Oops…!! I Fell In Love…..

“jo dil mein taare waare de jagaa wo tu hi hai.. wo tu hi hai…”

Sree:  heyloooo… temme

She –  hiieee…wassup..??

Sree– reading re…just finished a book…nothing else.. You temme…

She – what re always reading.. You and ur books 🙄

Sree– what to do … Ur a beezee bee… you don’t have time to hang out with me…

She – stop flirting with me..

Sree–  I don’t flirt and you know that..

She – so what are you reading..

Sree– oops I fell in love..

She – what who when where why how… temme temme

Sree– Areee baba that’s the name of the book…

She – gosh..!! I thought you were serious… So whats the book about… I can make out it’s a love story but whats it like..

Sree– Areeee…With Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone… we have a lot of young blogger-writers-authors mushrooming in every corner of India… Each having a school/college tale to tell… And Harsh Snehanshu is no different.. He takes us into the IIT Delhi..  The life and adventures of IIT-ites with the funny little stupid thing called “love”.

She –  🙄 Elaborate please…

Sree – This book narrates the story of Kanav Bajaj…and his tryst with love…

She – gawwdd…… so whats different……

Sree – Kanav’s peculiar name and looks are destined to have him ridiculed.. Naah he’s no geek.. He’s just a normal lean guy with braces and spectacles… and women make him tongue-tied… Till..

She – till he fell in love eh… so typical… 🙄

Sree – areee… but what else do you expect in a book titled “oops I fell in love”.. But this one’s a tad diff in some ways

She – sigh…!!! Yaa so that’s it eh… that all the book is all about.. And who is this TILL… girl that he met..

Sree – Tanya… The love of his life… The angel who entered his heart and played such a tune with his heart-strings.. That he could not think of anything but her.

She – waah waah u shud be a poet u know… is that all… He met his life changed and that’s wat this one’s all about… 🙄

Sree – Noooo re… This love story is interspersed with the trysts of his hot-stud-roomy Aryan in search of his love.. And Anuj with his many travails of Nikita..Nitika… Niti and finally I believe Nikki… wonder wat was Anuj and his fixation for “N” girls…. 🙄 And then there is Sameer the motu in the gang..Not only does he have a lot of fat but also his fetish for philosophy in anything and everything.. Set in times when Orkut was booming and Facebook was yet to make its presence felt..

She – sheeeshh.. Again the same clichéd FPS kinda story of friends…

Sree – ya you can say that… and pretty much like that this too just follows the love story of Kanav.. only he doesn’t have to worry abt Tanya being a proff’s daughter but that she has a man-hater for a mother..

She – Whaaattt….??? What do you mean man-hater woman for a mother…??

Sree – I’m not givin away the story.. You can read it up if you want to..

She – nalaayak… tell me naa…

Sree – Nopes sorry… no ways.. I have already given you a gist of the book.. Can’t give out more details… read it.. Or if you want I can lend you mine.. We can meet that way… 😉

She – Flirtooo… so how would you rate it…

Sree – It makes up for a wonderful read.. A typical sluggish day with tea or juice by the side.. Music from the iPod blasting in your ears.. Perfect for a lazy summery afternoon… 😀 I would give it a rating of 2.5/5 😀

She –  2.5 is like average… is it passable..

Sree – No No Certified Readable… read re… it’s not that bad…

She – sigh..!! Ok will see…

Disclaimer –  all characters and incidents mentioned in the post are purely fictional… Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely co-incidental


This is a book review… with a twist.. like I always do… last time it was a poetic review.. this time it was a dialogue 😉

The book is called “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!” written by Harsh Snehanshu.. He is supposed to have been in his engineering when he wrote the book.. Whether fictional or another true story like CB.. I have no idea…  But yes the book lives upto the expectation delivered on the back cover..

I generally pick up books only if the gist on the back cover entices me.. And well this really did… and surprisingly I wasn’t disappointed.. This is one of those few FPS kinda clone-ish book that lives upto the expectations.. infact I wasn’t expecting any fun in the book at all.. Considering the fact that it was college story and I have read tooo many in the recent times.. But this on amazed me indeed…. I liked it and would recommend it but only if you don’t mind reading another college-story… with a more breezy and different flavour to it.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!!

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Romance With Chaos…!!


Nakul is my name..

I hate my job

Life seems a game..

Boss’ a  Slob..

Nothing ever goes my way


Folks at home

Want me married

And my girlfriend

Has me harried

Sigh..!! Nothing ever goes my way…


My peer whom I helped

Stabs my back..

Influences boss

I end up smacked

Why..??Nothing ever goes my way…


Girlfriend dumps

Parents embarrassed

Life in shambles

Gives me goose bumps

Crap..!!Nothing ever goes my way…


Colleague supports and Cares

I fall for her kindness

She’s a lesbian

S***..! Life’s a mess

Never..!!Nothing ever goes my way


Along comes an angel

Brand new employee

Philanthropist nature

Even inculcated the same in me

Jeeeezzz..!!Nothing ever goes my way..


Drenched in philanthropic ideas

We embark on an impossible expedition

We struggle yet succeed in our mission

And I get the much needed recognition

At last something did go my way…


Wondering what this is all about… Well this is a review of the book called “Romance with Chaos” by Nishant Kaushik….

And if you are wondering where the chaos in all of this… welll… is you need to read the book to know what the “Chaos” here is all about…

I have given out a niche part of the story… an outline.. a gist… but to know what exactly I am talkin about you definitely need to read the book..

It’s a CERTIFIED MUST READ from me… I would give it a 3.5/5

Cos I felt it dragged a bit in some parts… but overall its an enjoyable read… many of us would be able to relate to Nakul the protagonist, his characterisation and also his experiences..… it has typical characters from the IT industry.. some who are frustrated with whatever they do… some who would do anything to get ahead…sometimes sycophancy too… all kinds of personalities that you can see and meet all around you…

The Chaos factor is indeed the most interesting and un-put-down-able part of the book… What happens to the character of ERIC is definitely something that can keep you hooked.. whose Eric??? well.. read the book peeps…. 😀

And yes I loved the ending.. No not cos it was all’s well that ends well.. it doesn’t have the clichéd ending  where the guy get the gal..etc…etc…Nopes that’s not the end…

The end which describes that inspite of the chaos you need to find that one thing that puts you apart.. that differentiates you from the others.. that one thing that keeps you satiated inspite of the chaos… That is a perfect ending for me…. 🙂

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I Love Being Single..!!

Almost Single…!!

What happens when you’re in your late 20s with every nanosecond taking you closer to the terrifying thirties…?

When in every call all your momma talks about is marriage… When all your cousins, far-fetched relatives…even the relatives next door neighbor’s grand uncle’s daughter’s niece has got married and your still single.. Awright the last line was a slight exaggeration 🙄 so what… But that’s what this is all about  😀

You live in Delhi with the only sole solace being your 2 thicker than thick friends…they are the only ones who brighten up your ladies single nights out at the snazziest clubs… Each of you stuck in the same rut waiting for a divine intervention or a miracle for a funny-idiotic-never happens to me- thing called LOVE… in short you’re in search of your perfect soul-mate…

And worst of all… you know you are big bodied-(that’s how aisha calls herself—why do I relate myself to this 😛 ) and getting guys who are single and 30+ is like searching a needle in haystack or worse.. Searching a needle in a barn 😀

What happens when due to some divine intervention and some Swami Ka aashirwad… you finally glimpse at the perfect Adonis of your life… only neither is the moment right nor is the situation… What happens when he makes sure you accompany him almost everywhere he needs company only to introduce you to what-u-think could be a potential competitor… What happens when his cousin mistakes you to be one of those freaks who pick up gals not only for a man but also for herself…?

Amidst all this you also have Mumma, maasi (aunty) and cousin sister troubling you with innumerable questions on “are you even gonna get married”…

When your Adonis finally does ask you… Your are just too awestruck and numb to reply… and like all books and stories in the end it’s always a HAPPY Ending..!! 😀

Cos dint SRK say “if it’s not a happy ending it means the movie is yet to end 🙂 ”

This is the story of Aisha Bhatia… The book Almost Single by Advaita Kala..

Awesome… mind-blowing… and simply marvelous…sexy… sassy… a supersplendofantabulous book 😀

I’m running out of adjectives to describe this one… Though it’s a Chic lit, I assure you even guys can read this 🙂

It’s simply endearing and depicts the predicament of a typical nearing-30-still-single female… who faces the trauma from the typical Indian Society which has a stigma for women who are above the age of 25 and still single… mocking at your dressing tastes, nature, behavior, even to the extent of wondering if you’re really straight.. Sigh!! Nonetheless this is not wat the book is about… its jus a nice feel-good… humorous take into the life of Aisha Bhatia 😀 and I guess any of you singletons out there are sure to relate to her predicament J

Rock on guys go ahead and buy the book… I loved it so much that I wud say it’s a perfect un-put-down-able book 😀

4/5 from me 😀 and yes CERTIFIED MUST READ


Im keeping up my word of more book reviews 😉

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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I love this DeViL..!!!

Devil in Pinstripes..

NOTE: Sorry for the laaaaatteeeeeee review.. this has been sitting on my drafts for a loong time now.. Its been a month since I finished the book but the review has taken all its time to come to open… Sorry  Mr.Ravi 😦

After a super book called If God Was A Banker, continuing the Banking Legacies is Devil in Pinstripes..

I have enjoyed Ravi Subramanian’s writings immensely… to such an extent that he goes right there to my list of must-buy-authors.. well the others gracing that list include Mary Higgins Clark, Sophie Kinsella, Jeffry Archer, Chetan Bhagat and a few others 🙂

Well, as with IF GOD WAS A BANKER, this one too travels into the current doings of NYB – New York International Bank… If the previous book was a  80s-90s era where everyone was good albeit with its own dose of sycophancy and office politics et all.. in the end it was a case of all’s well that ends well.. wherein the protagonists turns a new leaf thanks to the supporting good characters.. It would be wrong to say that this is an exact opposite sequel to  that one.. but yes in more than many ways,… this book was a stark opposite to IGWAB(the prev book.. the title’s too long..sooowwwweeeee 😥 ) the protagonist here is basically a good guy who imbibes a few grey shades(I wouldn say black.. cos he was never harsh or mean or game-playing types) from his peers and seniors…

So here we travel into the life of Amit and Chanda… Amit an ambitious typical-good-boy with his head firmly above his shoulders.. With the right kind of degrees and qualifications.. Married to Chanda a career-oreinted girl whose career in bio-technology are thwarted by her orthodox parents with cultural roots.. Amit chooses NYB in stead of another illustrious high pay package job just cos of Aditya’s provoking speech… Aditya  Bhatnagar – the perfect chess player in terms of NYB.. I wouldn’t refer to him by the designation he holds in the story basically cos what he does is positions his players accordingly where at the end of the day he wins Fair N Square… Enter Gowrishankar –  a scheming political game player who makes sure everyone’s aligned to him and works in tandem with him.. those who defy lose terribly personally and professionally.. Manish Kakkar – a saintly soul with no hassles about anything at all.. just does his work and keeps mum.. it was only towards the end that his real traits did come forth…

Each one of these (baring Chanda ie. ) are the Devil in Pinstripes… and how or what they do is what the story is all about…

After IGWAB this was a perfect dose of drama required.. at many places it was more than gripping.. there were days when I wud doze off with the book basically cos I wud wanna knw wat happens next..

So overall I can say this book is a MUST READ for all you bookworms like me out there… Thank you Mr.Ravi for such a wonderful treat… 🙂

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Shopaholic Ties a Knot~Book Review

Shopaholic ties a knot..

Finally I finished the 3rd book in the shopaholic series..i simply love chick-lits..

They are just fun.. you can relate to the characters in more than many ways.. its reality mixed with fiction in the perfect sense.. and hence I love reading them and can never get enough of them…

So in this third book, the reader travels with Becky Bloomwood to New York where she’s working as a Personal Shopping Assistant at Barneys.. She has finally found love (albeit in the previous book) in Luke and they both live in a swanky yet simple in many terms in Manhattan…  the book starts with Suze’s wedding and ends with  becky’s… Becky’s life is not just bein shopaholic but its real-life-ish cos she has this problem not not bein able to say NO to people.. She can upfront say NO or disappoint anyone.. She cant be mean like Alicia Bitch Long-legs Billington(as becky calls her).. So torn between 2 weddings both organized on the same day and not being able to say NO to both of them.. She’s torn between a high profile fantasy wedding at the Plaza hotel and a wedding arranged with lots of love care and affection by her parents in Oxshott UK.. She cant put off the Plaza wedding for the fear of facing a law suit and penalty of  $100,000 and she cant put off the Oxshott wedding cos it means a lot to her parents…

In between her BF-Fiance’s mid-life crisis and an 4 week emergency delivery of her best friend.. throws Becky into a whirlwind of things that she cant even dream of sorting out… She prays and hopes for a miracle to take place to solve all her problems.. and how she manages to scrape thru with a double wedding that only people can dream of and manages to put her husband’s back in order is applaudable..

It just gives us a motivation that no matter how down in doldrums you are.. you can always pull out of things with sheer determination..

The way the author has elaborated on the details of the New York Life and Manhattan Onceover as she calls it is pretty interesting… Suze’s actions of not going into delivery till Becky makes the call is applaudable yet a tad overboard.. I’m sure no friend in her right senses would do that.. Mid life crisis at 34…hhmmm… sounds a  lil unbelievable.. but shows the vulnerable side of Luke the prim and proper  no nonsense businessman.. this just gives an insight that men are like coconuts hard nut to crack but soft inside 😉

Baah..!!! bad comparison but nonetheless fits the purposeJ Michael and Laurel’s character are true blue sweethearts…  Nice book … Worth a reading.. not just for the Chick –Lit part but simply cos it’s a book for light reading and its fun.. 😀

I’m wondering if they would make it into a movie..?? 🙄

And if they do I already have 2 candidates for the Elinor Sherman role – either the Fiona Shaw who came as Mrs.Dursley or the Beauxbatons headmistress – Olympe Maxime enacted by  Frances De La Tour..!!!

As of now speculating and looking forward to more adventures of Becky Bloomwood-Brandon… 😀

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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Booky Booky Bang Bang…!!

This was one of the attempts made on our corporate blog to mention the books that we read in the year gone by…

I decided lemme take the plunge too 🙂

Cos I do read a lot of books.. But somehow I don’t post most book reviews.. I dunno.. It just doesn’t give me the zing to do a book review.. But in this new year.. I vouch I shall try to spread my knowledge of books to people 😀

Arthaarth (in other words) I shall try to book review more 😉

Before I embark on a journey down memory lane to list down the books.. I would like to tell you that around 80% of the books mentioned here were read between June’09 to Dec’09

Cos till June I was in Chennai I hardly had time to catch up on books though I still managed to read quite a handful of them… including a book borrowed from Laalten which im yet to return (shh… don’t tell NIVE she’ll kill me 😳 )

So here are the list of books I read in the year gone by..

  1. Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hossieni – borrowed, read and loved it J so much so that I managed to watch the movie too… lovely heartwarming and in many places heart wrenching story too… a lovely tale of 2 friends who are actually half brothers… do read it if you haven’t read it yet…
  2. Memoirs of Geisha ~ Arthur Golden – lent to me by my best friend Aarthi (my partner in crime in chennai 😛 ) this again is a book where I have shed quite a tear.. and I made it a point to catch the movie after I read the book.. The story revolves around the life of a Geisha and all that she went through in life.. if you don’t mind reading stories with a little pathos in them do read this..
  3. I’ll be seeing you ~ Mary Higgins Clark – a TV journalist who is summoned to the city morgue to look at the body of a young female murder victim. Patricia is shocked to discover that the dead girl is her exact double — suggesting that she was killed in a case of mistaken identity by an unknown assailant
  4. The Devil Wears Prada ~ Lauren Weisberger – again lent to me by Aarthi.. this was my introduction to the world of Chick Lits… and from there on the journey into the world of Chick-lits hasn’t stopped till then
  5. Sons of Fortune ~ Jeffrey Archer – It is a tale of two brothers, Fletcher and Nat Cartwright, who are born twins but are separated at birth and how their lives intertwine separate and meet again … Destiny at its best 😀
  6. The tell tale heart ~ Edgar Allan Poe – this was one of the first book I read of Sir Edgar Allan Poe.. It follows an unnamed narrator who insists on his sanity after murdering an old man with a “vulture eye”. The murder is carefully calculated, and the murderer hides the body by dismembering it and hiding it under the floorboards. Ultimately the narrator’s guilt manifests itself in the hallucination that the man’s heart is still beating under the floorboards.
  7. Cross Country~ James Patterson – a Crime novel.. Trails the incidents in the life of Alex Cross who heads to Africa to investigate the death of his former GF’s family.. Many murders follow, which cause him to decide to travel deep into the heart of Central Africa to solve this gruesome mystery, spurred on by the knowledge that the Tiger and his gang are already planning their next massacre… very gruesome description of murders… after a point I stopped reading.. I just couldn’t take it anymore.. I might pluck up more courage and maybe finish reading someday… it’s a perfect plot for Hollywood action movies..
  8. Remember Me ~ Sophie Kinsella – another Chick Lit about a girl who forgets 3yrs of her life jus cos she met with an accident.. Last she remembers was a previous hit she obtained on her death when she was 24.. From then to 27 she doesn’t remember an incident.. And those 3 yrs her whole life underwent a drastic change- from being miss snaggly tooth to miss hip hep happening.. from being stood up by a next door BF to bein married to filthy rich Mr. Perfect and supposed to be in affair with hubby’s friend..Wat happened..??read the book 😛
  9. Can you keep a Secret ~ Sophie Kinsella – Another chick lit.. A typical damsel in distress (distressed with her job) meets a stranger on plane.. and in a temporary air turbulence which lasts for an hour and she thinks she’s gonna die she spills out her innermost turmoil, fears , secrets of friends, family, bf too… and later he turns out to be her super-boss..Wat happens is wat the story is all about..
  10. The Beloved Witch ~ Rachel Ford – this is a M&B book which I picked up from my friend, it’s the story about a man and woman who meet after 9 yrs, they had been in love when they were kids and how due to her father’s influence she had left and moved on to complete her studies and came back to the same town as part of Film Unit’s catering services. How he uses his influence to get her to work for him, marry him and how people try to sabotage their relation and well, in the end.. All’s well that ends well……. Well… not a bad read at all J
  11. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them ~ yeepiee.. Picked this one up.. But it was a tad ok.. I wonder how Hermione really manages to remember their names at all …

12.  Five Children and IT~ Nesbit – Saw the movie first and then read the book. It’s cute, it’s a story about a lower class English family of 5 children, who in the process of jus digging up sand for play-sake, meet a Sand Fairy called Psammead and how it grants them one wish a day which if tangible stuff ofcourse is gone by sunset, and how they goof up everyday till they figure out how these wishes work and thereby start wishing accordingly. Its kinda cute and preferably for a light read up and well the movie was good too..

13.  Echoes of the Dark ~ Gayle Wilson – This is yet another M&B novel I read. It again not bad, basically cos of a certain amount of mystery to it. The story is about Julian, who, blinded by a car accident where his wife (who was driving) is lost. After 9 yrs, his brother sets up another female(who doesn’t remember her past) to work as his assistant who smells, feels, behaves, talks, everything just like his dead wife was. Who is this mystery woman?? Nice read up.. gets a lil slow somewhere in the middle but it’s not bad.

14.  Tales of Beetle the Bard~ I dint buy this one; Bro gifted them to me with the whole collection of HP books :D… Bless him J its an ok read..

15.  The Alchemist ~ Paulo Coelho – Finally I got my hands on this one and read it.. nice one

16.  Brida ~ Paulo Coelho – story about soul mates.. very interesting atleast for me

17.  Eleven Minutes ~ Paulo Coelho – read this one too.. It was a different love story.. and loved the fact he included the line from CASABLANCA – we’ll always have Paris

18.  Stranger is watching ~ Marry Higgins Clark – The rest of the novel describes the race against time to save the three innocent victims. For more details on the book, you could check this site http://www.thebookhaven.net/Z_Stranger_is_Watching.html

19.  PS I Love You ~ Cecelia Ahern -A lovely story… I guess all those who have read or watched the movie would agree with me… and yes finally I managed to watch the movie too 😀 thanks to torrents 😛

20.  Everyone Worth Knowing ~ Lauren Weisberger –  details of the book can be find in the previous meme of my life according to literature

21.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald yes yes I managed to get my hand on an E-book loaded it onto my IPhone and read this one 😀 though m yet to watch the flick K

22.  Chasing Harry Winston ~ Lauren Weisberger another chick lit based on a year in the life of 3 best friends.. the bet they make and how that’s changes their life…

23.  Let Me Call You Sweetheart ~ Marry Higgins Clark –  before you guys write this off as another CHICK LIT lemme warn you guys don’t go by the TITLE.. MHC is called the QUEEN OF SUSPENSE and I’m an ardent reader of hers… though her titles mislead most of the times.. but they are def relevant to the plot.. And the plots are mostly thrillers and murder mysteries..

24.  Silent Night ~ Mary Higgins Clark ~ murderer escaped from prison on the prowl, a mother searching for her second child on a cold Christmas eve, an ailing father awaiting his wife and sons… a boy clinging on to his grandfather’s medal  with faith that it could make his father well.. how they all connect and the boy is rescued is the story..

25.  Confessions of a Shopaholic ~ Sophie Kinsella.. You guys have seen the movie.. It’s a chick lit book.. I aint talkin much 😛

26.  Castles ~ Julie Garwood – this is a M&B kinda book… set in the medieval times of Knights and Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses.. a love story with its usual masala of murder, love, friendship, family values and the typical boy n girl fight, become frns, fall in love blah blah blah… but it was fun reading this one

27.  Oh Shit Not again~ I’m not telling you the plot again 😛 read the review

28.  20 and still a virgin ~ Ankur Dahiya –  first time writer narrates his life story from school to college with fictitious names for himself and his friends… mindless read.. When u don’t want to read anything heavy and wanna learn what is better to be avoided in ur first book.

29.  Right Shoe Wrong Foot ~ Varsha Dixit – set in Lucknow..  about a 26 yr old Nandini who falls for the stinking rich and appropriately intelligent bad boy, next door—-her neighbor, Aditya Sarin. Nandini, like every other person, inhabiting the planet India, has been ‘touched’ by Bollywood (that is about to become a global phenomena, if it has not already). She mocks at Aditya, breaks up from him, and yet yearns for his love… sigh…Wondering wat.. read it up 😛

30.  Daddy’s Little GirlMary Higgins Clark – A story of a journalist who re-opens the case of her sister’s murder (which changed her whole life – parents separated, father remarried, mom moved to America took to alcohol and dies) almost 15yrs later… and makes sure the real culprit is punished..Touching story..

31.  Mistress of the Game ~ Tilly BagShawe.. Not as gripping as Sidney’s Master of the Game but nonetheless was worth a read.

32.  2 states ~ Chetan Bhagat – Do I need to say anymore 😉 we’ve all already read.. Here’s my REVIEW on that 😀

33.  If God was a Banker ~ Ravi Subramanian – though I read it late last year I put up the review yesterday.. do check it… This was the last book I read in 2009

OMG -30+ books 😯

Even if you leave me in a room full of books.. I can never get bored.. Only make sure there’s an unlimited availability of tea and ofcourse I have my ipod with me… I can be occupied for ages….  😈

I never even realized I have read so much already  🙄

And that too I haven’t even mentioned the ones I re-read 😕

Wowwiieee…. It feels sooo great… I Solemnly swear to read more this year 😛

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee :mrgreen:

That’s it from Megzone for now…

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