~::~ Sorceress.. ~::~

yes yes yet another poem 😀

temme how it is 😀


~::~ Sorceress ~::~

Badabee bada boom

Cabaala vroom vroom

Up in the sky

I fly on my broom

Valleys and vales

Over dry hay bales

On wispy clouds

My twitchy broom sails

By the moonlight dim

Those sighting Grimm

I search far and wide

They’re my next victim

Dissecting their hearts

Burying other parts

Potions I make

For my dark arts

Green red golden & blue

Tonics in every hue

Sparks fly while I invent

Myriad concoctions anew

Turning mice to owl

& Hounds to fowl

Transformations galore

All of them in my bowl

Powders that enchant

Varied pills for penchant

Chinkaara hula hoo hoo

Incantations I chant

Yes I am a Sorceress

Conjuring spells and curses

Necromancy, black magic and voodoo

Excel in all, with me don’t mess


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~::~ Colour ~ Colour ~::~

Ok now this was an idiosyncratic me trying to think how a kid who loves all colours would express to others who like/dislike some colours 😀

Please read on…


~::~Color ~ Color ~::~

Yellow is mellow

Orange is courage

If you don’t like them

You’re a stupid fellow

Purple color marble

Browns when you drown

If you try to steal it

Your speech be warbled

Blue is a clue

Cream makes you beam

If you don’t love them

Your lips would stick like glue

Green makes you preen

Mauve has others in awe

If you hate these two

You’ll get no jelly beans

Blacks in your racks

White is all right

If you don’t possess them

Color sense you lack


Peepls lemme know your thoughts…

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

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