my MUST LISTEN list.. but then being the SAINT ME 😀 I still provide u my insight on this one.. it starts with a real peppy pace.. this has an old world charm to it.. as in like the 90s songs feel to it.. but it’s a nice breezy number.. and sonu’s voice is like chocolate melting in ur mouth the moment u pop it in…yep trust me.. gosh its superbbb….. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE..

Phir se remix – I hate remixes.. and this the typical types that I don’t like.. so COMPLETELY MISSABLE

Aarthi – antara mitra – wen they are using the age old Aarthi Om jai Jagadish and not offering it even in a new way.. why bother to make a new singer do it.. might as well have used an old tape of the Aarthi.. CERTIFIED MISSABLE

Dil Le  jaa – remix – pathetic remixes as usual COMPLETELY MISSABLE


1/5 only one song really worth it Karle Mujse Pyar,, Phir SE is good only cos of SONU.. but jus 2 tracks don’t maketh an album.. so guys jus download just Karle Mujhse Pyar.. Listen to Phir Se and then decide whether you wanna download it or not… and the remaining.. just forget it…. I wonder I bothered to waste my bits and bytes downloading them 😦



That’s it from Megzone..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Barbaad Huaaa…!!!

My good friend Raj..happens to have watch Kurbaan over the past weekend… and he was completely aghast at the outcome of the movie..

He hated… found it a worthless piece of s**t.. 🙄

In his own words “it was a complete waste of time, energy and money” 😳

Saif looks old n tired

Kareens looks yuck

Other than getting the screen fired

The movie makes u duck* (duck under the seat)

If u watch if from the second row

U pray the roof falls down

The scenes make you twitch ur brow

The actors are comparable to clown

One of the friends’ dont come

And we’re left with a ticket free

The movie’s such a bumm

That ppl don wanna see even w/o a fee

well..this was over an OCS conversation so I kinda tweaked it to seem poetic 😛

yeaa i know… sooo typically mee 😀

After this debacle of a review from him and another sad review from a mumbai office mate of mine who also spent 240 bucks at a multiplex to catch it over the weekend… I dedicate this Parody of the title track Kurbaan Huaa from this movie to all those poor souls who watched it 😉

Barbaad huaa…

Ye movie dekh ke yun..

Barbaad huaa..

Theatre mein jaake yun..

Direction mein, Story mein, screenplay mein hua…

Tujhko badduaa di, aur gali bhi..

Par bezaar huaa…

Barbaad huaa..

Actors’ pe, scenes pe, script pe..

Barbaad huaaaaaaa….

Anjaam  ka sabab maangta rahaa movie bhar..

bhagne ko tho dil pal men raazi huaa..

Aafat bani har arzoo har khwahish meri..

Ke tum shuru huye, waheen main khatam huaa..

Barbaad huaa..

I have only used the last para of the song… cos the song was loooonggh.. 🙄

And i for one dint wanna bore you with too much ona busy midweek day like today….. 😀

I had promised Raj a movie review…typical Megs Style…well that shall follow definitely.. 🙂

Cos no matter wat the review I still wanna see wat made the Filmy Trade Pundits give it a 4-5 Star Rating… 🙄

I hope you guys enjoyed this parody too 😀

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:


For those who havent heard the song…Or have no clue on the Lyrics…

 Here’s the Link to the actual lyrics of the song..

Kurbaan Hua