~::~ Stilletos In The Newsroom ~::~

When you are new intern with one of the so-called prestigious newspaper.. what all do you have to go through to reach where you wanna be and realize your dreams??

Are you ready to accept your mistakes learn from them? Are you ready to indulge in a tiny teensy weensy bit of sycophancy and sweet talk..?? Or do you just be yourself suck it all up..

Don’t bother if they call you a slut and just go about doing your job and trying to set your own goals and reach them?

How do you realize who are close friends are and who isn’t? Is there a secret mantra to make it hit right the first time u set on that newsfloor??

Are you ready to wait for your loved one whose miles away in another country, continent or for that matter another hemisphere altogether..?? waiting for the love that you share to bring you together..

Leave your love-life to destiny and believe that if you are meant together so be it else you were never meant to be.. Can you hold on to that thought for 2 years and be completely honest to your partner without even realizing if you guys are even meant to be??

Well.. that’s the story of Radhika Kanetkar who started as an Intern and went on to become associate features editor in one of the leading newspapers..  The journey of her life from a raw age of 23 to 28…

Its truly inspiring to people who try hard to get noticed at work and also get blamed for everything they do.. Wouldn’t say it shows the insides of what goes into journalism but definitely portrays well that if you aspire you can get all that you want just play smart..

It’s a nice read.. wouldn’t say it’s a typical Chiclit cos its anything but that.. but yes since the protagonist is a female it can be classified as a Chiclit novel..

It’s a good read.. light hearted humours some mushy moments..

Give it a try..!!

My rating would be a 3/5 cos its not too gripping but its good I do feel like wanting to know wat happens next and the fact that she has a rule in every chapter makes it a lil crazy but nice 😀

Certified Readable 😀

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If GOD was a Banker…!!!

Once in your life you meet someone… who sees your talent and potential and grooms you…

Teaches you the ropes of the business/job.. And sometimes leaves you at it to see you perform and prove your mettle…

Sometimes they step in to the sidelines to see you take the stage and do wonders with your knowledge, talent and skills… you succeed.. You taste wins… you taste victory and triumph and when that slowly eats up the logical you and takes over the your brain… you don’t want to look at failures.. you forget humility and modesty to the extent that you snub the people who helped you get where you are… you stub over the toes of those very people who made way for you and held the lantern for your flourishing path…  you falter… they hold you.. They support you… when everything you touch turns to gold…every venture every step every risk brings with it undue adulation…then success gets to your head and your ego takes over the reins of your life..When you defy all ethics and morals and slave yourself to malpractices…  that’s when you step into a vicious twister that destroys not just you but everything and everyone around you…

And yet you have those who knew you since before all this.. When u were a mere mortal oozing with confidence and vibrancy… You snub them you stub them.. They suspect you for your egregious behavior and yet they don’t carp or crib…they never hold any negative thoughts  against you… no hard feelings.. for the sheer reason that they admire you for your self-driven approach and verve…

There comes a time in everyone’s life.. When their past(if they have one) comes to haunt them… especially when they are at their defenseless worst… when they are so down in the doldrums.. these very same people whom he had throttled and trundled below their feet come to their rescue… like the Knight in Shining Armour… like the light at the end of the tunnel… like an angel.. the Guardian Angel  sent from heaven above… and they save you… they give you back the life your deserved… with the only condition that you mend your ways and be truthful, honest, sincere and dedicated to your near and dear ones…

Yes… that’s the story of If God was a Banker… the book by Ravi Subramanian…

I know I maybe late in actually putting this up…considering that his latest offering Devil in Pinstripes is already out in the market and doing damn well too… but its better late than never.. especially with books.. its never too late.. 😛

I liked the book for simple reasons.. it was interesting and fast paced… no beating around the bush.. no stretching the story just for the heck of increasing the page counts…It’s a story of 2 protagonists… one whose hard working honest dedicated with his integrity intact come what may.. and the other falters on the ethical and veracity.. They both have a common God.. a friend philosopher guide.. and mentor.. who taught them the tricks of the trade… how they both flourish under him his protégés … how one continues to maintain his relations and how the other gives into devilish egocentricities and is later brought to ground by this very same GOD… and that’s why the title IF GOD WAS A BANKER..

It’s a book that rekindles our faith on Honesty Pays… that was also the motto on of the protagonists in the book.. He was honest.. He was the Good Guy..  the selfless friend who in spite of the fact that his old friend and colleague garrote him and treated him as an adversary, came forth to stand by his friend for old time’s sake… that’s friendship… and that’s the basic gist of the story… the very people we try to trample over are those who love us the most and care for us the most… The story of Good triumphing over evil… a story of corporate haraamkori (sycophancy).. office politics… choices between shortcuts to fame and growth on hand and the longer but safer truthful path..

Yes the book comes with its own share of sleaze show ala casting couch in banking industry… or should I say Banking Couch.. Ouch…!!! But yes… that’s one shortcut to progress in career… but a short-lived one too…it clearly signifies that there are people who would do anything.. Literally anything to get to the top and make others do the same too…  It describes how once a person gets the flavor of being the boss doing wrong and getting away with it… he only gets usurped deeper into shit.. soweeeeee for the use of words but then that’s the best way I can explain it 😉

At many places I found the book going the Master of the Game aka Sidney Sheldon way.. but I guess any book based on leading protagonists and their thirst for success would go the same way 🙂

 On a scale of 5 I would definitely give it a 4/5…

Good book.. Definitely worth a read…!!! 🙂

Dying to get my hands on Devil In Pinstripes..!!

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ChickLits N Me

Naa naa m not here to talk about the chewing gums or mints of Chiclets

Its about my fetish for Chic-Lits read as chic-literature… it’s a genre of novels that most gals would swear by…But I was not one of them at least not until I moved back to Mumbai…

I don’t know how this transformation came by.. But well it has…

I always the mystery/thriller/drama intrigued gal…That doesn’t mean my interest lies in Robert Ludlum or Isaac Asimov.. that’s another genre I have never been able to get myself to read up but in my book shelf(which means my bed, my dressing table etc 😉 ) you would only find books of Sidney Sheldon – yep I have the whole collection 😉

Jeffry archers, a couple of John Grishams and maybe a couple of astrology/horoscope books too stuff like Linda Goodman’s, Cheiro etc… even Sherlock Holmes and Perry Mason

But Chick Lits were never my thing… I don’t know I used to never get the impetus the urge to read it… whilst most of my friends and peers (ladies) would immerse themselves in the world of romance and sensuality with Mills N Boons, I would be busy being a woman entrepreneur with Master of the Game or  a successful business tycoon in the saga Stars Shine Down or the that of a mother whose lost her second son on the Christmas eve in Silent Night or about single  mother who realizes that the Plastic Surgeon to whom she had taken her daughter for a minor injury seems to be re-creating the face of his own dead daughter on every woman who enters his clinic requesting him for a perfect face in Let Me Call You Sweetheart…. The former 2, I guess most of you know are by Sidney Sheldon… the latter are by Mary Higgins Clark..

In between all this I even read a collection of short stories with Twists in the TAIL and the mighty famous Kane and Able…the epic saga of power,  rivalry and success… both by Jeffrey Archer…

Those were the kinds of books that would keep me engrossed for hours on end… and then came the magical fantasy world of  Harry Potter and LOTR series… and that’s when I fell in love with books all over again..

But Chick-Lits still hadn’t entered my life till Aarthi did.. Yes Aarthu as I wud call her… one of the boons of Chennai to me.. A close friend…Confidante…My friend, philosopher, guide..The only actual Sunshine for me in Chennai…. And she gave me Devil Wears Prada… yes the same that was later made into a film with Anne Hathway and Meryl Streep and as with most books turned movies,… the book was def way too good compared to the movie… and that’s how my love for this genre of books began… from Devil Wears Prada I moved on to Memoirs of Geisha… which was I must admit the most heart wrenching book I had every read…

Well.. my love for chick Lits dint end with just those 2 books…  well… a debacle in my personal life made me move back to my hometown Mumbai and from then on my fetish for these books have increased leaps and bounds.. I find myself staring at the rows of books in crosswords practically every weekend… or latest every other weekend poring over their collection and wondering which one to buy… I have already read and stocked up my book shelf—oh this time I really mean a book shelf 😀 with all the books by  Lauren Weisberger, sadly she has written just 3..The other two being Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston…. C’mon Lauren I’m desperately looking forward to more of your stuff… and off late I’ve taking a liking to Sophie Kinsella too.. oh if you’re wondering who she is… remember the successful chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic… Well…that’s hers 😀

But apparently that was not the first book in the Shopaholic series… which I realized only when I barged in on the chick lit section of crosswords..Though my hands were itching to get themselves on to a copy of Confessions of a Shopaholic I decided I first need to test the waters before I plunge in and hence the first Sophie Kinsella book I picked up was Can You Keep A Secret.. And I must say I have got hooked on to her as well.. So much so that the next 2 weekends saw me heading straight to her sections and got myself 2 more Remember Me and the first in the Shopaholic series called The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic… and well I must say Mom more or less agreed with me when she saw the Shopaholic copy and said “yes you must read that cos it fits perfectly for you and I hope someday you wud quit being a shopaholic…” Well mom shopaholic or not I’m def a Bookaholic…. 😉

I soon plan to go on to complete the whole Sophie Kinsella novels collection and maybe hunt Crosswords for more of the Chick Lits stuff 😉

The best part about these chick Lits are that you can identify with these so called female protagonists therein… you laugh with them… You cry with them… you yearn for love the way they do… you swear at the other bitches at work with them,.. And yet when you finish them you feel great.. They are like those feel good movies that you see… you watch them and enjoy them… at the end of the day you feel satisfied and yet they help to keep the fire to achieve something burning…

I hope someday I soon shall be able to write a chick lit book too….

Sigh… what’s the harm in Dreaming… someone has said Dreams are the first Step that you can take towards the reality that awaits you…. So let’s see if my dream can lead me to the reality of tomorrow 😛

Till then signing off from Megzone…

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