I Love Being Single..!!

Almost Single…!!

What happens when you’re in your late 20s with every nanosecond taking you closer to the terrifying thirties…?

When in every call all your momma talks about is marriage… When all your cousins, far-fetched relatives…even the relatives next door neighbor’s grand uncle’s daughter’s niece has got married and your still single.. Awright the last line was a slight exaggeration 🙄 so what… But that’s what this is all about  😀

You live in Delhi with the only sole solace being your 2 thicker than thick friends…they are the only ones who brighten up your ladies single nights out at the snazziest clubs… Each of you stuck in the same rut waiting for a divine intervention or a miracle for a funny-idiotic-never happens to me- thing called LOVE… in short you’re in search of your perfect soul-mate…

And worst of all… you know you are big bodied-(that’s how aisha calls herself—why do I relate myself to this 😛 ) and getting guys who are single and 30+ is like searching a needle in haystack or worse.. Searching a needle in a barn 😀

What happens when due to some divine intervention and some Swami Ka aashirwad… you finally glimpse at the perfect Adonis of your life… only neither is the moment right nor is the situation… What happens when he makes sure you accompany him almost everywhere he needs company only to introduce you to what-u-think could be a potential competitor… What happens when his cousin mistakes you to be one of those freaks who pick up gals not only for a man but also for herself…?

Amidst all this you also have Mumma, maasi (aunty) and cousin sister troubling you with innumerable questions on “are you even gonna get married”…

When your Adonis finally does ask you… Your are just too awestruck and numb to reply… and like all books and stories in the end it’s always a HAPPY Ending..!! 😀

Cos dint SRK say “if it’s not a happy ending it means the movie is yet to end 🙂 ”

This is the story of Aisha Bhatia… The book Almost Single by Advaita Kala..

Awesome… mind-blowing… and simply marvelous…sexy… sassy… a supersplendofantabulous book 😀

I’m running out of adjectives to describe this one… Though it’s a Chic lit, I assure you even guys can read this 🙂

It’s simply endearing and depicts the predicament of a typical nearing-30-still-single female… who faces the trauma from the typical Indian Society which has a stigma for women who are above the age of 25 and still single… mocking at your dressing tastes, nature, behavior, even to the extent of wondering if you’re really straight.. Sigh!! Nonetheless this is not wat the book is about… its jus a nice feel-good… humorous take into the life of Aisha Bhatia 😀 and I guess any of you singletons out there are sure to relate to her predicament J

Rock on guys go ahead and buy the book… I loved it so much that I wud say it’s a perfect un-put-down-able book 😀

4/5 from me 😀 and yes CERTIFIED MUST READ


Im keeping up my word of more book reviews 😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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Cheerios…!!!  :mrgreen:

I love this DeViL..!!!

Devil in Pinstripes..

NOTE: Sorry for the laaaaatteeeeeee review.. this has been sitting on my drafts for a loong time now.. Its been a month since I finished the book but the review has taken all its time to come to open… Sorry  Mr.Ravi 😦

After a super book called If God Was A Banker, continuing the Banking Legacies is Devil in Pinstripes..

I have enjoyed Ravi Subramanian’s writings immensely… to such an extent that he goes right there to my list of must-buy-authors.. well the others gracing that list include Mary Higgins Clark, Sophie Kinsella, Jeffry Archer, Chetan Bhagat and a few others 🙂

Well, as with IF GOD WAS A BANKER, this one too travels into the current doings of NYB – New York International Bank… If the previous book was a  80s-90s era where everyone was good albeit with its own dose of sycophancy and office politics et all.. in the end it was a case of all’s well that ends well.. wherein the protagonists turns a new leaf thanks to the supporting good characters.. It would be wrong to say that this is an exact opposite sequel to  that one.. but yes in more than many ways,… this book was a stark opposite to IGWAB(the prev book.. the title’s too long..sooowwwweeeee 😥 ) the protagonist here is basically a good guy who imbibes a few grey shades(I wouldn say black.. cos he was never harsh or mean or game-playing types) from his peers and seniors…

So here we travel into the life of Amit and Chanda… Amit an ambitious typical-good-boy with his head firmly above his shoulders.. With the right kind of degrees and qualifications.. Married to Chanda a career-oreinted girl whose career in bio-technology are thwarted by her orthodox parents with cultural roots.. Amit chooses NYB in stead of another illustrious high pay package job just cos of Aditya’s provoking speech… Aditya  Bhatnagar – the perfect chess player in terms of NYB.. I wouldn’t refer to him by the designation he holds in the story basically cos what he does is positions his players accordingly where at the end of the day he wins Fair N Square… Enter Gowrishankar –  a scheming political game player who makes sure everyone’s aligned to him and works in tandem with him.. those who defy lose terribly personally and professionally.. Manish Kakkar – a saintly soul with no hassles about anything at all.. just does his work and keeps mum.. it was only towards the end that his real traits did come forth…

Each one of these (baring Chanda ie. ) are the Devil in Pinstripes… and how or what they do is what the story is all about…

After IGWAB this was a perfect dose of drama required.. at many places it was more than gripping.. there were days when I wud doze off with the book basically cos I wud wanna knw wat happens next..

So overall I can say this book is a MUST READ for all you bookworms like me out there… Thank you Mr.Ravi for such a wonderful treat… 🙂

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Shopaholic Ties a Knot~Book Review

Shopaholic ties a knot..

Finally I finished the 3rd book in the shopaholic series..i simply love chick-lits..

They are just fun.. you can relate to the characters in more than many ways.. its reality mixed with fiction in the perfect sense.. and hence I love reading them and can never get enough of them…

So in this third book, the reader travels with Becky Bloomwood to New York where she’s working as a Personal Shopping Assistant at Barneys.. She has finally found love (albeit in the previous book) in Luke and they both live in a swanky yet simple in many terms in Manhattan…  the book starts with Suze’s wedding and ends with  becky’s… Becky’s life is not just bein shopaholic but its real-life-ish cos she has this problem not not bein able to say NO to people.. She can upfront say NO or disappoint anyone.. She cant be mean like Alicia Bitch Long-legs Billington(as becky calls her).. So torn between 2 weddings both organized on the same day and not being able to say NO to both of them.. She’s torn between a high profile fantasy wedding at the Plaza hotel and a wedding arranged with lots of love care and affection by her parents in Oxshott UK.. She cant put off the Plaza wedding for the fear of facing a law suit and penalty of  $100,000 and she cant put off the Oxshott wedding cos it means a lot to her parents…

In between her BF-Fiance’s mid-life crisis and an 4 week emergency delivery of her best friend.. throws Becky into a whirlwind of things that she cant even dream of sorting out… She prays and hopes for a miracle to take place to solve all her problems.. and how she manages to scrape thru with a double wedding that only people can dream of and manages to put her husband’s back in order is applaudable..

It just gives us a motivation that no matter how down in doldrums you are.. you can always pull out of things with sheer determination..

The way the author has elaborated on the details of the New York Life and Manhattan Onceover as she calls it is pretty interesting… Suze’s actions of not going into delivery till Becky makes the call is applaudable yet a tad overboard.. I’m sure no friend in her right senses would do that.. Mid life crisis at 34…hhmmm… sounds a  lil unbelievable.. but shows the vulnerable side of Luke the prim and proper  no nonsense businessman.. this just gives an insight that men are like coconuts hard nut to crack but soft inside 😉

Baah..!!! bad comparison but nonetheless fits the purposeJ Michael and Laurel’s character are true blue sweethearts…  Nice book … Worth a reading.. not just for the Chick –Lit part but simply cos it’s a book for light reading and its fun.. 😀

I’m wondering if they would make it into a movie..?? 🙄

And if they do I already have 2 candidates for the Elinor Sherman role – either the Fiona Shaw who came as Mrs.Dursley or the Beauxbatons headmistress – Olympe Maxime enacted by  Frances De La Tour..!!!

As of now speculating and looking forward to more adventures of Becky Bloomwood-Brandon… 😀

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If GOD was a Banker…!!!

Once in your life you meet someone… who sees your talent and potential and grooms you…

Teaches you the ropes of the business/job.. And sometimes leaves you at it to see you perform and prove your mettle…

Sometimes they step in to the sidelines to see you take the stage and do wonders with your knowledge, talent and skills… you succeed.. You taste wins… you taste victory and triumph and when that slowly eats up the logical you and takes over the your brain… you don’t want to look at failures.. you forget humility and modesty to the extent that you snub the people who helped you get where you are… you stub over the toes of those very people who made way for you and held the lantern for your flourishing path…  you falter… they hold you.. They support you… when everything you touch turns to gold…every venture every step every risk brings with it undue adulation…then success gets to your head and your ego takes over the reins of your life..When you defy all ethics and morals and slave yourself to malpractices…  that’s when you step into a vicious twister that destroys not just you but everything and everyone around you…

And yet you have those who knew you since before all this.. When u were a mere mortal oozing with confidence and vibrancy… You snub them you stub them.. They suspect you for your egregious behavior and yet they don’t carp or crib…they never hold any negative thoughts  against you… no hard feelings.. for the sheer reason that they admire you for your self-driven approach and verve…

There comes a time in everyone’s life.. When their past(if they have one) comes to haunt them… especially when they are at their defenseless worst… when they are so down in the doldrums.. these very same people whom he had throttled and trundled below their feet come to their rescue… like the Knight in Shining Armour… like the light at the end of the tunnel… like an angel.. the Guardian Angel  sent from heaven above… and they save you… they give you back the life your deserved… with the only condition that you mend your ways and be truthful, honest, sincere and dedicated to your near and dear ones…

Yes… that’s the story of If God was a Banker… the book by Ravi Subramanian…

I know I maybe late in actually putting this up…considering that his latest offering Devil in Pinstripes is already out in the market and doing damn well too… but its better late than never.. especially with books.. its never too late.. 😛

I liked the book for simple reasons.. it was interesting and fast paced… no beating around the bush.. no stretching the story just for the heck of increasing the page counts…It’s a story of 2 protagonists… one whose hard working honest dedicated with his integrity intact come what may.. and the other falters on the ethical and veracity.. They both have a common God.. a friend philosopher guide.. and mentor.. who taught them the tricks of the trade… how they both flourish under him his protégés … how one continues to maintain his relations and how the other gives into devilish egocentricities and is later brought to ground by this very same GOD… and that’s why the title IF GOD WAS A BANKER..

It’s a book that rekindles our faith on Honesty Pays… that was also the motto on of the protagonists in the book.. He was honest.. He was the Good Guy..  the selfless friend who in spite of the fact that his old friend and colleague garrote him and treated him as an adversary, came forth to stand by his friend for old time’s sake… that’s friendship… and that’s the basic gist of the story… the very people we try to trample over are those who love us the most and care for us the most… The story of Good triumphing over evil… a story of corporate haraamkori (sycophancy).. office politics… choices between shortcuts to fame and growth on hand and the longer but safer truthful path..

Yes the book comes with its own share of sleaze show ala casting couch in banking industry… or should I say Banking Couch.. Ouch…!!! But yes… that’s one shortcut to progress in career… but a short-lived one too…it clearly signifies that there are people who would do anything.. Literally anything to get to the top and make others do the same too…  It describes how once a person gets the flavor of being the boss doing wrong and getting away with it… he only gets usurped deeper into shit.. soweeeeee for the use of words but then that’s the best way I can explain it 😉

At many places I found the book going the Master of the Game aka Sidney Sheldon way.. but I guess any book based on leading protagonists and their thirst for success would go the same way 🙂

 On a scale of 5 I would definitely give it a 4/5…

Good book.. Definitely worth a read…!!! 🙂

Dying to get my hands on Devil In Pinstripes..!!

That’s it from Megzone for now…

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Oh! Shit Not Again..!!

Now my offerings to humble souls (sounds like aiding the ill/ppl at deathbed?? Well ur reading my posts…aren’t you..?? It’s pretty much equivalent to the same )… of the Reading world… a Book review…

Mind you…!! My FIRST ever book review ……taaan tadaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn…………. 😀

Kkieekkieekkiee :mrgreen:

If you’re ready to jeopardize your sane mind…Go ahead…

If you don’t mind a lame concoction of crassness…friendship…and so called LOVE…Read on…

If you’re ready for a poor man’s version of Five Point Someone… Go Right Ahead….!!

If you like Chetan Bhagat….stop…!!

If you liked FPS…Stop Right There…!!!

And if you still cherish the book and have lovely memories of the same…Don’t even bother to get beyond this….!!!!!!!

Cos there’s nothing more than Trash in here…

Don’t tarnish those memories…!!

Well… if you have still managed to reach here and still wish to know what I’m talking about… Please READ AT YOUR OWN RISK..!!! Don’t complain…I’ve WARNED you already…

To start with I had heard quite a bit about this book… from booksellers…friends (who were unfortunate enuff to read this…well…Some did like it though…)

I even happen to overhear a gang of college goers discussing about this

Whatever kids these days are up to..?? 🙄

And welll…. I must admit the back cover intrigued me… And for me the back cover decides whether I read the book or no… (I guess most of us are like that…)

So after my first brush of interest with the back cover I went ahead and bought the book… but something in me prompted me to hit the local Bookstall-cum-Library rather than hitting Crosswords…!!

So I only got a second hand version for less than half tht price of the original…Well… my instincts do work over-time sometimes

Here’s presenting “OH! SHIT NOT AGAIN..!!” by Mandar Kokate

He’s a Civil Engineer turned writer… This is his first book and I guess it was FPS that might have inspired him…Cos I see a lot of influence of the Chetan Bhagat book in this…Well… there is nothing great about the Story… it more or less like a commercial masala film..Complete with love, friendship, chaos, grief, infidelity, comic and sexual interludes…welll Murder thrown in toooo..!!!

It’s a story of 5 friends Raj (the hero), Aarthi (his heroine), Seema and Andy (another love struck couple in the gang) and Sam (the trouble maker and victim of many troubles too). The story is set in their society in Pune…

The story mostly revolves around Raj whose father is transferred to Pune and he moves into the society where the other 4 already reside… Most of the story takes place just a couple of weeks before and during the 11 day grandeur of Ganesh Festival… The story starts with Raj moving in, getting introduced to the others and how pretty soon they all become thick friends… With the preparations towards the festival begins the love begins to blossom too… In Aarthi’s heart for Raj n vice versa and Seema for Andy… Sam is someone who generally is the trouble maker for Raj as he ends up coming to him exactly when there are some intimate moments with Aarthi… and he also creates some troubles himself too thru which Raj bails him out… During these preparations for the festival Raj proposes to Aarthi and she accepts meanwhile Andy proposes Seema and she too accepts… During one of the events in the 11day festival, Raj comes across Sejal, mother of Khushi, wife of Mr.Kapoor who is infidel to her…  She asks him to drop Khushi after the event and when he does she tries to seduce him… and when he runs away thinking abt Aarthi… She calls him the next day and explains her problem to him and wants to rope in Raj as her boyfriend so she can teach her cheating hubby a lesson… Well, Raj agrees and in the process they do end up falling for each other… When Mr.Kapoor confronts Raj and Sejal… they are both dumbfounded and helpless… Raj escapes to his house where he is being beaten up by goons and Sam for once saves him… Sejal seeks divorce from her hubby but he in turn tries to burn her alive, somehow she manages to escape his clutches and Raj helps her get a flat for some days… Meanwhile there is a murder in the society and since Raj was around the scene of the murder he’s taken into custody on suspicions…That’s the one and only time when Sam proves his true friendship and resolves the murder issue…meanwhile Sejal manages to obtain divorce and desires to elope with Raj, Raj too is ready… every one’s shaken with his decision and Aarthi is heartbroken…by the time Raj reaches home and expresses his desire to elope with Sejal and move to Nashik and convinces his parents about his decision he gets a phone call from Sejal’s cell only to find her house owner calling up to inform him Sejal and Khushi have consumed poison…. Sejal and Khushi leave his life leaving all her properties and money to him and he gets married to Aarthi and with Sejal’s money opens a Restaurant named “Sejal and Khushi” within a year after marriage Aarthi delivers twins who are again named Sejal and Khushi… Andy and Seema get married… Sam too manages to find a GF as hefty as him and manages to settle down in life..

That’s all…The End… nothing special…

The reason im nt too impressed with the story… is because the friendship and the sexual interludes seemed inspired by FPS…but Mandar has gone overboard with the concept of sexuality in adolescence/youth… it is completely atrocious and obnoxious to have your lead man in the story having his hormones run haywire everytime he seems a voluptuous woman… right from his maternal cousin to his house maid (and we blame Shiney Ahuja n the recent AXE man ) And someone who is ready to leave his GF Aarthi after sharing numerous intimate and magical moments jus to be the Knight in Shining Armour for a lady only cos she sends his hormones errant…

Its crappity crap…!! Dumb and downright dumb…it’s ok for a light read… but after enjoying stuff like 5 Point Someone and One Night at a Call Centre… reading this is downright derogatory to your sane mind… I’m glad my instincts worked well this time and I dint hit the Crosswords to get the original…

I saved around 90-100 bucks …. Like my Dad always lectured me ”A penny saved is a penny earned

Rejoice! Dad I made you proud I can put this 90/100 bucks to better use and get a saner book

Mind you I’m only presenting my point of view… The reason this is book is receiving flak from me is cos the initial pages gave me an expectation of something better ahead… but sadly the latter pages don’t live up to the expectations.. I guess Mandar is not only a Chetan Bhagat fan but also watches a lot of masala movies… imagine throwing in tragedy like Sejal’s death and a Murder amidst a youth book… And this being his first attempt at writing books he needs to brush up his writing skills biiigg time… welll I know many of you might even grumble “as if she is a good writer herself..Hhhmmmppfff… ask us how we jhelo-fy her stuff..?? but guys I don’t publish books now do I..??

I don’t even have an external blog (though I have many unsuccessful attempts at the same)… so I’m plain writing only for a few masses who do bother to read the mediocre stuff I write

Thank you guys…!!! I’m not complaining… please read and leave as many comments as possible…  😉 Hopefully someday I might turn a new leaf and write saner and better stuff

Cheerio guys..!! Do let me know you opinions…

ppsstt…. thats not the original book cover… i tried to reconstruct the same using powerpoint and paint as i wasnt gettin the original pic on google

bad google 👿