~::~ On The Edge ~::~

~::~ On The Edge ~::~


Teetering on the edge of sanity

O’er the cliff, I stand alone

Struggling to gather foothold

Shivering to the bone


Trying my best not to fall

Down the abyss of darkness

A promise to self, stares back at me

Of never going down, now truly messed.


Restraining droplets, that trickle down

Moistening my cheeks that swell

Reining my step’s o’er moss laden stone

That can plummet me down to hell


A mist swirls around me black

Confounding my vision obscure

Oh why dear Lord, you subject me to this

Poor heart of mine so pure!


I dunno if I shall fall head first

Or if someone’ll pull me back

Who’d hear my muted frantic calls

And bring me back on tracks

‘m still there, on the edge

As eons pass by in overflow

Waiting for my miracle

While gaping at abyss below


~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~









~::~ I am Lost, Just Lost ~::~


Sometimes I am up

Sometimes I am down

Sometimes I just trip

And tumble around


Sometimes I take left

Sometimes it’s right

Sometimes I do nothing

But just sit up tight

I am lost, so lost… 


I wonder where am from

I wonder where I’ll go

I wonder what will happen

If I completely let go


I don’t like where I am

I don’t know where to go 

I just know that I am 

Nowhere that I know

I feel lost, so lost..


I wish was fine

I wish I was better

I wish never just sat around

Fuming and fretted


I feel like m music

I feel like a song

That’s been put in a loop

And played for long

I am lost just lost


I don’t know what I like

I don’t know if I would love

I don’t know how my life

Would chart out


All I know is I’m alive

All I know is I’m living

And I just manage to get 

Along thriving! 

I still feel lost, so lost!!!



~::~ Here I Lay ~::~

~::~ Here I Lay ~::~


Here I lay

Gaping at the stars

Wondering where they play 

In this vast expanse

Here I lay

Wondering what to do 

Should I play? 

Or work harder than I should

Here I lay 

In dungeons of fiery hell

Pondering in dismay 

Distraught, fighting my own quell

Here I lay 

In hope of a better tomorrow

Destiny led astray

Buried six feet in sorrow

Here I lay

 In shadows deep and dark

Rotting in decay

Searching for a sole faint spark

Here I lay

Incarcerated in an iron fence

In misery I flay

Questioning my very existence


Kaante ~ Thorns..!!

awright… Another Set of poems…

hindi with translation…

the hindi one follows a rhyme-scheme of abcb whereas due to translation the english version lacks any..

so do pardon me for that 🙂



Jal rahi hoon bekasi mein

Kass rahi hai tanhaaiya

Lipta dil ghamo ki bebasi mein

Chup gayi meri parchaiya

Vaadiyo ki tamanna thi

Ek zarra bhi na mila

Is dil ke bageeche mein

Ek phool bhi na khila

Goonj raha dil mein

Shor karte sannate

Banjar reh gayi dil ki zameen

Mile bhi tho bas sirf kaante


now for the english translations



Burning in destitution

Loneliness constricts me

Wrapped in helplessness

My shadows hide away

I dreamt of  valleys

Couldn’t even find a grain

In this garden of my heart

Not even a flower blossomed

Echoes in my heart

A cacophony of silence

In this heart’s barren terra firma

All I got are thorns


I hope you guys liked this.. do let me know..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:

Anjaam e Gham…

Ok this time its a complete urdu-hindi poem..

and im sorry this is really tough to translate so i am keeping it as it is

I did try a bit translating themm.. but all my attempts were futile… cos i was never satisfied with the result and hence i am maintaining this in complete HINDI -URDU..

NON-HINDI readers please pardon me this time 😦


Anjaam E Gham

Zindagi mein khushiyaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


Lut gaye bhare bazaar..

Naa raha koi aazaar..

Aandhiyaa chal rahi jaise churiyaan..

Dekh rahi thi bas ye duniya..

Na pakda kisine haath..

Na diya kisine saath..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Tod gaya koi mera basera..

Reh gaya bas ek mitti ka dhera..

Pahuncha dil gehra thes yu..

Chal rahi ho jaise ghanghor loo..

kar raha pehra koi darinda..

na uddne de raha dil ka parinda..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Naa reh gayi jeene ki aas..

Naa aata mann ko kuch bhi raas..

Chaaro or bas cha gayi tanhaiyyaa..

Khafa mujse meri hi parchaiya..

Bebasi se hui yun mahroom..

Sannate hai gird-e  hujoom..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


I’m am but an amateur at URDU so in case i have made any mistakes i request you to please correct me.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

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Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Guest Post ~ Tears..!!

yep once again sweet Krups is back with her poem…

I am trying to push her into taking up blogging.. but as of now she seems to be content with just guest blogging..!!!

So here.. another brilliant poem from someone who calls herself amateur…!! 🙂



Thoughts confined..
Shallow mind
Emotions bare
Hope despair
Feelings betrayed
Heart frayed
Faith clattered
Trust shattered
Abyss soul
Drenched eyes..
Drip Drop falling down forever..


I hope you guys liked the poem.. cos according to me it was freaking awesome…. 😀

Do let us both know how you felt it was….. 🙂

cos that would help me convince Krups to come up with a blog….. 😀

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

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Thursday Poets Rally ~Muddled Mind…!!

yeppiesss m back again with the Thursday Poets Rally Poem..

a whole day in advance..

areeee cos i feel like 😛

simple 😀

Sweet jingle hosts Thursday Poets rally at her blog


If you are a poet and very much interested in posting poetry every thursday you too can join in …

Visit the above post for more info..

Also this rally opens up a plethora of poets you would not otherwise meet…

Jingle has also been very sweet and kind enough to present me the following awards.. 🙂

thank you sooo much sweet jingle 🙂

So here’s my Poem for the week…


Muddled Mind..

Muddled Mind..

Destiny Unkind..

Restless Soul..

No control..

Chaotic Thoughts..

Cacophonic blots..

Humdrum Existence..

Lost all sense..

Caught in a chasm..

Shadowy phantasm…

Nullity and void..

Loveless Devoid…


i hope you enjoyed this poetry… do let me know your thoughts by commenting herein.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..

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