~::~ Befikr ~::~ CareFree ~::~

yess.. yess.. back again 😀

with a pure hindi poem with translation ofcourse 😀

common pic i made it as a collage 😀


~::~ Befikr ~::~

Befikr thi main…

Bahut khush thi main…


Jab shaam dhalta thaa

Dil mera machalta tha

Waqt hua tha khelne ka

Saheliyo ke sangg tehelne ka

Katthai us aasma taley

Hamari anginat baatein

Befikr thi main

Bahut khush thi main


Baarish mein bheegna

Pedo ki tehniyo se paani cheetna

Ek doosre par paani uchaalna

Bahane banakar school taalna

Geeli mitti ke khilone banana

Ma se chupakar ghar le aana

Befikr thi main…

Bahut khush thi main…


Lukka chuppi khelna

Ek doosre ko dhakelna

Pedo par chadna

Ammiya todna

Jhoole ke liye ladna

Zor zor se chillana


Jhagadkar fir manaana

Har mausam mein saath rehna

Haaledil bina jhijhak kehna

Kitni befikr thi main

Kitni khush thi main


~::~ CareFree ~::~

So carefree I was

So happy I was


When evening neared

In joy my heart whooped

It was time to play

Roam with my friends

Under deep brown sky

Our infinite talks

So carefree I was

So happy I was


Enjoying the rainy spells

Shaking droplets from trees

Splashing water on each other

Framing excuses, evading school

Making toys of wet clay

Getting them home, hidden from mom

So carefree I was

So happy I was


Playing hide n seek

Pushing & pulling each other

Climbing the trees

Plucking mangoes

Tussling over swing

Shouting at the top of our voices

Throwing tantrums & fighting

Later even pacifying

Be together in all seasons

Express emotions without inhibitions

How carefree I was

How happy I was


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Walking Down the by-lanes of my mind…

This last weekend happened to be a very reminiscing one… It’s been a one rollercoaster trip down lane types for me… sigh… guess I’m just nostalgic
What with discussing with mom to meeting my 14yrs ol best friend (well the friendship is 14yrs old not she, mind you )
Saturday mid noon as sat with mom flicking thru channels finding for something worth a watch… I came across a show called “Kuch Kook hota hai” I don’t remember which channel guys please don’t ask me
Well… it seems to have been some kind of a cookery show and was nearing its end so thts the time when they generally share tips… and that section in this show was called “Dadima ke Nuskhe” and well the act looked so put on and artificial.. that’s when me n mom got discussing about the Good Ol days of Doordarshan, with its Dadima ke Nuskhe, the regional cultural progs and serials like Junoon, Imtihaan, Chandrakaanta, the Jungle Book, the wait for Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane for Surabhi to Tabassum with her Phool Khile hai Gulshan Gulshan.. Friday night movies to Sunday mornings Ramayan and Mahabharath to Gul Gulshan Gulfaam and Aamchi maati Aamchi manase…
I even remember watching the Marathi crime based serial 100(read Ek Shunya Shunya)… aaahh… blissful days… but I was ashamed of one thing I used to do in those days
The Sunday afternoon news would be translated by newsreader for the deaf and dumb and I’m downright mortified to even think how I used to ape them well then I dinno why it was and how it affected the people.. But now that better sense has prevailed (errr…I guess it has) I’m pretty embarrassed of wat I was in those years 😥

Waiting for the clock to strike 5 so I could rush down to play, climb trees and bully the guys with “let me bat or I box ur head” to waking up late in the nights so that dad would come back from his Tamil Dubbing of Junoon, Imtihaan and Chandrakaanta (well he used to dub those serials into tamil so tht tam audience could enjoy it too) and I wud rush to school the next day to blabber wat happens in the next episode to my frns.. And when they wud get back with a look of amazement saying “aree u were right” and me holding my head high with utmost pride saying “I told ya so”
Ufff..!! Wat days they were…
The same day (Saturday u dodos) evening I caught up with my bestest frn for 14 yrs and my partner in most of my crimes… we were both amazed at how quickly time flew… maaan… it was 14yrs to our friendship and we’ve been thru it from shorts, skirts, frilly frocks, to long skirts, denims and now salwar suits n saris 🙂 from football and cricket with the guys of the society to badminton in the later teens and earliest tweens.. Oh my we’ve been thru so much…

There we were once upon a time,… rushing into school with tying one of our plaits with rubber bands to be on time for the morning assembly… to plotting ways to bunk lessons and meet up in toilets and lonely passages to catch up on the latest gossip tht happened in the class in the earlier lectures.. Making bahanas at home to get out, from broken pencils to completely drained refills… From vanished erasers and spilled over ink and needing new ink bottles… sigh..!! What not have we both done just to make sure we can meet each other even during exam days and keep our gossip going about whose eyeing whom in class to whose gotta crush on whom and I gotta a crush on whom and u shud woo him like this …
Obnoxious we were I guess but it was fun n had its own charm…
But Aaarrrghh… the Christmas and Diwali vacations were the worst…
Cos tht wud be the time the exams wud have just got over n mom wud come into my room to clean and Lo Behold..!!! There she knows the reason why her little naughty princess needed so many refills and erasers n pencils… cos the whole lot has been stashed and shoved under the bed
Maaan…wat spankings I wud get I wud be grounded for good… mom wud make sure I don’t buy any more refills or pencils or pens or erasers… keeping the stock with herself and sending my dodo of a brother to the shop to get in case I asked for one I was glad mom dint take the matter to dad though.. I wud’ve been grounded for good then
Though 2 yrs my junior academically… Madam Farah (yuppie thts her name my partner in crime for 14 odd yrs of my life…welll… the best yrs of my life ) Madame wud take a scissor n cut up her refills into smaller bits n throw them into the dustbin n no one in her place would realize… n Aunty wud think her darling princess daughter is busy burning midnight oil and toiling away fr the exams.. Sigh..!! how unfortunate of me not to think so… the saddest part was incase to escape my mom’s wrath I did happen to throw any refills out of the window it wud land up on some auntie’s head and wud land me in a soup of the hottest degree available… staying in the same society for 20+ odd yrs of life is tough cos then everybody knows u…Grrrrr…
So Saturday evening me n Farah were walking down the lanes leading to our school remembering the days we wud jump out of school n rush to the nearest Gola wala fr some kala khatta.. .we both wud stick to tht one flavor and maaan tht was bliss from golas to juicees, from kacchi kairies and imlies to wat was then called “Chatar matar” (well… I still dunno wat it’s called ) from jumping in pools n puddles of rain making our grey and white uniforms into a uniform color of brown to creating clay vessels and pots for our rainy day game of GHAR GHAR to collecting small colored tiled for our langdi(hopscotch) and even compare whose collection is better with more variety of shades and shapes…
Ohh!! Childhood why did thou vanish so soon
Weekend to me is movie time on TV… im too lazy to get myself moving n hit the cinema theatres
And again this weekend I managed to catch up on atleast half a dozen movies
And continuing with walk down memory lanes… I watched movies that I hadn’t watched for quite some time now and movies that had been on my fave list for many odd yrs of my life…
Movies I have watched for God knows “Which-th” time
I watched Amar Akbar Anthony, Vishwatma, Chupke Chupke and Bawarchi…

Aah…!!!Wat were those days… I remember belting out dialogues and by hearting the steps to the famous dance numbers… from saat samundar paar n dil le gayi teri bindiya to My name is Anthony Gonsalves and Tayyab Ali pyar ka dushman AYE HAYE
From Rishi kapoors old man tailor act of “Ama hum addab kehte hai aap shut up kehte hai” to dramatic Pran’s “Baap ki di hui pistol yaad hai par pistol dene wala baap yaad nai” from Amitabh Anthony bhai to Jeevan’s Robert Act with his peculiar accent and style
I even remember my earliest attempts at parody-ing wen I wud change the lyrics of Tayyab Ali pyar ka dushman to “Karthoos mere khel ka dushman aye haye”
Ooopss..!!! I forgot to mention my dumb dodo of an elder bro is named Karthik and then I used to call him karthoos… No! though elder to me by 4 odd years, according to me he dint deserved to be called anna or bhaiya…hhhmmmppfff… 👿 wanna know why?? Well… cos of him I have earned spankings galore frm me parents
He aint No brother of mine he jus was a bother

Nutter that he was he wud always be submerged in books and novels holed up in his room all the time he was home… Nonsensical creature… and I had to bear the brunt of being named the naughty gal, masitkhor, brat, and nautanki of the house… Grrrrr…..
Idiotic fella… picture this.. the GUY of the house holed up in his room reading books n novels and the Gal of the house climbing trees, bullying guys, coming back home with tousled dirty hair and so many brown dresses my mom wud wonder if I bathe with water or mud
Mom had already started wondering ho the GUY of the house was
Whooaaa… I was a gundi alright but a dancing gundi 😉 I remember those days wen my friends staying the building opp mine wud sneak in from their balcony jus to see me dance n spread the news to the all the kids in the society saying today meghana did a Madhuri… today it was a sreedevi… today it was Anil Kapoor of My Name Is LAKHAN.

I wud be embarrassed then but wen those unprivileged not able to catch the live act would ask me for a repeat telecast and me with my nose held high would give in to their demands… any song mind you… any dance number tht came and I was the first to perfect the steps be it Madhuri in Ek do teen to the latest Dhai sham rok layi (Devdas) to Sreedevi from Mere haathon mein Nau Nau chudiyaan to hawa Hawaii from Saat samundar paar to any latest songs… the steps were first by heart by me… and then came the age of Hrithik and Prabhu Deva and even today I learn those steps… from Aishwarya’s first movie “luk chupke main ghumi gali gali” to “Crazy kiya re” al steps by heart
Even today I dance…sigh… but only in the confines of my bedroom and if my mom does manage to catch a glimpse of me practicing some step she wud immed say “meghu bend a lil more in the step” and I wud bang the door on her face saying “ur not supp to see me dance mom”

Nautanki I was completely… I remember trying to make my chaddi buddi Jassi’s(oh well we’ve been together since we were 3 so chaddi buddy is the perfect term here ) mom laugh with the Amitabh act in Naseeb with ” chehra dekha … pakka eeediottt dikhta hai… kitna maara tere ko pata hai.. Isliye bolta hai apan.. daru mat pee… mat pee itna daru pan tum apunka sunta kidhar hai….” and aunty n mom wud be in peals of laughter jus seeing me stand in the Amitabh style with one hand on my hips Me n jassi dancing to Jumma Chumma dede in all the free times in school… aaahh wat days those were…
Even today wen I belt out lines of Kajol of K3G or any Abhishek Bachchan lines mom’s in split of laughter and well sometimes she gets irritated too
Sigh… Moms you never can change them can you…
But then I owe my dancing skills and passion to her… had it not been for her encouragement and push I would never have found a way to express myself thru dance… it has become my passion my de-stressor my way of expression and that’s has me at my liveliest best
Sigh… I guess I can still do a Madhuri, hrithik or Prabhu Deva… only a public performance is a lil impossible,….
Maaan… it’s been a looooooong long time since I hit the stage
And today is really my turn to sing
Aise bhi din the kabhi, meri duniya thi meri,Beete hue din woh mere, pyaare palchhin…Koi lauta de mere beete hue din
Awww… gosh im so nostalgic and teary eyed 😥