Very Badmash but not Badly Mashed..!!

Awrighty insane title I know… but that’s how I felt when I came outta the theatre watching my darling Shahid in action… Aawww… he’s such a such.. I mean such an uber-sexilicious avatar… looking hot and cute and sweet… and yes acted bloody brilliant too…

It’s an all in all fundooo movies… perfect PAISA VASOOL types… I remember back to back 3-4 Bloggers watching it over this weekend and updating their Facebook status with the movie info 😀

And I must say the responses were the same… “awesome” “Fultoo” “fundoo” “dhinchakk” (errr…the last one was me indeed 😳 )

Wattay movie… Aawww maann… simply fantastic… and for a first time director definitelya it’s a well thought well planned movie… the storyline though a tad clichéd but the treatment is the director’s touch and I have to give it to Parmeet Sethi for coming with a complete commercial masala entertainer…

The acting…

Anushka – a super waste non-required part of the movie… acting wise she’s ok… in some places she sounds like an over-chirpy version of Kajol (kabhi khushi kabhi gham).

The so called electric chemistry and err… whatever… was completely null… infact it looked so fake and put on… As Sree said in his FB status she looks like Shahid’s elder sister… (Thanks Oi laalten 😀 u made my day with that 😉 )

Her effort in trying to look sexy and voluptuous was to no avail… her face of a 30yr old and body of an 18yr old made her look ghastly on screen.. She’s not made for these kinda roles

Vir das – very good acting… Infact in some places he stole the show from Shahid too.

Meiyang Chang – now he was a shocker… new he sang well… even rooted for him on Indian Idol… never knew he could act pretty well too… and the chini-indi fight between him and Vir das sometimes was really cute..

Shahid – superb… fun, suave, debonair errr sexy too 😛

This was an all out Shahid movie… his perfect place to display his histrionics from bubbly chirpy to crying even when he cries he looks cute 😀 the scenes where the success gets into his head.. The confrontation with his dad in the start and the end… too good…

After JWM and Kaminey this has to be his best performance…

The dialogues…

Oh maann… some dialogues were really awesome and they stand out…

Ok I don’t wanna give out spoilers though my devilish mind wants me too but im sorry couldn’t help it…

*Spoiler Alert*

Anushka’s dialogue on “YE BAAT NAI KARTE” ROFL-icious 😆

Shahid’s – “mere mehnat se Meri Company ya boss ko fayeda nai hona chahiye, mujhe hona chahiye” – super punch..

Vir  –  “ Oi chini bevde” the most used line in the movie but the line that stood out was the answer he gives Shahid before the split and the one he gives to make up “Linda ko main sambhaal loonga”

Chang –  loved the end dialogue “yaar boriyat ho gayi hai ab karte hai”

The Bleeding madras and MJ twist was simply superb…


Overall loved the movie.. The songs are apt in tandem with the movie.. You can read my music review of Badmash Company here. Sadly the title song comes only at the end while running the credits. Jingle Jingle and Fakeera rock completely.. the theme and positioning of Fakeera was apt.

It’s definitely a CERTIFIED MUST WATCH movie.. I give it a good 3.5-4/5 rating.. and for those who were tortured with the recent offerings of Phoonk and Housefull you can def make it a 4.5/5 😉

Do watch it guys.. This Badmash is definitely not to be missed…. 😀

Badmash Company ~ NOT Bad(ly)mash(ed) indeed..!!

OK chuck the title…. I was just trying to add some zing…

and yes i knw im super duper late with the movie completely geared up to release…

Well well after hrithik how can I leave my Shahid out…. 😉

Haan… temme temme…

And now that the movie is up for release and my Shahid loooookkkks uber-sexilicious 🙂

The promos look promising.. What with Shahid and his various make-ups and gigs..

Errrmmm… ok lemme get back to the music review of the movie… this review specially dedicated to Shammeer bhai who has been continuously reminding me about it 🙂

Well Badmash Company makes up for a Timepass listen..

As the name suggests the songs only complement the title of the movie by lots of breezy funky fast paced numbers..

Special mention of Raahat Fateh Ali Khan’s rendition Fakeera – which is an awesomefreakinglicious number… chaska and ayashi as the names suggest are complete fundooo numbers.. For serious music lovers I think Fakeera would be the only treat.. The title song – Badmash Company is equally a merry number..The starting sounds reminiscent of some english song… then there is Jingle Jingle for the Mohit Chauhan Fans… yes yes the song seems to a masakali kinda number but yes def not anywhere near Masakali.. But definitely a good listen… Over all not bad at all..


Now for a detailed review:


Ayashi KK – if there was one funky attitude-ey song for someone who is completely bindaas and fun.. It has to by this song… the music and the lyrics simply complement each other.. Ofcourse a perfect song for the wannabes and those who want to add some oomph attitude to them… and yes I loved it completely simply cos of it foot-tapping, head nodding music and catchy lyrics… so this one’s a CERTIFIED LISTENABLE..

Fakeera Raahat Fateh Ali Khaan – the moment the song starts you know that it has something to offer to you.. Yes indeed.. And with Raahat bhai singing.. This one is THE BEST in the album.. And the lyrics almost philosophical and yes this is one of those songs that has you hooked to it the moment you listen to it.. Though the music is in tandem with the mood of the movie/other songs.. Arthaarth (meaning) a bit fast paced with ample usage of guitar.. To hear Raahat bhai is a complete treat to the ears.. Albeit the peppiness in the song.. Raahat’s crooning adds the much needed zing… Im sure anyone who listens to this is gonna be hung-ho about it for sure.. The liberal usage of aalaps and taranas makes it most-definitely-has-to-be CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Chaska krishna and Uri – its one fundooo song.. Completely catchy.. I mean wat else can you expect with a title like CHASKA.. It is obviously a fun dhinchaak dikchik number…..the music is yes indeed cute to listen.. The music brings in the complete fun and frolic mood to the song.. With a slight classical and use of Indian-ness base to it.. Makes it a good listen.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Badmaash Companybenny dayal MG Sreekumar –  well the starting itself gives the song an eeriness equivalent to those typical mafia/gangsta kinda feel to it. The lyrics and the opening lines also add to the typical effect ala Smooth Criminal/Dhantenan types… where the music decides and creates the mood of the songs.. The lyrics interspersed with words like ae saale lafange.. Dedh-shaane.. Etc these kinda uplifts the whole Badmash effect to the song 😉 so to me this is definitely CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Jingle Jingle Mohit Chauhan Devi Sri Prasad – this is one helluva cute number.. It will grow on u slowly.. And for the loyal Mohit Chauhan fans yes pretty much a treat… Pritam has tried to re-create a masakali/Ibn e batuta effect.. But hasn’t managed to pull it off that well.. But that does not mean that the song falls flat on its nose.. Nopes.. It still makes up to be worth listening thanks to Mohit and his twang-ish voice.. The lyrics is a complete HINGLISH.. Well most songs in this movie are HINGLISH adding a bit of rap here n there.. So this one’s a super listen too… CERTIFIED MUST LISTEN

Ayashi remixKK – if the original was fast this is faster… and yes if that was head nodding at the speed of one nod per 3seconds.. This is one nod per second… sounds funny naa.. But trust me it is indeed so..

It’s a fun number.. But somehow in comparison of the original this is slightly better.. But the one thing that has me bamboozled is why KK pronounces it as “AYASEE” instead of “AYASHI” 🙄 wonder why.. Nonetheless definitely CERTIFIED LISTENABLE

Chaska remixKrishna – like the previous remix this one also is one of those pub-ly dance numbers.. The kind of groovy songs that would have the crowds moving on the dance floor.. And for the listeners…. Only more head nodding and foot tapping both proportional to pace of the song… In some places though the singer reminds me of HIMESH Reshammiya… wonder why… 🙄 esp wen he dint sound so in the original.. Music mein gadbad kar di kyaa.. 😕 Overall a good listen.. CERTIFIED LISTENABLE..


So overall the album makes up for a good listen… when you are travelling and reading a book and jus need some background music..But not the kind of songs which would make u sit and listen to the songs.. But rather those that don’t disturb your reading speed or bother you in anyway but jus provide the background noise in the form of music.. This album is IT.. Cos except for FAKEERA and maybe JINGLE JINGLE you wouldn’t notice wen the other songs pass by.. all you would be doing is nodding your head and reading.. J

So if you’re a self confessed book-o-holic plus music-o-maniac like me who can’t do away with either esp while travelling.. And if you manage to get a very interesting book which seeks complete undivided attention and u cant not listen to music but don’t want the songs to disturb you…. This is the Album for you.. You can simply play it on and nod your head to the beats and give your darling book the much needed exclusive attention it requires.. 😛

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: