~::~ Silence ~::~

Now that I have brushed off the layers of dust that had gathered my blog, I am trying to write more.

Phew! Getting back to writing is tough, it is! There were days when everything was an inspiration and I  could write 3-4 poems a day and then there is now – where it takes me 1-2 days to complete one poem!! 😥

So well, here’s another poem from the struggling poet factory! 😳

~::~ Silence ~::~


In my dreams

Sifting moonbeams

I feel at peace

My heart’s at ease

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Moving through clouds

Like a loner in crowds

Silvery mist swirls around me

‘neath cherry blossom tree

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Harmonized glimmer of million fireflies

Attributing onset of a titian sunrise

As russet rays pervade the sky

Time to wake up, my heart cries

While a merry songbird croons

Oh the silence was such a boon!


This is my entry to the Poetry Jam prompt – Silence.

Hope you like it and as usual do leave me your comments and feedback!

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~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

Finally, I decided today was the day I’m gonna dig my dead blog, clear it of the dust that had gathered from an idle writer-blocked mind and thought – this is it. I’m gonna revive my blog, no matter what it takes, no matter how dumb, stupid or idiotic my writings get –  I am gonna start with a clean slate!

But I needed inspiration, like an artist searching a muse –  I sat down with my laptop wondering where to start and dang! – Rajlakshmi posts a prompt for Magpie Tales and well that’s where I thought I should begin! The Magpie Tales Prompt –  neat idea! And so here we are back to writing poems, giving the idle mind a muse to work on, an inspiration, a place to begin with!! Identical to the dust that had settled on my blog – here’s a Dusty Chaos for the prompt!

~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

action figures Edith Vonnegut

I clean the house and clean again

But the dust never settles

Sometimes it just swirls around

Standing like tea-leaves in a kettle


I wash the pans

Vacuum spiraling stairs,

And even tidy the cellars

I sweep the chimney

Wipe the doors

And even cobwebs on pillars


I clean and clean my house again

For the dust bunnies never leave

They curl upon figurines of toys

While I brush them in my grief!


I clean my house and clean again

And yet the dirt just lingers

I feel there are angels flying everywhere

Firing curses through their fingers


I’m tired of trying to clean up

I ain’t cleaning, no more

I don’t care if angels scatter dirt

Like mini polka dotted décor!

Exasperated, I give up

Let filth be piled up on the floor!


This is my entry to the Prompt – Mag 257 (hopefully I don’t give up on writing again 😳 )

Hope you liked my entry, as usual leave your feedback (it helps soothe the sore mind that worked hard to pen this down! 😉 )