~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~

~::~ Mooney Fantasies ~::~


I sat there waiting by the moon

Dreaming a dream that makes me swoon

Of soft satin sheets and fluffy pillows

A chill through veins when the wind bellows

Cuddling close to feel warm

As I lay there in your arms

Souls entwined like knotted twine

Lost in our love so divine

Fingers gently contouring a trace

As I stare into your tranquil face

Dreamy eyed you gaze at me

Skipping a beat my heart’s a’flee

A gentle touch inflames my cheek

Poof! Goes my sanity at peak

Your caresses sending down shivers

My voice lost in raspy whispers

As strong arms encircle my waist

Goosebumps stir up, passion interlaced

Butterfly touches, fiery kisses

Silken lips and passionate hisses

Crumpled sheets with love so pure

As if an addiction without a cure

Yes I’m lost in the dream that makes me swoon

Sitting there glossy eyed staring at the moon


Pic Courtesy – taken from DeviantArt

Anjaam e Gham…

Ok this time its a complete urdu-hindi poem..

and im sorry this is really tough to translate so i am keeping it as it is

I did try a bit translating themm.. but all my attempts were futile… cos i was never satisfied with the result and hence i am maintaining this in complete HINDI -URDU..

NON-HINDI readers please pardon me this time 😦


Anjaam E Gham

Zindagi mein khushiyaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


Lut gaye bhare bazaar..

Naa raha koi aazaar..

Aandhiyaa chal rahi jaise churiyaan..

Dekh rahi thi bas ye duniya..

Na pakda kisine haath..

Na diya kisine saath..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Tod gaya koi mera basera..

Reh gaya bas ek mitti ka dhera..

Pahuncha dil gehra thes yu..

Chal rahi ho jaise ghanghor loo..

kar raha pehra koi darinda..

na uddne de raha dil ka parinda..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..

Naa reh gayi jeene ki aas..

Naa aata mann ko kuch bhi raas..

Chaaro or bas cha gayi tanhaiyyaa..

Khafa mujse meri hi parchaiya..

Bebasi se hui yun mahroom..

Sannate hai gird-e  hujoom..

Zindagi mein khushiyiaan kam Mile..

Humein bas anjam e gham mile..


I’m am but an amateur at URDU so in case i have made any mistakes i request you to please correct me.. 🙂

Thats it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Rocking..!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: