~::~ [A-Z Challenge] ~ Xylophone

Day 24, X = Xylophone

Again, there are no poetic forms/types from X and so I have decided to write a lesser known form called Naisaiku and Ive chosen the word “Xylophone”

A NaiSaiKu is usually two Haiku length stanzas with a capitalised title sandwiched between them. The second stanza is usually a reverse of the first. Each stanza is usually seventeen syllables or less. Sometimes the title doubles as the third line of the first stanza and the first line of the second.

For more info on Naisaiku you could check this blog!

~::~ Xylophone ~::~


Making melodies

On bars of varying lengths

Struck by a mallet


Struck by a mallet

On bars of varying lengths

Making melodies


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for more Xylophone fun you could check out this Youtube Video!


~::~ 3 Magicians ~::~

~::~ 3 Magicians ~::~

Tom Thimble and Thory

Three Magicians gory

Years on end, they brew

Til Tom’s grey beard grew

Adding powders and mice

Smelling bad rarely nice

Scorpion legs they add

Draught turns frothy and bad

A few spiders too

Pot hissed and blew

Snake skins turn it pink

Drop of owl tears make it shrink

Thory says – Cat furs to make it right

Tom threw his shoe, added their plight

It only made it dark n murky

Bubbling and hissing yucky

These signs they see not

3 Magicians concocting broth

Potion starts to gurgle

Turn green and bubble

Pot melts and bursts apart

Shattering the shed to shards

Green and slimy Tom Thimble and Thory

3 so called magicians, this is their story



This poem is my entry for Monday’s Child


and also my entry for LOL –


Prompt = Signs

I hope you liked my attempt at children’s poem..

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I was sitting by the window sill

Staring at a faraway hill

Should I take the plunge?

My heart began to lunge

Wondering what to do

Perusing what to construe

I’m in such a soup

Oh lord I have been duped

Should I jump out of the window?

Oh jeezz but it’s so low..

Heck I could still get out

But what if someone sees & gives a shout

Oh them I can always tackle

Even hang them up in shackle

How bleak is my future

Everything is a torture

I have time lemme jump

She calls out & my heart thumps

“Dinners ready we can eat”

There goes another chance in heap

When O lord will I escape her wrath

To escape her concoctions show me the path


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