Hoo Haa Hoo…!! Hamari thaat hai Baaki Sabki Vaat hai..!!!

Finale rocked…!!

The DPL dance finale that culminated today was an extravagant fare … a true treat for all dance lovers…

Not only did the best team win.. but it showed that consistency and good work can definitely get you places.. atleast in the dancing industry..

Western yodhas were always my personal favorite partially for the fact that im a Mumbai-ite…

But more so for the fact that they have always been consistent in their performances.. and Central Surmas have been consistent in being the second best team.. right since day one.. the only reason I feel the Central came second.. in my opinion is cos of a wee bit of monotony in their routines.. while Western have proved their mettle in I guess most of the dance forms.. Central has taken a safer bet when it came to their performances… Whenever it came to critical competition they have chosen their best performers Prachi and Ankita and have delivered classical form of dance.. repeatedly.. myself being classically trained can understand the thirst to express and promote classical.. but that shouldn’t be the only piece in your basket.. variety is the key to wins when it comes to competition…

I believe in indian classical dance form completely.. there ar3e a lot of untapped areas in it,. And im glad Mini is one such choreographer who always picks it up and gives her heart and soul to the performances and the performers.. but with the Western team it’s the sheer enthusiasm amongst the performers and the aggressiveness to achieve.. with mini its let the work speak for me.. be it a super flawless performance or an average one she never talks.. whatever the responses she owns it completely.. but with the western team every flaw is taken up as a challenge to be achieved and well they are all.. atleast most of the participants have been shaimak-ly trained.. if I may say so…

And today’s performances were mind-blasting.. Kudos to Karthik for being the Man of the Series a well deserved title too.. Cos he has definitely been a consistent performer and I gues the only person who has received the maximum Man of Match awards… Congratulations Guy way to go…

Hamari Thaat hai baaki sabki waat hai 😀

Way to go Western Yodhas…

Save the best for last they say….and yes the highlight of today’s programme Shahid Kapoor.. hayyeeee…

Maaannn,.. im completely green with envy with the gals Saloni and Afsha.. lucky babes got a chance to be so close to the heart throb of millions… I wud have died to be in their shoes today…

Or how I wish I could have been a journalist… I would have just been a Shahid reporter 😀

He’s is jus soooooooo  slurpiliciously hot and handsome.. and maaaannn…wat he dances… I could jusdt give my life to spend even one teeny weeny minute with that Guy…!!

Shahid I love you maaannn… you’re my dream boy.. my blue eyed boy.. my greek god…

Love you Shahid..!!! 🙂

So badly looking forward to you setting my screen on fire with chance pe dance…

Here’s an ode for you my darling Shahid…

Aapki har ek ada

Pe huye hum fida

Saykado huye deewane

Humara bhi dil luta..

Fariyaad hai is dilki ae mere khuda

Nazakat jo unpe paayi hai..

Kisi aur pe na barsaana

Deewani hoon uski

Kabhi unse batlaana

Naa jee paoongi bin unke

Ke bharti hoon main aahen

Raatein kate siskiyo mein

Unhe dekhne tarasti hai ye aankhen

Mila de kisi din unse ae khudaa

Chahe wo ek pal hi kyu na ho

Bitaadoo mein sari zindagi

Us ek pal mein hi  muje mar jaane do

Sapno ke sahare jee rahe hai

Unse pyar hum itna karte hai

Shayar tho kabhi the nahi

Aajkal shayari bhi kiya karte hai

Darte hai kisi din

Ke ye hont sil na jaaye

Milne aaye wo hume

Aur ye jaan chali jaaye..!!

Love you Shahid….!!

Muaah muaah muaah muaah…!!!

And yes lookin forward for the new YRF series coming up on Sony.. !!