~::~ Cobwebs In My Mind ~::~

~::~ Cobwebs In My Mind ~::~


There are cobwebs in my mind

That seems to just dwell behind

Fresh thoughts brim like fountains

Whilst cobwebs daunt like mountains

No matter how hard I try,

They endure, in frustration I cry

Oh! There are cobwebs in my mind!

A million cobwebs in my mind..


A spider unknown comes up crawling

Uneasiness and doom it brings

I struggle in vain, to push them away

And yet there comes one, leading me astray

I fight a fight unbeknownst to me

Scuffling with shackles to be free

Oh! There are cobwebs in my mind!

Daunting cobwebs in my mind..


The intricate web, a puzzle formidable

With every attempt my hope gets feeble

I trudge along, untangling the threads

With every section, anxiety spreads

Wonder if I can ever clean up this mess

Or will I go crazy, under extreme duress

Oh! There are cobwebs in my mind!

Gazillion cobwebs in my mind..



~::~ Emotional Baggage ~::~

One Saturday evening I was just lazing around on my bed, going through some old files on my External Hard Disk Drive. I casually came across some old poems, articles and stuff that I had written over the past couple of years. As I was perusing through them I realized how many twists and turns life throws upon us and we always have something new to learn. Some new experiences ~ irrespective whether they are positive or negative, we fall down and yet we always get up and go again! There is pain, there is hurt, there is happiness and a million other feelings washing over you. At times, leaving you with too much to deal with.

On the tenterhooks of an emotional overhaul, I wrote a poem on emotional baggage that we often carry around. Baggage that is on our back with every experience, every incident, every person in our life. This baggage at times brings fond memories and at times gives pain. This emotional baggage needs to be shed, only than shall we emerge stronger and have peace of mind.


~::~ Emotional Baggage ~::~

Once in while

There comes a time

When baggage in pile

Should be left behind


Those are the things

That trouble our mind

Those are bad feelings

To be left behind


Gone is another year

Which came with such zest

Some for some good, for some meager

Yet for others it was the best



I am not sure how well I have provided an insight on the emotional baggage and how to rectify them. But I hope you do like the poem.

Do let me know your thoughts through your comments. Honest feedback appreciated.