~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

This week’s Magpie Tales prompt was pretty darn scary!

It did leave me shivering!

But here’s my take!

~::~ Sinister Mister ~::~

clown 1

Sinister looking clown

New in downtown

He stands there tall

By the decorative wall

Pompous red nose

Clandestine repose

Sparkling sapphire eyes

Sly impish guise

Secretive appearance

With an evil essence

An all pervading smirk

Leaving psyche berserk

Sending shivers down my spine

As we walk by the gargantuan sign

Trundling by the store mighty fast

To get away from the gigantic cast

Scared to my wits I jog away

While he stands tall, smirking my way!


This is my entry to the Magpie Tales Prompt – Mag 259

I hope you liked it! Do leave your comments and brick bats!!