~::~ Day Dreamer ~::~

~::~ Day Dreamer ~::~


I am a daydreamer

Gazing into yonder

Of flowers that sang

And birds that danced

Leaves playing boomerang

Trees in moonlight basked


I am a day dreamer

Of valleys covered in fur

Of honey tasting rains

And animals that converse

Of velvet covered lanes

And zephyr that purrs


I am a day dreamer

A magic believer

Of portals and passages

And unseen mystical lands

Of secret encoded messages

And wizards, potions and wands


I am a day dreamer

Laying over soft creepers

Peering into green foliage

Of multi-hued deciduous

Forming a panoramic mirage

Of a life vibrant colorful & amorous

I am but a day dreamer

A hopeful migrant, a dream keeper!