Gratitude Every Day – Day 1

I realized I haven’t really blogged much since the April A-Z posts. Its not that I haven’t tried but my muse seems to have vanished into thin air, doesn’t want to inspire or help me even a wee wee bit. Meanie Muse.

Meanwhile, I have realized I am struggling in certain areas of my life and that is drawing me down to the darkness of frustration, depression and the likes. After being a victim of depression in the past and as it slowly starts to show its ugly head again, I for one do not want to get pulled down in to that deep dark abyss again. And as a resolution I have decided to compose one post a day paying gratitude and thankfulness for everything I actually have in life – beginning today. So here goes, Gratitude Everyday is my way of keeping myself from being sucked in to the dark abyss that I promised myself never to be in again.


Day 1

The very first thing I am really Thankful for is My partner – He is my pillar of strength, my partner in crime, my “aal izz well”, my Knight In Shining Armour, my miracle, my love and everything good in life. I am thankful to the Universe for bestowing me with the Best Partner ever – he understands me, tolerates my tantrums and even manages to calm and pacify me when am raging with madness. He knows – m crazy, silly, weird and set in my own ways and yet everyday he gives me such immense happiness that I have only dreamed of in the past. He is a true blessing from the Universe, the blessing I have probably waited almost all my life and will always feel most thankful for. I can never thank you enough and I know I have to be your really special child to receive such a wonderful blessing in life.  So my dear Universe – Thank you so much for the best partner ever.

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