Gratitude Everyday – Day 4

Its maybe too early, but I think the Universe is already showering some love on me, I feel a tad more confident and relaxed from  all the inner turmoil, doubts, frustration and negativity that had been clouding me earlier.


Day 4

Today is dedicated to all those who have come into my life, been a part of it, helped me or were helped by me and sometimes parted ways or lost touch. Yes, they are my FRIENDS! A man is known by the friends he keeps – goes the phrase and I guess I can do nothing but accept it. I have been really fortunate in having really really really good friends in my life. Some who have stood with me not only through all my happiness and wonderful times but also through my trials and tribulations – helping me overcome the obstacles that life threw at me, being my constant pillar of strength, putting up with all my nonsense too – esp on days when I would crib about how cruel the world is and how it was constantly a Me vs. the world – when apparently I was just being an absolute pain in the ‘you-know-where!’ I have had friends who have stayed with me for a couple of decades of my existence (hey I’m not that old ok!) while those you have lasted only a couple of years. I am indeed a special child of the Universe, cos I have always been blessed with the best souls around me, I have a lot of angels with no wings and some devils (partners in crime) without horns who have been a major part of my life.  Nonetheless, today I take this opportunity to Thank all my friends, new-old, young-old, still in touch and even those who have become nothing but a memory. I salute you all for having been there for me and with immense heartfelt gratitude I THANK YOU FRIENDS, for walking these steps in life with me. Today Dear Universe, I want to thank you for blessing me with all the wonderful people who I call/ed FRIENDS, who have given me lessons, memories and much much more to experience in life.Thank you thank you and Thank You!

I lost you..!!!

We met

We fought

We laughed

We joked

We teased

We loved

We hated

We lost touch

We got back

We spoke

We chatted

We prayed

We hoped

We cherished

We made promises

We kept some

But you broke one

And then I lost

Lost you my friend

Hope we meet again

Another era

Another future

As friends..!!!

Will miss you for days to come..!!!  😥

This is my tribute to a lovely friend Shiva…

I met him through orkut and soon he became my friend philosopher guide… he was the only guy who called me “Ae Tapori” and the zest and gusto with which he called me that is still ringing in my ears… if you want  to know how to live life kingsize he was it.. He could make u smile in ur darkest hour and pep talk you through your weirdest moments… we would laugh at the silliest things… talk on the phone for hours on end… as if we were pack of giggly gals…he would advise he would crib he would rant and yet he was the darling of each of his friends…he was a gem.. A friend worth having… he was so full of enthusiasm and bubbliness… but yesterday the bubble burst and I lost him…to a vile evil thing called HEART-ATTACK…and the reason has to be just one STRESS levels… I can’t believe he had high stress level…

He of all people dint deserves to die… He dint deserve a heart-attack… he has a 2 yr old kiddo…Arpit… my heart reaches out to that small sweet thing who shall never be able to know what a man his father was.. A man for whom life was nothing but those moments that takes our breath away… Every moment is special… Every friend is special… Life is for living… Not to sit and slog away in those 6X6 cubicles it’s to get out there and enjoy… Live…Breath… Sink in all the good moment… And make every second cherishable… That was Shiva… The Shiva I lost… The Shiva who was freakingly contacting me for the past couple of weeks… And for some godforsaken reason I would never reply his mails… and today I regret… I regret for not having picked up the phone and called him… Msged he…mailed him back… Remorse, grief more than grief itself… tragedy… I just can believe this… he can’t have died of stress… he was the most happiest jolly fundoo guy you can ever find… and he wasn’t fat too… but yet he succumbed to this growing evil of modernization –HEART ATTACK

This is a lesson of life…. Pick that phone and call all your dearest people you call friend… Email them… msg them… Remember them on their birthdays and any other occasions… cos they are occasions to meet and greet and stay in touch…. To all you workaholics out there… working is not bad… slogging it out is not bad either… but make sure when you discard your shoes whence u enter home u leave ur office work behind… on weekends just kick off your shoes and let your hair down.. Live and enjoy life… you never know what can happen tomorrow… but at least you can live these moments that you have… stop worrying they are not gonna get you anywhere.. They will only increase your stress-levels and I can’t afford to lose another Shiva…!!!