~::~ Dance Of Love ~::~

It seems looongggg looonggg ago since I wrote a poetry here 😛

yes yes… so here i am back again to trouble you with my insane err.. ook super-insane poems 😛

~::~ Dance of Love ~::~

She danced through the meadows

Impassive to any lurking shadows

Spring in her step, arms stretched apart

Curls let loose, rhythm in her heart

Dancing to nature’s tunes

O’er multi-hued flowery dunes

Her lover returning from faraway lands

She awaits with aromatic garlands

Moving with such elegance

Fair maiden with love immense

Pirouettes she took, as if in stupor

Round & round till her feet turned sore

Exhausted she fell, amidst rose bushes

He came searching; saw her worn out, rushes

Her hands in his, he interlaced

Took her in his arms, caressing her face

Bestowed on luscious lips, a magical kiss

She arose to his passion, his love’s abyss

The dance of love, her prelude

Concluded with him, albeit brief interlude


I hope you enjoyed it..

Do lemme know your thoughts..

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Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: