~::~ Silence ~::~

Now that I have brushed off the layers of dust that had gathered my blog, I am trying to write more.

Phew! Getting back to writing is tough, it is! There were days when everything was an inspiration and I  could write 3-4 poems a day and then there is now – where it takes me 1-2 days to complete one poem!! 😥

So well, here’s another poem from the struggling poet factory! 😳

~::~ Silence ~::~


In my dreams

Sifting moonbeams

I feel at peace

My heart’s at ease

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Moving through clouds

Like a loner in crowds

Silvery mist swirls around me

‘neath cherry blossom tree

I sit gazing at iridescent moon

Oh this silence is such a boon


Harmonized glimmer of million fireflies

Attributing onset of a titian sunrise

As russet rays pervade the sky

Time to wake up, my heart cries

While a merry songbird croons

Oh the silence was such a boon!


This is my entry to the Poetry Jam prompt – Silence.

Hope you like it and as usual do leave me your comments and feedback!

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~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

Finally, I decided today was the day I’m gonna dig my dead blog, clear it of the dust that had gathered from an idle writer-blocked mind and thought – this is it. I’m gonna revive my blog, no matter what it takes, no matter how dumb, stupid or idiotic my writings get –  I am gonna start with a clean slate!

But I needed inspiration, like an artist searching a muse –  I sat down with my laptop wondering where to start and dang! – Rajlakshmi posts a prompt for Magpie Tales and well that’s where I thought I should begin! The Magpie Tales Prompt –  neat idea! And so here we are back to writing poems, giving the idle mind a muse to work on, an inspiration, a place to begin with!! Identical to the dust that had settled on my blog – here’s a Dusty Chaos for the prompt!

~::~ Dusty Chaos ~::~

action figures Edith Vonnegut

I clean the house and clean again

But the dust never settles

Sometimes it just swirls around

Standing like tea-leaves in a kettle


I wash the pans

Vacuum spiraling stairs,

And even tidy the cellars

I sweep the chimney

Wipe the doors

And even cobwebs on pillars


I clean and clean my house again

For the dust bunnies never leave

They curl upon figurines of toys

While I brush them in my grief!


I clean my house and clean again

And yet the dirt just lingers

I feel there are angels flying everywhere

Firing curses through their fingers


I’m tired of trying to clean up

I ain’t cleaning, no more

I don’t care if angels scatter dirt

Like mini polka dotted décor!

Exasperated, I give up

Let filth be piled up on the floor!


This is my entry to the Prompt – Mag 257 (hopefully I don’t give up on writing again 😳 )

Hope you liked my entry, as usual leave your feedback (it helps soothe the sore mind that worked hard to pen this down! 😉 )

~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Etched ~::~

Day 5 A-Z Challenge, E = Etched

~::~ Etched ~::~


I wrote your name on the sand

The waves washed them away

I wrote it on my hand

Water washed it away

I wrote it on a paper

The wind just blew it away

And So I etched your name in my heart

Now we’ll be together until death do us apart!


  And for some Godforesaken reason I miscalculated the dates and forgot to publish this on saturday! 😥 so here it is for today! 😕 yet another free verse 🙂 Picture Courtesy – Google, Keywords – Etched

~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Dream In Rosy Hues ~::~

Day 4 A-Z Challenge D = Dreams

~::~ Dream in Rosy Hues ~::~


I dream a dream in rosy hues

Of sunkissed cheeks and glassy dews

Chirping cicadas and humming bees

Of fragrant lavender and tulip blues


Of silken stirrings in lake azure

Of waiting by aromatic moors

Dreamy eyes awaiting your arrival

I dream a dream in rosy hues


Of your presence, our hushed schmooze

Of letting the world around, silently diffuse

Of intertwined fingers & butterfly touches

I dream a dream in rosy hues


Of melting souls intimately fused

Of heightened spirits and love suffused

Of mingling scents and interlaced bodies

I dream a dream in rosy hues


 I dream a dream in rosy hues

Of you, our love and heathery dunes

Of entwined fingers and twiddly toes

Lost for eternity while zephyr blows


For a change between dabbling with poetry forms, I thought I should do a free verse 🙂

I hope you like it.

Picture Courtesy – Google, keywords – Dream