A Deluge of Awards…!!

Its still summer time in india

And even before the heat has gathered its blazing flames.. I already have  downpour in my blog..

Yes it’s a super duper overflowing downpour of awards…

Its raining awards here 🙂  and you bet..!! im enjoying every minuscule moment of it… 🙂

So here’s presenting all the awards that all my sweet blogger friends have showered on me…

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS..!!!! This keeps me going and its an HONOUR indeed… 😀

First of all all the awards showered on me by the sweetest ever effervescent Jingle


First and foremost my PERFECT POET AWARD again,..!!!


My nomination goes to Trisha

Pink and purple is my Perfect Poet award..

Honoured by Jingle as my Poetic reward..

Encouraging and motivating with every post

Jingle plays the perfect Host..

Thank you dear for your unswerving zest..

Keep rocking dear cos you are the best 🙂


Most creative award..

Rules: Pass to 0-3 poets for each nomination:

Ok so here I pass this on to

Jingle her self – for bein the sweetest and bestest creative poet I have known

Raji –  for her sheer superb shape poetry

Trisha – for her superb poerty…


Outstanding blog award by jingle


to 0-? friends, this world needs love and encouragement.

I would like to present this to





Awesome Blog award


Rules: Pass it to 0-? Bloggers

I pass this on to





Award from Abder (wordwand)

Beautiful Blogger award 🙂

Since I have already showered this on a couple other I keep this with meself 😀


Award from Trisha

Your Blog Makes Me Smile Award…

You can keep it for yourself or share it, the choice is entirely yours.

I WANNA KEEP IT… eet ees sooo cuuutteee 😀


Award from Noha

Noha dear has presented me with a SPOTLIGHT award…


thank you sooo much dear noha.. 🙂

Rules, simple pass it to three (3) cute or beautiful blogger and let them know by commenting.

I would like to pass this one to


Vishu and

Abder – Wordwand


Award from Phalgunn

Cute phalgunn gave me a Happy 101 award… 🙂

Rules to accept this award:
1. Link to the person who gave it to you.
So here is a link to Phalgunn, my blogger friend who gave me this precious award!

2. List 10 things that make you happy.
So here is my list…

  1. Blogging
  2. poetry
  3. Music
  4. Dance
  5. Movies
  6. Reading
  7. Cooking
  8. Making friends
  9. Teasing/.troubling pulling my friends’ poor legs 😀
  10. Social networking


Award from Kiera

Kiera the sweetest gave me an honourable mention award

Kiera is also conducting the April month – National Poetry month at her blog..

You can join her by just writing a poem a day 🙂

Kiera calls me Spunky lil monkey… that was soooo cute Kiera.. love you for that mention 😀

Thank you soo much dear and I keep this for myself 😀


Phew..!!! whattay downpour I say 😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rockin..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Happy and Beautiful Blogger Buddies…!!

Wondering whats with the title…?? 🙄

well as I have said before..

The stars seem to be in perfect alignment and harmony with each other.. cos I have been showered with awards galore for the past 2-3 weeks..

And it has been a great honour acccepting and passing on the love and honour but it also makes you aware that you and your efforts are being noticed… Which in turn only motivates you to write more and come out with better stuff,..

So all those who have honoured me with the awards.. A BIG THANK YOU..!!!

Here are the awards I have recieved..

Jingle being the sweetest and most motivating blogger-poet that she is.. has continually motivated me with awards..

And this time to along with Lalten-Sree , Both have presented me with the HAPPY AWARD…

Sree has presented me here – http://sreeramshenoy.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/awards-galore-congrats/

and Jingle has presented me here – http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/02/26/more-happy-award-among-friendship-circle/

Rules to accept the award:

1: Link to the person who gave it to you,

2. List 10 things that make you happy,

3. Pass it on to 10 happy bloggers.

4. Notify the nominees about this Happy Award.

So here are 10 things that make me happy 🙂

> Blogging – writing especially poems gives me immense pleasure and def a sense of satisfaction

> Music – listening to music.. i simply love music.. I’m eternally glued to my ipod

>Reading – i love reading.. pref chic-lits else thrillers and mysteries

>Helping friends – I generally end up playin the agony aunt to most of my friends.. and i must say at the end of the day the amount of mental satisfaction and gratification that i get by just listening to them and giving them wat i feel is sound advice/rationally right gives me immense happiness

>movies – i love watching movies.. and i can practically sit glued to  movies for hours on end and im jus happy with it 🙂

>dANCING – to me its not only a stress buster and an artform that i love.. at the end of a routine/rendition i just feel happy.. Its jus elating to have danced 🙂

>travelling/nature – i love the nature and hence i love travelling..albeit i dont get much time or places to do,.. but a mere office travelling too enjoyin the scenery that it has to offer makes me happy 🙂

>rains – i love the rains.. there is something about the rains that makes me happy.. for me monsoon is the best season of all 🙂

>kids- playing with them is the best part… seeing them giggle can make anyone happy  and me the happiest 🙂

>last but not the least my FRIENDS –  nothing but a good chat with a friend can lighten up the days and brighten up the sad days 😀

Raji my Poem-guru, fellow blogger and fun-mate  has presented me with an award called Buddy Blogger..

Thank you sooo much Princess… She’s the queen of Shape poetry 🙂

There are no RULES for BLogger Buddy Awards…

I would like to pass on Both the awards to the following bloggers : (Cos they are all not only my blogging buddies but also very good bloggers…love you guys 🙂 )

1. Hitesh

2. Pallav

3. Arpit

4. Moondai

5. Sandhya

6. Naveen

7. Ashu

8. Nishita

9. Partha

10. Nethra

Congratulations people 🙂

you guys deserve it all 🙂

The BLOGGER BUDDY AWARD ALSO GOES TO JINGLE.. FOR BEING THE SWEETEST BLOG_POET and who motivates me to re-invent myself with poetry for her THURSDAY RALLY

The next award was showered to me by Moondai… Thank you so much dear 🙂

Rules to Accept the Award:

  1. Thank the person giving you this award.
  2. Copy the award to your blog
  3. place a link to their blog
  4. Name 7 tidbits people don’t know about you from reading your blog.
  5. Nominate 7 Bloggers.
  6. Place a link to those Blogger.
  7. Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

7 things to know about me…

1>I’m a choco-freak.. anything chocolatey and i love it 🙂

2> I hate smokers..

3> i hate coffee.. I cannot for nuts tolerate the hot coffee smell…

4>the only forms of coffee i can tolerate are Cold Coffee, Coffee Icecreams and coffee flavoured chocolates

5> I have a fetish for dark chocolates 🙂

6> I am a bookaholic… i can read a book in 1-2 days(errr… i mean books of 200+ pages :P)

7> I am trained in Classical Dance – Bharatnatyam 🙂

I would like to award these to








Congratulations all 🙂

Spread the love and spread the honours…..

Keep Smiling…!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!