~::~ FB Letter Pages ~::~

Being a complete Facebook Addict as most of you can see.. I decided its time to pay some respect to this social networking site.. and what better way than my usual eccentric Bakwaas :mrgreen:

So I racked my brains.. and yet dint find anything.. that’s when Prams gave me this idea of using FB pages and write a post :P…

Thanks Prams.. And here’s my idiosyncratic offering 😛

Dear John

How are you?

When I look at my phone on a morning I always hope youv text me

I hope that it wont happen but I still have that little bit of hope.

Cos I hope I’m important to you, like how you are to me and yes, I still hope that one day I will discover I have  super powers.

You wont believe I just looked at my profile and saw how many pages i joined, i am shocked!!

I’ve joined so many fan pages groups, its starting to tell my life story, well I’m not addicted to fan pages, they just all apply to me and Its my friends fault that I am a fan of all these pages

Moreover I cant remember half the groups I joined or pages I became a fan of

Situation has gone so bad that now I am quoting facebook pages in real life conversation

Anyways, They told me not to tell anybody, but you are my best friend  so you don’t count J

I know that pinky promises are seriously legit. You dont break those things. But then you’re my closest friend.

You know they have the secret garden party and  they end up Walking the wrong way on the escalator so it acts like a treadmill

They seriously are weirdos

The other day i joined a Facebook group and having an Online chat with Akshi the nutcase.

And he asks me “how mario can smash through bricks..yet he dies when he touches  a freaking turtle!!??!!

And I was like, What? What do you want a medal”

Actually yes I do”

The nerve ..


Another day we were passing notes in class, he asked Oye!! Period khatam hone mai kitna tym hay??

“Oye extra pen hai?”

“oye teri wali aa gyi”

oye sun baal theek hai naa”

“oye use aise mat dekh teri bhabhi hai”

Teacher: those who don wanna study jst get out of da class.. Oye Chale;)

I hate it when my teacher gives a pop quiz just cos he’s in a bad mood

And then she sent another side note which said Oye pehla question ka answer kya hai”

But since Teachers call it cheating, we call it teamwork I helped people and it felt so good

Finally I’m done with the work, *flip the page* OMG damn theres  a back side

At last the bell rings everyone screams cause its home time

Oh it was so much fun.

Hey I gotta question to ask

If we can meet..

As for now I gtg..

Ok then bye..!!

Take Good Care of Yourself..!!


Phew..!!! at the rate the pages were going damn!! This would have been longer.. sadly I was sane enough to control my urge to keep writing and ended this so 😛

Do lemme know your thoughts on the same… 😛

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

Singing with Social Networking…!!

I am sure most of us are indeed active on atleast one social networking media..

Be it twitter, google buzz, yahoo buzz, orkut, facebook even blogs for that matter…

A fellow blogger and friend Harish had this recent fetish of tweaking the songs with social media and that’s how I arrive at this post too..

With due respects and thanks to Harish for inspiring me to come up with a post like this..

Oh well if you are wondering what im still blabbering about…

Well my idiosyncrasies combined with the creativity of my friend have taken a new turn and I now present herein some songs/lyrics of the songs tweaked to suit the social networking scenario…

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating them..

Harish’s input:

Maine poocha google se ke dekha hai kahi mere yaar sa haseen.. google ne kaha har search ki kasam.. your lucky lucky lucky…

Chadthi jawani meri tweet mastaani tune follow kyu na kiyaa rama

Kyu twitter twitter karti hai kyu twitter pe tu marti hai… main barish kar doo tweets ki jot u ho jaye meri

Chalte chalte mere ye tweet yaad rakhna.. tum ROFL naa karna…

My takes….

Tera mera pyar amar.. fir kyu mujhko lagta hai darr.. mere jeevan saathi bata… dil kyu dhadke reh rehkar

My tweak – Tera mera Blog amar.. fir kyu NO Comment se lagta hai darr.. mere co-writer bata.. post kyu publish huye reh reh kar… 😛


Tujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam.. pyar hota hai deewana sanam.. ab yahaan se kahaa jaaye hum.. teri baahon mein mar jaye hum

My tweak – Tujhe follow kiya tho ye jaana sanam.. status updates hota hai deewaana sanam.. ab yahaan se kahaa jaaye hum.. Facebook mein hi reh jaaye hum


Ajeeb daastan hai yeh.. kahaan shuru kahaan khatam.. ye manzilein hai kaunsi.. naa wo samaj sake na hum..

My tweak – Ajeeb blogposts hai ye.. kaha shuru kaha khatam.. ye comment hai kaunse.. naa wo samaj sake na hum..


Aisi uljhi nazar unse hat thi nahi.. khwaab ke reshmi dor kat thi nahi…wallah ye Dhadkan badhne lagi hai..chehre ki rangat udne  lagi hai.. darr lagta hai tanha sone mein ji..

My tweak – Aisi ulji ye buzz unse hatt ti nahi
comment ke reshmi dor katt ti nahi
walla ye buzzes badhne lagi hai.. comments ke ye taar judne lagi hai

Darr lagta ab buzz karne mein ji.. Dil tho baccha hai jee 😀


Dil ki girah khol do chup na baitho koi geet gaao.. mehfil mein ab kaun hai ajnabee tum mere saath aao..

My tweak – Orkut account khol do chup na baitho koi scrap daalo… www mein ab kaun hai ajnabi tum mujhe add kar do..


Akele akele kahaan jaa rahe ho humein saath le lo jaha jaa rahe ho

My tweak – Akele akele kyu  buzz kar rahe ho… humein saath le lo jo buzz kar rahe ho


Jaa re jaa o harjaai dekhi teri dildaari.. dil dekar main kar baithi dil ke dushman se yaari

My tweak – Jaa re jaa o harjaai dekhi teri twitterdaari tweet karke main kar baithi retweet dushman se yaari..


Jab pyar kiya tho darna kyaa pyar kiya koi chori nahi ki.. chup chup aahe bharna kyaa

My tweak – Jab tweet kiyaa tho darna kyaa… retweet kiyaa koi chori nahi ki.. chup chup tweeting karna kyaa..


Jab deep jale aana.. jab shaam dhale aana.. sanket Milan ka bhul naa janaa.. mera pyar naa bisraana

My tweak – Jab tweet karoon aana.. retweet karooo aanaa.. sanket alert ka bhul na jaana… mera tweet naa bisraana…


Jimmy jimmy jimmy.. aaja aaja aaja.. aaja re mere saath.. ye jaagi jaagi raat.. pukaare tuje sun.. sunaade wahi dhun..jimmy jimmy jimmy

My tweak – Twitter twitter twitter..Aaja aajaa aajaa .. aaja re mere saath.. tweet kar le saari raat.. pukaare tujhe sun.. retweet karde wahi tu.. twitter twitter twitter


bahut pyar karte hai tumse sanam… kasam chahe lelo.. kasam chaahe lelo.. khuda ki kasam..

My tweak – Bahut pyar karte hai tumse facebook.. status chaahe lee lo.. status chahe lelo.. Comments ki kasam…


Jaagi jaagi soyi naa main saari raat.. tere liye..bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas tere liye.. ankhiyaa bichayi maine tere liye.. duniya bhulaayi maine tere liye..chod di khudayi maine tere liye

My tweak – Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye

Tweets ye sajayi maine tere liye… scraps saare chode maine tere liye.. buzzes itne kiye maine tere liye..


Uff teri ada.. I like the way you move.. uff tera badan.. I like the way you groove.. uff teri nazar which says I wanna dance with you

My tweak – uff teri status, i like the way you write
uff tera profile, i like to see you tweet
uff teri ye blog, it says i wanna comment too


Aye khuda mujhko bata .. tu rehta kahaa kyaa tera pata.. hum tho yahaa ke musafir hai jo dhoonde apni manzil ka pata

My tweak – Aye khuda mujhko bataa tu scrap karta kahan, kya tera id
Hum to orkut pe maujood hain, jo doondhe apni har FRIEND ka pataa


And now for some English SONGS


Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you.. and my life will always go on

My tweak – Every night in my blog… you comment and I reply.. and my page hits always go on…


Don’t stop make it pop

DJ blkow my speakers up

Tonight imma fight

Till we see the sunlight

Tick tock on the clock

But the party don’t stop no

My tweak – Don’t stop, make it tweet
twitter, blow my speakers up
Tonight, I’mma tweet
‘Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the tweeting don’t stop no


But she wears short skirts I weare tee shirts

She’s cheer captain and im on the bleachers

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find

That wat you’re looking has been here all the time

If you could see that im the one who understands you

Been here all along so why cant you see.. you belong with mee

My tweak – But she does short tweets, I do retweets
She’s most viewed and I’m on the least-ers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been commenting whole time

If you could see that I’m the one who scraps you
Been here all along, so why can’t you see?
You belong with m


Please dont stop the music…

do you know what you’ve started.. i jus came here to party.. but now we’re rocking on the dance floor acting naughty.. your hands around my waist.. just let the music play.. we’re hand in hand.. chest to chest and now we’re face to face

i just cant take you away.. lets escape into the music DJ let it play.. I just cant refuse it.. like the way you do it.. please dont stop the .. please dont stop the music…

My Tweak – Please don’t stop my farming

Do you know wat you’ve started?

I just came here to farm it

But now ur popping incessantly acting naughty

Ur pop up on my screen

Makin me wanna scream

I click OK n my Facebook screen starts to swim

I wanna take you away

Just escape into Farmville

Error go away

I just can’t refuse it

Hate the way u do it

Keep on blocking to it

Please don’t stop my,
Please don’t stop my farming (repeat)


Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me

Don’t cha.. don’t chaa

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me

Don’t cha.. don’t cha

My tweak – Dont cha wish your girlfriend could tweet like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend could scrap like me
Dont cha, dont cha
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was blogger like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was buzzing like me
Dont cha, dont cha


My loneliness is killing me.. I must confess I still believe.. when im not with you I lose my mind.. give me a sign.. hit me baby one more time

My tweak –  My facebooking is killing me
I must confess, I still believe
When I’m tweeting I lose my mind
leave me scrap
pillow fight me baby one more tim


Whenever wherever we’re meant to be together I’ll be there you’ll be near and that’s the deal my dear..

My tweak – Whenever, wherever
We’re meant to buzz together
I’ll be scrap and you’ll comment
And that’s the deal my dear


i hope you guys liked my insanity..

if you have any tweaked versions or any songs you would want me to tweak.. please do lemme know..

Thats it from Megzone for now..!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking…!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

PS – the FIRST image has been created by me too 🙂 😀

Lines from a Facebook-addict turned Blog-o-addict

yup… thats mee..

pure laziness today…

weekend mood..

and till a couple of weeks back i was a self confessed facebook addict

from farmville to cafe world, fishville to aquarium, from social interview to random quizzess… a complete FB freak…

and now since i have taken to external blogging.. I eat, drink, sleep, wake, walk, talk, think nothing but blogs…posts and topics…

and today… though i have a coupla stuff in the pipeline.. i still wanna dedicate this post to the blog–o–addict in me 😀

so here we go..

I dunno why..

everything seems dry..

facebook’s lost its charm..

only blogging keeps me calm..

farmville has become passe

cafe world i’ve forgotten to play

fishes are left dying..

while blog stats i keep eyeing

i’m so hooked to it..

i love it every bit..

its gives me such a high..

as if w/o it i mite die..

Blog–o–addict i have become..

and yet to i heartily succumb..

but today nothing to blog..

sigh..!I feel like a lazy slog…

these lines seem poetic enough..

looks like i jus mite blog this stuff 😀

So thats it from me for now 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep rocking..!! Keep Blogging…!!

Cheeerios..!!! :mrgreen:

PS: i’m too lazy to even insert my usual smileys today 🙄

Please Dont Stop My Farming…!!!

Yea… after 3 weeks of hankering along the offices of MTNL to restore my broadband services for God alone knows wat crackpot reasons… I finally get the issues resolved… after 3 week long hibernation away from Facebook and Farmville I realized… people miss me in that part of the world :lol:Know why?? Well with 50 odd gift invites, half a dozen odd neighbors invites and a coupla friend invites too I realized maaan… people missed me


Sigh..!! but for my misfortunes of misfortunes… the moment I accepted all the gifts and invites and finally clicked on the PLAY FARMVILLE now button… everytime before my farm could load I ended up getting the “Out of sync..Please refresh” error…


After 3 weeks of waiting patiently… and running around the MTNL associates and executives…

Blasting off the poor souls in their call centre

All I get is a darned error….Grrrrr…..

And whilst I was trying to refresh and refresh and sigh…refresh… I was muttering under my own breath “Please don’t stop my farming…” and meanwhile my iTunes was playing “Please don’t stop the music” by Rihanna…

And sigh… I ended up muttering… please don’t stop my farming in the same tune as please don’t stop the music and err…the result… is the following

Please don’t stop my farming… (4)

It’s getting late

I’m making my way over to my Farmville

I gotta harvest all my crops

N pick the weeds away

I was just working on my farm wen I got an alert

Possible gift request

Who knew that you would be here-

“Error -Out of sync”

Ur making farming over here impossible

Darn it.. I must say this error is irritable

If you just have to go “refresh”

Do you know wat you’ve started?

I just came here to farm it

But now ur popping incessantly acting naughty

Ur pop up on my screen

Makin me wanna scream

I click OK n my Facebook screen starts to swim

I wanna take you away

Just escape into Farmville

Error go away

I just can’t refuse it

Hate the way u do it

Keep on blocking to it

Please don’t stop my,
Please don’t stop my farming (repeat)

Error are you ready cos it’s getting close

Can’t you feel my anger ready to explode?

Wat goes on between us is I hit log out

This is my anger’s bout

Do you know wat you’ve started?

I just came here to farm it

But now ur popping incessantly acting naughty

Ur pop up on my screen

Makin me wanna scream

I click OK n my Facebook screen starts to swim

I wanna take you away

Just escape into Farmville

Error go away

I just can’t refuse it

Hate the way u do it

Keep on blocking to it

Please don’t stop my,
Please don’t stop my farming (repeat)


Ultimately I dint manage much farming this weekend… I was so bugged with the whole thing.. that I went to the cybercafé jus planted some stuff and came back

Hopefully by tonight or tomo this should be resolved… err… new flash download I guess  😉

So hopefully the flash update should help resolve the issue

Meanwhile I hope you guys enjoyed my Parody

Kkiieekkiieekkiiee  :mrgreen:

Do leave your comments on this….


For those who haven’t heard the song… you could either hear it and get back… or here’s the original lyrics for your reference

Dont stop the Music