[V-Day Carnival]Wo Jaadugar..!!!

Continuing with my V-Day Carnival.. Here’s a new poem in tandem with the Valentines Day Celebration and festivities..

For more information on this please view my previous post on Just Around the Corner

So here’s newest offering šŸ™‚


Wo Jaadugar

Kaatil adaon ka pitaara

Le aaya wo Jaadugar

Fasane kisi mohtarma ko

fir aaya wo Jaadugar


Meethi meethi karta wo baatein

Sajaata ankhiyo mein khwab

NatkhatĀ jagaata saariĀ raatein

Lekin har lutfĀ kar de dil betaab


Hasi ke fawware

Fir laaya wo jaadugar

Kamsin hoton ko khilaane

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


Bhatakti nazreĀ dhoondti us ek koĀ ā€¦

Jis par hoga agla waar

Churakar chupke se dil ko

bacha naa koi, wo tez nazro ke dhaar ā€¦


Ghayal karne masoom dilo ko

Fir aaya wo jaadugar

Ruswaah karne sabhi mehfilo koĀ //

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


Khili ekĀ nazuk kali,Ā anjaanĀ uske tewar se

DekhĀ kali koĀ Jaadugar khush huaa dil hi dil mein

Jaa pahuncha pehloo mein- nadaaan mann ko behlaane

Lut gayi kali ki kismetĀ , jo aa gayi uski baton mein


TabaahĀ Ā kar uske wajood ko

Fir bhaaga wo jaadugar

Dhoondne koi aur kali

Fir kahin pahuncha wo jaadugar

Haseeno ko apne jaal mein phaasne

Fir aaya wo jaadugar


So come lets Spread love..

Thats all from Megzone for now..

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Just Around the Corner


An uproar, I hear happen in the heartā€¦

As if out of no-where, a thief has broken inā€¦

Unaware Iā€™m, about this presence being feltā€¦

That I wonder in which direction, has my heart wandered?

Yes Love it isā€¦ its just around the cornerā€¦ you never kn0w when it shall strikeā€¦ you never know when you fallā€¦ but when it happensā€¦ you just know it šŸ˜‰

So brace yourselvesā€¦ for the week that begins.. we shall celebrateĀ 20 days of Loveā€¦

Yes.!!! 20 DAYS dedicated to nothing but LOVEā€¦ in the forms of pictures, poetry, stories, incidences anything and everything that you feel.. that i feel.. that everyone around us feel.. šŸ˜›

Whatā€¦. Sad Love.. Happy Love.. Heart-broken Love.. Shattered Love.. Attitude love.. Gratitude Love.. Lovey-Dovey Loveā€¦ Kick-a** Loveā€¦ Yearning Loveā€¦ Suffering Loveā€¦Ā Triangular Love.. Any-Other-Angular Love.. Teacher Loveā€¦ GHost LOveā€¦ Manager Love.. Sibling Love.. For Loveā€¦ Against Love.. Just about Any LOVEā€¦

Anything and Everything thats Delivered with Love and Signed with LOVE šŸ™‚

Where.. Here on blogosphereā€¦In your blog, my blog, anybody and everybodyā€™s blog

So Come Lets Spread Loveā€¦.!!! Wellā€¦ You never knowā€¦.It might be JUST AROUND THE CORNERā€¦!!! šŸ˜‰

As we celebrate V-Day Carnival on my corporate blogs.. I plan to do the same here too šŸ˜€